The Spider Gag (C526)

$30.00 - $44.95

The Spider Gag

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The Spider Gag is an innovative new metal open mouth gag. The gag has an O shaped ring in the center, and handle shaped “spider legs” on each side of the ring, hence the name - Spider Gag. The legs operate to further restrain and keep the ring inside the mouth. High quality black leather straps with a locking buckle keep the piece firmly in place.

• 4” across and 2 ½” tall
• Strap is adjustable from 17 to 22 inches
• Leather straps taper from 2" wide (by the gag) to 1” wide (at the buckle)
• Locking buckle

Please note: when measuring for fit, measure all the way around the face.

The metal spider gag is available without the leather buckling straps, for those of you that would rather find/use your own means of attaching the gag.

This is one of the most attractive restraint gags on the market, and with the shiny metal gag, buckle, and high quality black leather straps, it looks very “hard core”. This is a great piece to wear by itself or with any of your favorite fetish and bondage gear or clothing. The center O hole is probably too small for insertion in most cases, but a really good size for a tongue.