Weighted Ball Stretcher (SL118)


Weighted Ball Stretcher

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The Weighted Ball Stretcher is crafted from high quality garment leather, containing tiny sand granules that make this CBT toy firm yet flexible. The dual snaps allow for custom adjustment to ensure a snug and secure fit, ideal for even the most extreme CBT scenarios. This ball stretcher weighs six ounces and will weigh down your boys without being excessively straining.

This ball stretcher is a supple yet durable piece that will make a great addition to your cock and ball toy collection.

•  2in/5.1cm diameter
•  1.5in/3.8cm diameter
•  2 inches wide
•  7 inches long
•  6oz weight

Safety and Usage
Never bind the cock or balls for longer than 20 minutes at a time. Clean with soap and water after every use. Air dry.

Made In the USA