Titan Stockroom Gear!

Stockroom is excited to announce it has partnered with TitanMen, the leading brand in Gay Adult Films for their latest Folsom Street Fair feature. Filmed entirely on location in The Stockroom's expansive Los Angeles based production house, the Brian Mills & Paul Wilde directed Stockroom showcased many of our signature Stockroom Items. We are presenting these items to you as our Titan’s Stockroom Gear Collection.

Stockroom Titan DVD

Stockroom Titan DVD $59.95

In the depths of a mysterious warehouse hidden from the outside world, an extreme experience awaits. TitanMen exclusives David Anthony, Aymeric DeVille, JR Matthews and Tibor Wolfe headline a muscular cast bursting through its latex and restraints in a sexually charged effort filled with sucking,... More >>

Premium Arm Splints with Locking Buckles

Premium Arm Splints with Locking Buckles $285.00

Similar to but more versatile than our armbinder, these leather arm splints are handmade in our workshop with the same craft and care with which we construct all our bondage gear. The five locking buckles and ten nickel-plated D-rings ensure that you will be able to position the bound limbs as you... More >>

Color Coded Jock Straps

Color Coded Jock Straps $59.00

It's a more baring and daring version of the handkerchief in the back pocket! Our Color Code Jock Strap takes the guesswork out of... More >>

Rubber Muir Cap

Rubber Muir Cap $149.00

An homage to the classic leatherman Muir cap, this item is made from 30-gauge, black latex accented with a handsome, durable PVC band. This cap completes the perfect Tom of Finland look, freshly interpreted in latex for our Syren line. Canvas reinforcing provides rigidity, so even in latex this cap... More >>

Latex Uniform Shirt

Latex Uniform Shirt $268.00

Sport this Tom of Finland-type cop top and make your arrests with style. This breath-takingly sexy uniform latex shirt is a direct copy of a police shirt that has been tailored for a more form fitting look.

No detail has been overlooked. From the the reinforced snap chrome front real... More >>

Military Breeches with Color Piping

Military Breeches with Color Piping $383.00

If Tom of Finland is your guy, then these are your pants. Our classic rubber Military Breeches are designed to be tucked into a pair of tall, beckoning boots. Color piping on the saddle patch area and back pocket flaps keep the attention right where you want it, with complementary stripes running... More >>

Front Zip Latex Tank Top

Front Zip Latex Tank Top $95.00

Show off your well-formed chest while experiencing the sensuous feeling of latex in our Front Zip Tank Top. We use the highest quality 14 gauge latex from 4D rubber to make our form-fitting tanks.

Our zippers have auto lock sliders that keep the zipper from flying open even if the... More >>

PVC Sam Browne Belt Set

PVC Sam Browne Belt Set $163.00

The PVC Sam Brown Belt Set is made from high gloss black PVC. It also has chrome snaps, metal rivets, and 1 ¾” buckles. This belt set is sleek, sexy, and very cool. It is the perfect piece of uniform style military fetish... More >>

Victor Tella's Texas Quirt

Victor Tella‘s Texas Quirt $129.00

Victor Tella's beautifully hand crafted whips are now exclusively available at JT's Stockroom. Victor's Texas Quirt is created out of Grade "A" kangaroo hide for exquisite quality. The attractive braiding and unique detail of the slapper will add something special to your whip collection.... More >>

Victor Tella's Scorpion Whip

Victor Tella‘s Scorpion Whip $179.00

Victor Tella's beautiful whips are now exclusively available at JT's Stockroom. The Scorpion is a dream to throw. It feels like a single tail but is a bit easier to manage and therefore is perfect for anyone looking to advance to single tail play. The Scorpion gets its name from the unavoidably... More >>

Deluxe SS/Leather Collar

Deluxe SS/Leather Collar $62.00

This deluxe steel and leather collar has a 1" wide strip of shiny steel mounted onto a 1¼" strip of leather. A heavy-duty O-ring is riveted at the center of the collar, in addition to a D-ring at one end, and a lockable hasp.

More >>

Leather/Steel Wrist Restraints

Leather/Steel Wrist Restraints $80.00

On the outside of each cuff is a band of polished, jewelry-grade steel. On the inside, the restraints are lined with soft black leather. Each restraint has a locking hasp. These cuffs combine the locked security and striking appearance of mirror-finish steel with the sensual comfort... More >>

Adj. Aviator Style Blindfold

Adj. Aviator Style Blindfold $48.00

This high-quality, black leather blindfold is a Stockroom design. Two leather ovals (3" wide) are lined with black fleece. They slide on a ¾" leather strap for full adjustability. Strap closes with a lockable buckle.

Lock not included. One size fits all.

