Tenga Air Cushion Masturbator (D621)


Tenga Air Cushion Masturbator
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The Tenga Air Cushion Masturbator is more convenient than a glory hole and just as much fun. Already a bestseller in Japan, this male masturbator comes fully lubricated and employs 24 separate pockets of air cushioning to create pleasurably intense suction for your jerkoff. An air hole at the bottom of the canister can be uncovered or partially covered to manipulate amount of suction. In an attractively designed red canister, this disposable, one use only masturbator fits discreetly in your travel bag or briefcase. You can indulge without guilt knowing that this toy is recyclable in communities that accept “Recyclable 7” plastics.


  • Insertable length is 6in/15.24cm

  • Total canister length is 6.5in/16.51cm

  • Circumference of canister is 8.25in/20.95cm

Safety, Care and Usage

The Tenga Air Cushion Masturbator is phthalate free. Do not freeze or heat in the microwave before use. Insert penis slowly to let toy warm up to body temperature. Store out of direct sunlight at room temperature. This toy is designed for one use only; do not clean out and reuse.