Tenga Rolling Head Masturbator (D619)


Tenga Rolling Head Masturbator

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A little flexibility can be fun, from wacky drinking straws to the Tenga Rolling Head Cup masturbator from their popular line originating in Japan. Experience unique sensations on the head of your penis possible through the flexible, ribbed sides of this bullet shaped device. An air hole at the top allows for creative and variable vacuum effects while the flexible motion allows for side to side or rolling motions which provide new and intense feelings wrapped around your cock, before and after you cum. A lotion reservoir at the point of entry makes sure you have a nice wet insertion and pull out every time.


  • Insertable length is 6in / 15.24cm

  • Total device length is 6in / 15.24cm

  • Circumference of device is 8.25in / 20.95cm

Safety, Care, and Usage

Rinse with warm water and then set to dry on a breathable surface.