Well Of Misery Ball Stretcher (E230)


Well Of Misery Ball Stretcher

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Give a whole new meaning to the phrase "You're screwed" with the Well of Misery Ball Stretcher. The two steel rings attached to the stretching rods are moved with an adjustable nut to move the ring down the shaft of the screw.

Each ring has 4 allen screws protruding from the center to ensure extra security and heighten sensation. The rings can also be separated to facilitate easier placement of the balls through them.

Product Details:

•  Weighs 1.5lbs/0.7kg

•  Stainless steel

•  Allen wrenches included

•  Total Length: 6.29in/160mm

•  Inner Diameter: 1.29in/33mm

•  Circumference: 4.7in/120mm

•  Maximum stretchable length: 4.75in/120mm