Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator (D622)


Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator

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Japanese engineering and ingenuity meet your penis in the Tenga Flip Hole from their series of masturbators. Packaged with three choices of lube in handsome and convenient vials, the masturbator itself incorporates different textures and chambers that you won’t be able to resist sticking your (or a playmate’s!) dick in. The Flip Hole takes its name from its unique design, flipping open length wise to allow for easy application of lube and even easier cleaning. Instead of simply trying to mimic a rectum, the Tenga focuses on providing the most sensation possible through the use of ribs, nubs, shifting parts, and vacuum pressure. Three prominent buttons on the outside of the device allow application of pressure and vacuum power to the head, shaft, or base of the penis (or for tight, “It’s my first time…” insertion). The three included lube samples are “mild” for a light, loose slide; “real” for what most people are used to; and “wild” for a thick, vivid, slow stroke.


  • Insertable length is 6in / 15.24cm

  • Total device length is 8.5in / 21.59cm

  • Circumference of device is 9in / 22.86cm

Safety, Care, and Usage

The unique flip design of this device allows for easy cleaning. Rinse with warm water paying special attention to the nooks and crannies where fluids might collect and then set to dry on its included cap.