Tenga Egg Masturbators (D623)


Tenga Egg Masturbators

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Getting off has never been so cool and convenient. Tenga continues to bring hip design to male sex toys with the Tenga Egg Masturbator. Egg sized and small enough to tuck into your pocket, this little egg contains a packet of lube and a flexible, stretchy sheath to masturbate into. You’ll never be bored as there are six textures to put into rotation! From ribbed to nubby to silky, try each one. One size fits most everyone.

Inside Textures

Wavy: waves of ripples

Clicker: pattern of nodules and nubs

Spider: ribbed spider web pattern

Silky: horizontal ridges woven together

Stepper: alternating wedges create strong gripping when going in and out

Twister: swirling patterns like a tornado


  • Length of egg is 2.75in/6.98cm

  • Circumference of egg at widest point is 6.75in/17.14cm

  • Insertable length of sheath expands to approximately 10.5in/26.67cm

  • Width of sheath expands to approximately 5in/12.7cm

Satefy, Care and Usage

The Tenga Egg Masturbator is a disposable toy designed for only one use.

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Tenga Egg Masturbators

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