Feedback & Awards

We are proud to announce that the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom just honored us with the Goldstar Business Award!

JT's Stockroom has been honored by receiving recognition awards from organizations such as International Deaf Leather and the Chicago Hellfire Club.

Two of our books, published by the Stockroom's Daedalus Publishing Company -- Painfully Obvious and Leatherfolk -- were nominated for Stonewall book awards.

We are also proud members of several non-profit groups, including The Free Speech Coalition & the Leather Merchant's Association.

However, nothing makes us as proud as the feedback we get from our customers.

Here are some highlights:

Just wanted to Thank you for the great service that you provided me with. I got my items so fast. I couldn't believe it. The price was affordable.Quality is just as good as the high end stores that I usually go to. Icould put you on the high end list. So from now on I will always come toyou guys first for all my future BDSM purchases....Thank You...~E

Hi Stockroom!

Just wanted to say that I received my order today and I'm VERY impressed!! It's my first time ordering from you and I am SO pleased with the quality of the items. Not only that, but I'm AMAZED at how fast the items were shipped and somewhat shocked when they arrived at my door today, just a couple of days after I ordered them! I'll definitely be back as a repeat customer. Thanks for sending the beautiful catalogue, as well. Lots in there I'm sure I'll be interested in!
- D.S.

We received our parcel last week & we just want to say thank you so much for your extremely prompt service (the parcel only took 7 days to get to Australia) & friendly help. We will definitely be recommending your company & ordering more toys from you when the time comes :o)

Thanks again, H.A

Dear Joel, (and the entire Stockroom family),

After almost a decade of happily purchasing far too many kinky toys and such from JTs Stockroom, I thought it appropriate to finally write and say "Thank You!"

These days purchasing products on the web is 2nd nature to many folks, and I regularly buy a vast array of items online - ranging from books to culinary delights, and from computer goodies to clothes. Most companies I do business with provide more than adequate service (or I would shop elsewhere!), with a few standing out from the rest in their zeal to make sure their customers feel valued and appreciated.

None of them can hold a candle to you and yours. In a decade of doing business with you I have never - no, not even once - been disappointed in JTs Stockroom. Every order has arrived on time, in perfect condition, and exactly as advertised. And my experience is the norm, rather than a fluke of luck. My experience and that of many others goes a long way toward explaining why our new organization decided in just minutes that we would be purchasing our BDSM products from your company rather than anyone else. (BTW, the vote among the 26 original members was unanimous - on the 1st ballot!)

Congratulations on a hard-earned and well-deserved reputation for fair prices, prompt and friendly service, and your many years of support and encouragement to kink-aware people and communities across the country.

Now if only some of the many beautiful and handsome models who appear on your site and in your catalog were available for order as well... Ah well, can't blame a guy for fantasizing!

With sincere regards and many thanks,

G.H., Longtime customer


I've been ordering from you guys for nearly two years now, ever since I was old enough to qualify for a credit card, and you have never, ever, never even once, even mildly disappointed me. This is a feat. I don't think any other company with which I've dealt can say that. You guys are amazing. You deliver reasonably-priced, high-quality goods in a manner that doesn't just qualify as timely but downright speedy. And let's not mention discretion--some things are better left unsaid. But a nod's as good as a wink. This is all inspired by my most recent order, one of the Steve Diet Goedde posters (the woman on the stairs--wow!) and some over-the-door cuffs. I got it so quickly and so painlessly, and was so pleased with my purchase, that I simply had to write to you folks and, in effect, give you all one big giant cyber-hug for being so awesome. I think one of the nice things about being in the business you're in must be that your customer loyalty is through the roof. Not only are you dealing with people who will be continuing to buy products like yours for the rest of their lives, but if you give them what they want (and how wonderfully well you do that) then they'll be your customers forever and ever. I, personally, intend to keep buying art, toys, clothes and generalized goodies from you for as long as you remain as awesome as you are. So I just wanted to register my happiness with your service, selection, price, quality, shipping...well, everything, basically. One more voice among many, I'm sure, but if you don't stand up and talk, you can never be heard. Keep on rockin', guys, you're doing an excellent job.

Another happy customer,

I received my order today, first time i've ever ordered from you guys and trust me , it will not be my last. The product i ordered was excactly like what i saw and read on your website, it also is of EXCELLENT QUALITY.

Also, the customer service is A+, It's not everyday you can actually speak to a LIVE human being without pressing 1,2,3, well you get the idea, i'd just like to commend you on an excellent job of one on one with the customer. you're # 1 in my book :)

Looking forward to placing my next order with you, and in the future, you have earned my respect and friendship with a smile :) , nice people, and 100% customer satisfaction. Also, if you ever need a rep in Alabama, just ask, and im there!
I'd be more than happy to help you out in any way possible.
Thanks, R.W.

Dear Nice Folks at,

I feel the need to let you know how much my partner and I enjoy the items bought from your fine company. The workmanship on his leather body harness, the craftsmanship on his steel/leather collar and the overall impressive customer service has made us both very satisfied customers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Regards, M. A.

Amazing!! My recent order was sent on time, with what I ordered, AND was excellent quality. I live in a town where you just don't find any BDSM toys and I was thrilled by what I ordered. I have never received this kind of service for an online order and will be ordering more soon. The more I flip through your catalog, the more I am impressed. Keep up the awesome work! - E.T.

I have been a satisfied customer with your company for well over five years (could be near 10) and when I finally joined the computer age, I was very excited to see that you were online. I have always had good quality, resonable prices, and very wonderful service with your company. You truly understand the needs of the lifestyler on a strict budget. - W.

