The O Man (D400)


The O Man
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Finally! A vibrating cock ring designed for HIS pleasure! The O Man is a multifaceted gummy cock ring that is made from a squishy and pliable plastic designed with the man and his boys in mind. First, you slip your hard cock into the vibrating cock ring. Then you slide your balls into the figure eight shaped “Baller” attachment. This leaves a knobbed and vibrating, gummy plastic covered motor right behind the base of your penis. The intense vibrations radiate through the entire cock ring and attachment and all the way down to the taint tickling node at the base.

The motor is covered in a cluster of textured nodes that are designed to tease and tickle the base of your penis, while the motor itself sends vibrations through the entire cock ring. The Baller attachment is perfect for the testicular attention that other cock rings lack. Last, but definitely not least, don’t forget the perfectly positioned cluster of bumps designed to tickle your taint until you can’t take it anymore.

 • Fully waterproof

 • This product requires LR1130 Batteries

 • One size fits all

Safety, Care & Usage

Do not use on swollen or enflamed skin.

Clean after every use, and only use water based lubricants.