Our Manufacturing Process

Since our inception in 1988, the Stockroom has been known for making the highest quality leather and latex fetish wear and BDSM gear in the business. This is primarily because we don't outsource these flagship products, but manufacture them in the USA.

Specifically, our location is nestled right in the heart of the charming and trendy Silverlake area of Los Angeles, CA. In addition to housing our offices and warehouse, we have our own Design, Leather, and Latex departments in-house and on-hand at all times.


All of the leather products we create are made from cowhide. We use the finest part of the cowhide for all of our best garments...the rear! The rear of the cowhide is the thickest and has the least amount of stretch. Other leather manufacturers use the cheaper neck and belly sections of the hide, but we stick to the best part of the hide, assuring the finest quality of leather goods in the business.

In terms of weight, most leather manufacturers use lightweight leather because it's easier to work with and less expensive. At the Stockroom, however, we use a medium weight. We believe it is the best weight to utilize for our designs, allowing for both comfort and durability, while not being too bulky for our sleeker designs, as would heavyweight leather.

Of course, there is a natural stretch in leather, so we sew against the stretch on the bias, so the stretch naturally falls where it needs to for the best fit. Regardless, every product is tested for stretch, durability, and functionality. Also, to avoid those sensitive to nickel, all of our rivets are made out of stainless steel.

Leather & Latex Design & Production


We only use the highest grade garment latex available on the market, procured directly from the finest latex manufacturer in London, England. Yes, it's a lot more expensive, but you simply can't compare the quality and the difference shows in the products.

With all of our latex bondage gear, rivets and snaps are heavily reinforced with one or two layers of canvas and a second layer of latex. The result of this combination of the highest grade latex, reinforced with careful craftsmanship, is that our gear outlasts the competition, regardless of use. Some of our competitors don't even hem their edges - which save time and money - but unfortunately, their garments tear very easily. We don't want that to happen to you.

So, we don't skimp on the details. We use heavier gauge zippers, zipper guards, and heavy duty buckles instead of snaps. We also have a top secret exclusive source for our latex glue! We worked with a glue manufacturer here in the states to develop the perfect glue. It lays smoother than conventional glue and has a much stronger bond.

Knock-Off Alert

Sometimes "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." But.....

Please beware of knock-offs. If you see a design that looks an awful lot like one of our Stockroom leather, latex, or bondage gear designs, but is offered at a significantly lower price, you can be pretty sure it's a knock-off. This means they roughly copied one of our designs, and then probably produced it with cheaper materials and inferior quality control. The end result is a lower-quality copycat product, which will not be the best value even if the price is lower.

We consider ourselves the value leader in our industry. That means when you consider all factors - quality, speed, customer service, honesty, discretion, and price, we feel confident we provide the best bang for your buck (or euro, yen, pound, peso, etc). Our margins are quite reasonable, and our production methods are efficient, so where you see a lower price, something is being sacrificed - quality, materials, processes, and often labor conditions/benefits.

If you come across one of these knock-offs, please let us know! You can email us at marketing@stockroom.com, or call us at 1-800-755-8697.