Tenga Soft Tube Cup (D618)


Tenga Soft Tube Cup
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Introduce yourself to the Tenga product line with the Soft Tube Cup masturbator, you’ll have a great first date. Shaped like an oversized tube of toothpaste, the Soft Tube Cup has a flexible casing surrounding a tube with 40 sensational nubs to wrap your penis in pleasure. A hole at the top allows you to control airflow and thus the amount of suction and a lotion reservoir at the point of entry makes sure you have a nice wet insertion and pull out every time. Ejaculation doesn’t necessarily mean your party is over as the soft nature of the Cup allows you to “squeeze out” the evidence of your good time for yourself, your partner, or the sink.


  • Insertable length is 6in / 15.24cm

  • Total device length is 6.25in / 15.87cm

  • Circumference of device at its narrowest is 7.25in / 18.41cm

  • Circumference of device at its widest is 8in / 20.32cm

Safety, Care, and Usage

Squeeze out and rinse with warm water and then set to dry on a breathable surface.