I don't have any questions or problems. I just want to compliment you on your site. I'm not new to toys, but I'm new to some of the things you have. Your site is easy to navigate, the explainations of the merchandise were concise, and shopping was a pleasure. I bought things (a bondage kit) I wouldn't have if they didn't seem so safe, and I bought something I always wanted (the mini slapper) to but was worried that someone might find out and be shocked. Your site is tasteful and very mature, unlike the vast majority of sites in your catagory. Thank you for offering so many choices in such a wonderful way. You are to be commended for your efforts. I can't wait to get my new toys!

Most sincerely, L.K.

I absolutely had to email you guys and extend my absolute thanks to you.

I ordered the rubber tail snake whip from you on Friday night. Late in the evening, after 8, at least, but I can't remember exactly when.

I get together with my...errr..."playmate" on Tuesday evenings. Only time we can do it, due to scheduling conflicts.

Naturally, since I placed my order late Friday, I wasn't expecting to get it in time for this coming play session. However, when I got home, I was ecstatic to discover the box from the stockroom with that beautifully savage whip in it. It's even better than I was expecting.

And I'll definitely be making use of it this Tuesday.
Thanks again, Jim T.

I want to commend you for the courtesy and professionalism your company has displayed. Your emails are friendly, informative, and timely - 5 times a year is just about right, and I'm tired of deleting messages from other companies on a weekly basis. I don't do business with companies that bug me - the Stockroom is a model e-commerce citizen. I wish more companies were like you. I have only made one or two purchases from your company, but I intend to do so soon. Keep up the good work, and happy holidays to you. - C.

Every now and then, somebody does it right.

Recently, I ordered an item from your online catalog. The order arrived in only 3 days, was exactly as advertised, did not cost a fortune AND my satisfaction is guaranteed.

This level of customer service is rare these days... especially in the sexually oriented sector. Thank you for doing it right!

- M. P.

I just wanted to thank you for the knowledge and the variety you provide. I am new to the world of sex toys, and I appreciate the service that has been provided by your company. I am extremely pleased with the products that I have received, especially since I never thought I would be ordering from the Internet!!! One product I ordered did not work properly, however, I returned it and received a replacement without any hassle, and in a very timely manner. Thank you for providing a safe and fun website that I look forward to doing business with in the future!

Single and Satisfied, R.B.

I want to thank you. I received my order today. It is exactly what I ordered for exactly the price you quoted in exactly the time you said it would get here. With service like this you can be sure that this is not my last order. Its nice to know there are online dealers who provide great service. - B. L.

I received my order today, just two days after purchase. I am very pleased with the speedy service and the quality of the items. The prices are extremely reasonable, and I will recommend you to others. Thanks, G.B.

Your Company has been a joy to do business with. The E-Mail Sale was a great idea and I'll probably order more goodies. I just wanted to take a moment and say that you folks are really running your business well and I'm sure success will continue. - B. H.

This note was originally sent to Mistress Akasha, a good friend of JTs Stockroom's.

Hello Mistress,
I would like to say thanks for the return of your site. I am a Domina and have found many useful ideas on your page.

I would also like to say that your sponsor JTs Stockroom is a wonderful place and have in the last 3 weeks spent way more money on some of the best toys we have ever purchased. I have sent the EMail to tell them that we got their name from your site.

Hope they see the return on their investment and thanks to you for adding new and more lively ideas to our relationship.

Mistress C.

Hey there,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the quick delivery of these great toys.

One of the things I ordered was the Rubber Bit Trainer Gag and oh my, I do love it. The leather is soft and strong and the bit tastes smokey. Yep, this calls for a special visit so my lover can see it (hey, long distance love affairs are a bitch).

Have you considered putting blinkers on this piece? It would look wonderful and keep the wearer's attention properly directed.

Thanks again for the fun toys and the quick delivery, even through this UPS strike.

Take good care, M.

Just a note from another satisfied customer!

The turn around, from time of order to delivery, was 3 days and the "Shipping & Handling" charge wasn't much more than the cost of shipping itself ! Unlike other businesses that rake ya over the coals on shipping & handling charges, just to make an extra buck. I live in the metro Chicago area, and while we have many "adult book stores" in the area, I find the prices at the Stockroom to be quite competitive.

You have gained another loyal & satisfied customer. Wild

Dear Joel,

Thank you so much for your advice on the books for my wife. We've both read them cover to cover and I was very impressed with their quality and content... you were correct, they were PERFECT for nervious beginners.

Also, I'd like to thank you and your staff for such efficient, friendly and cheerful service. I was surprised at how quickly you fulfilled our order, especially given the Christmas rush... and your mail order catalogue is beautiful. It makes a big difference to deal with people that you feel you can trust and feel comfortable with. I am already recommending the Stockroom to my friends.

Yours sincerely, J.S.

I just thought I'd send you folks an e-mail reiterating my appreciation for your company. You have the best products for the best prices *anywhere*. Your online catalog is easy to use, everyone I've ever talked with on the phone has been extremely helpful and nice, and your shipping is the fastest I have ever experienced (you have spoiled me - I expect so much more from other companies, and am usually disappointed....)

Once again.... Thanks! B. T.

Wow, you sure were quick. I was at the Erotic-LA ahow and bought a copy of SM101, which you were out of. You took my name and address to send it to me. I had it Tuesday morning! Thanks for being so true to your word. I already enjoyed dealing with the people at the booth. I'm more comfortable buying toys from people in my own generation, instead of someone my parents age ;-)

Again, thanks for providing great prices on good toys and for being trustworthy! hard to find in this day and age. - R.S.

Just a note to tell you that I appreciate the speed and accuracy with which you filled my recent order. It's refreshing to find a company that can be counted on to ship quickly. - C.

Just a note to thank you for existing. Your phone staff is friendly and professional, and your fulfillment time fantastic. - C.P.