Our People

Joel "JT" Tucker Founder, CEO


JT's Stockroom was the first business of its kind on the net. Joel started the project while he was a college student back in the 80's. The Web hadn't even been invented at that time, but he went online using his student e-mail account and a well-written, all-text e-catalog that could be emailed to people who requested it. Once the web came along, it was a natural transition for us, since we had already been doing online commerce for a few years by then. Good, honest writing, quality customer service, fast shipping, and reasonable prices are some of what helped build our solid reputation. The company now employs 30 people and continues to grow each year.

Customer Service/Operations

This knowledgeable, articulate and personable team is the all-important gateway between you and the rest of the Stockroom. While juggling information about over 2,500 products, these folks answer your questions, organize and quickly get orders ready for shipment. Operations keeps the whole show running- from keeping the accounts together to making sure the computers are functioning smoothly.

Ann Marie Holman
Wholesale Representative

Ann Marie Holman lends her talents to the Stockroom family as a bright and vivacious Wholesale Representative. Her vast knowledge of our large array of products and her personable humor make her a natural for this position. When she is not gracing us with her hard work, she does a memorable Elvis Impersonation and embodies the local celebrity, Diamondback Annie. Do you have a question about Wholesales? Email:

Shipping Department

The fastest shipping department in the west! Many say what separates us from other companies is our speed. Well, we have 6 main employees in our shipping department that are constantly hard at work to get as many orders out the same day you've ordered them as possible. We could not survive without this wonderful crew.

Leather & Latex Design

The Stockroom employs two full-time designers, one for leather products and one for latex.


J Mysterioso came to The Stockroom right out of design school and has been creating leather gear and fashion for us ever since. His balance of functionality, modern design and meeting the customers' needs has catapulted him to the top of his profession. Reinventing the traditional functionality of a piece with some contemporary twists in aesthetics has always his been his goal. His design inspirations and the Stockroom's needs are a match made in heaven. J's newest lines will feature some very feminine fashion pieces, as well as the ultimate extension of the traditional head harness. Visit the Stockroom's KinkWire Forum to read an interview with J. Mysterioso.

Jeff of LA came to The Stockroom after his many years as the Latex Designer and Latex Department Manager at Mr. S Leather. His background in Fine Art (BFA Art Institute of Chicago) and twelve years of experience have helped him to become one of the most successful fetish designers in the industry. Jeff's exclusive new latex fashion designs for both men and women will soon be added to his already popular line of latex bondage gear.

Read an interview with Jeff of LA on the KinkWire Forum, here.

jeff of la

If you have any design questions or suggestions, you can email either of them directly at jmysterioso@stockroom.com or jeffofLA@stockroom.com.

Production Department

The bustling production department designs and manufactures popular new leather and latex products such as our straightjackets, hoods, fist mitts, collars, and body harnesses. These products are internationally known as the cream of the crop when it comes to design, craftsmanship, and long lasting style. If you have any design suggestions, please email joey@stockroom.com.

Marketing Department

This plucky team of go-getters consists of our buyer, web and catalog designers, public relations, events coordinators, community relations, sales, and Daedalus Publishing. In other words, these guys spend a lot of time reaching out and spreading the word about what's happening at the Stockroom. They are responsible for the keeping the sex toys you want in stock, making website shopping a lovely experience, greeting you at local events and happenings, publishing kinky how-to books, and filling our community site, sandm.com.

Chris Kalev
Purchasing Manager

With a sunny disposition and a drive to provide folks with what they need, Chris is a natural for the job as Purchasing Manager of the Stockroom. When he is not keeping the company stocked with over 4,000 sex toys, Chris enjoys spinning the sexy tunes, pumping up at the gym, and caring for felines. Do you have a purchasing suggestion? Contact Chris at: chrisk@stockroom.com

steve diet goedde

Steve Diet Goedde,
Art Director

World-renowned photographer Steve Diet Goedde has been photographing our stunning models since the year 2000 in the US and Europe. His photography and design has had a wonderfully significant influence on the aesthetics of JT's Stockroom's website, catalogs, and ad campaigns. His beautifully distinctive photographic style has been praised and copied worldwide. We are so grateful that he lends his talents to this company. It wouldn't be the same without him! Visit his personal website for an expansive representation of his work, http://www.stevedietgoedde.com.