... More >>

The Spider Gag

The Spider Gag $30.00 - $44.95

The Spider Gag is an innovative new metal open mouth gag. The gag has an O shaped ring in the center, and handle shaped “spider legs” on each side of the ring, hence the name - Spider Gag. The legs operate to further restrain and keep the ring inside the mouth. High quality black leather straps... More >>


The "How May I Help You?" Gag $224.00

This innovative and well-made gag can hold a variety of attachments meant to please and serve a master. Imagine, with the use of the gag and attachments, the submissive being able to dust the furniture with the feather duster, More >>

Serving Tray Attachment

Serving Tray Attachment $89.00

The Serving Tray attachment provides a dramatic and wonderfully humiliating way for the wearer to offer a cocktail, hors'doeuvres or a favorite sex toy BDSM style. Simply attach the serving tray to the "How May I Help You?" Gag, and enjoy hours of handy... More >>

Anal Plug Harness for Men

Anal Plug Harness for Men $75.00

Here at the Stockroom, we are always looking for new ways of creating pleasure and submission. This harness was specially designed to accommodate a man's anatomy. It has a built-in "plug pouch" to fit most average sized butt plugs or dildos and a 2" nickel-plated cock-ring in the front. The More >>

Brass Master Lock

Brass Master Lock $11.00

These Master Locks are highly-trusted, top-quality, name-brand brass padlocks. They come with two keys each. When you order more than one of the same size, they will all be keyed alike, even if they are ordered at different times.

Available in two sizes:

... More >>

Puppy Cage

Puppy Cage $777.00 - $849.00

Is your puppy in the dog house for naughty behavior? Keep your canine in line with this masterfully crafted Steel Puppy Cage -- the ultimate puppy play pen to add to your dungeon furniture collection. Place your bondage prisoner up for exhibition within the confines of the Puppy Cage, which... More >>

Steel Suspension Bar

Steel Suspension Bar $130.00

A heavy black steel bar, 36" long, with heavy eye-bolts on each end on the top and bottom of the bar. The top eyelets have 18" lengths of chain permanently welded onto them. The chains and eyelets are also black, and can be used to hang the bar from either 1 or 2 points overhead.

It... More >>

Pig Sling with Stirrups (R)

Pig Sling with Stirrups (R) $365.00

The Stockroom-designed Pig Sling® with stirrups is the ideal choice for experimentalists. Perfect for testing out unique sex positions, this unique sling offers an ergonomic, vegan alternative to the classic sex swing.

Our heavy-duty sling is designed to look great with three... More >>

4-Point Sling Stand

4-Point Sling Stand $480.00

Hooks in the ceiling are not necessary with this collapsible metal 4-Point Sling Stand!

It needs only 4' x 6' area of floor space and folds down nicely into a black duffel bag (included). Perfect for traveling (can be checked as luggage), it weighs 45 pounds and can be... More >>

Stockroom Stockade

Stockroom Stockade $399.00

Presenting the Stockroom Stockade, the ultimate full body BDSM restraint system.

Relearn the meaning of the word “hardcore” with fully functional spreader bars, stockades, scavenger’s daughters, fiddles, and impalers making the Stockroom Stockade a fearsome and... More >>

Premium Lockable Wrist Cuffs

Premium Lockable Wrist Cuffs $89.00

These top-of-the-line padded leather cuffs, made in-house by JT's Stockroom designers, provide cushioned comfort without sacrificing strength. The insides are lined with smooth, soft leather, and they are foam-padded to thoroughly conform to the wearer's wrists with a delightful... More >>

Premium Lockable Ankle Cuffs

Premium Lockable Ankle Cuffs $95.00

These top-of-the-line padded leather ankle cuffs, made in-house by JT's Stockroom designers, provide cushioned comfort without sacrificing strength. The insides are lined with smooth, soft leather, and they are foam-padded to thoroughly conform to the wearer with a delightful... More >>

Premium Leather Knee Pads

Premium Leather Knee Pads $79.00

These top of the line, deluxe leather knee pads are the perfect functional accessory for those who want to spend a lot of time on their knees. A Stockroom original design, these kneepads protect the knees and look great too.

They are made of durable black leather. Steel... More >>

Nickel-Plated Snap Hook

Nickel-Plated Snap Hook $2.75

This convenient double-ended snap hook, also known as a "boat hook," is an easy-to-use, quick-release connector for cuffs, collars, etc. When combined with our extensive collection of bondage gear, the snap-hook facilitates endless bondage... More >>

Bondage Tape

Bondage Tape $6.95

This sexy, shiny strip of bondage tape is reusable, 2 inches wide, and 65 feet long. The tape adheres to itself, without sticking to the hair or skin.

This tape can be used in any number of creative ways to make bondage easy and beautiful. You can bind, gag, blindfold, mummify, or... More >>

Leather Chest Harnesses

Leather Chest Harnesses $75.00

This is a fetish classic, great for wearing out to bars and events as well as for a hot scene at home. One and a half inch wide leather straps adjust to fit your chest with chrome snaps which connect to two chrome O-Rings.

Product... More >>

Rubber Apron

Rubber Apron $184.00 - $209.00

JT’s Stockroom’s Rubber Aprons are just what you need for serving up or dishing out one hot meal.

Each of these black latex aprons has proven itself to be a successful attention getter everywhere we wore it. They are designed and hand-tailored of... More >>

Lace Up Rubber Gauntlets

Lace Up Rubber Gauntlets $69.00

These gauntlets are made of 30 Gauge rubber and have 16 eyelets on each gauntlet. The eyelets are canvas reinforced and are secured with leather laces.

Size choice reflects a difference in the diameter of the forearm,... More >>

Men's Latex Tighty Whitey

Men‘s Latex Tighty Whitey $78.50

The quintessential male underwear with a fetish twist—this set is a great way to introduce yourself or your partner to the discreet pleasures of latex. These briefs are ready for anything:... More >>

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