The Claw (E225-Z)


The Claw

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The Claw is a sexy metal scratcher that fits comfortably on the finger and provides sensual scratching that can range from light and playful tickle, to intense scratching torture. This finger extension, scratching toy is a very attractive accessory that can easily be incorporated into Master/submissive dominance games or worn for playful teasing. It is also great for cock and ball teasing and ass scratching tickle torture or massage.

There are 2 rings that hold it firmly in place on your finger. Although one will probably suffice for most men, you can also always wear more than one of these scratcher instruments, and on both hands if you truly wish to release the beast within.

The Claw is made from heavy, medical grade, stainless steel that will not tarnish or stain because the metal does not oxidize. Stainless Steel is easy to clean and incorporates no other alloys.

This item can also be used with our Neon Wand and Power Tripper for exciting electro play!

Product Details

  • Total Length: 4in (10.2cm)

  • Available in 2 ring sizes: Small and Large

  • Small size measurements:

  • Circumference of Primary Ring: 2.36in (6cm)

  • Diameter of Primary Ring: 0.75in (1.9cm)

  • Circumference of Secondary Ring: 2.04in (5.2cm)

  • Diameter of Secondary Ring: 0.65in (1.7cm)

  • Scratcher Length From Fingertip: 1.25in (3.2cm)

  • Large size measurements:

  • Circumference of Primary Ring: 2.5in (6.4cm)

  • Diameter of Primary Ring: 0.8in (2cm)

  • Circumference of Secondary Ring: 2.3in (5.8cm)

  • Diameter of Secondary Ring: 0.7in (1.8cm)

  • Scratcher Length From Fingertip: 1.25in (3.2cm)

Safety, Care and Usage

The Claw is very easy to clean using just antibacterial soap and warm water.