Suspension Equipment

Hemp Rope by Lover's Knot

Hemp Rope by Lover‘s Knot $26.00 - $46.00

*Available in 5 colors!

We've been eager to expand our line of rope bondage offerings, but needed to make certain we combined reliability, quality, and cost-effectiveness in the new additions we chose. We're proud to finally introduce these exquisite offerings from Lovers Knot,... More >>

Wrist Cuffs for Suspension

Wrist Cuffs for Suspension $96.00

These adjustable, buckling wrist cuffs were designed for suspension. They are made of stitched black leather and lined with fleece padding. The wearer can grasp the leather strap and keep weight off of the wrists. This convenience is not feasible with ordinary cuffs.

We... More >>

Pig Sling with Stirrups (R)

Pig Sling with Stirrups (R) $365.00

The Stockroom-designed Pig Sling® with stirrups is the ideal choice for experimentalists. Perfect for testing out unique sex positions, this unique sling offers an ergonomic, vegan alternative to the classic sex swing.

Our heavy-duty sling is designed to look great with three... More >>

Cotton Bondage Rope

Cotton Bondage Rope $16.50

You’ll have them begging to be tied up with this Japanese-style bondage rope. Made of soft cotton, this rope won’t rub or chafe skin. Feels silky and sensual to the touch.

Perfect for beginners or those more experienced in bondage. Insert has illustrations of 6 different knots to try... More >>

Deluxe Suspension Cuffs

Deluxe Suspension Cuffs $136.00

These top-of-the-line padded leather suspension cuffs are made by our in-house Stockroom design team. Crafted for upright suspension, these cuffs are strong and comfortable, and have D-rings situated on the cuffs in such a way that the pull is vertical and does not pull the wrists... More >>

Grip Cuffs w/ Fur Lining, Black

Grip Cuffs w/ Fur Lining, Black $135.00

This item provides a multi-sized wrist cuff and a padded grip, so the wearer is able to distribute weight stress off of the wrists. This arrangement can help avoid injury to delicate wrist anatomy.

The chains provide some "give", (or "flinching room") and can be... More >>

Boot Suspension Cuffs

Boot Suspension Cuffs $168.00

Ever owned a pair of boots that you never wanted to take off, even in the most intimate situations? With these versatile Boot Suspension Cuffs, you won’t have to.

These quality, Latigo leather cuffs secure the ankles with three adjustable straps, then flair out, leaving room... More >>

Steel Suspension Bar

Steel Suspension Bar $130.00

A heavy black steel bar, 36" long, with heavy eye-bolts on each end on the top and bottom of the bar. The top eyelets have 18" lengths of chain permanently welded onto them. The chains and eyelets are also black, and can be used to hang the bar from either 1 or 2 points overhead.

It... More >>

4-Point Sling Stand

4-Point Sling Stand $480.00

Hooks in the ceiling are not necessary with this collapsible metal 4-Point Sling Stand!

It needs only 4' x 6' area of floor space and folds down nicely into a black duffel bag (included). Perfect for traveling (can be checked as luggage), it weighs 45 pounds and can be... More >>

Steel Bondage Frame

Steel Bondage Frame $375.00

This all metal heavy-duty rack has three welded bondage hooks built in at the top - one in the middle, and one near each of the top two corners. This rack is used for upright flogging, suspension, vertical spread-eagle, and humiliation. This heavy-gauge rack is also fine for supporting bondage... More >>

Nylon Rope, 25-ft

Nylon Rope, 25-ft $15.00 - $16.00

Twenty-five feet of soft, strong nylon cord, just over ¼" in diameter.

This cord is durable and washable, and can be used all in one piece or cut into smaller lengths as you desire. Wherever you cut the ropes, flame the ends lightly to fuse the... More >>


Chain $4.40 - $75.00

This is a shiny, medium-weight, straight-link chain, made of zinc-plated steel. Each link is about 1¾" long and 3/16" in diameter.

Perfect for hanging swings, slings, suspension equipment and much more. A must have for the hardcore player or dungeon enthusiast.

The... More >>

Ankle Cuffs for Suspension

Ankle Cuffs for Suspension $96.00

Adjustable, buckling ankle cuffs designed for use in suspension scenes. Stitched black leather, lined with fleece padding. We've had many requests for suspension cuffs over the years, but we waited until we could find a really good design before adding them to our line. We cannot... More >>

Shibari Suspension Ring

Shibari Suspension Ring  $62.00

The Shibari Suspension Ring is specially made for Japanese rope bondage. In Japanese the word “Shibari” is a verb that literally means “to bind” or “to tie”. Shibari rope bondage is an intricate and elegant style of rope bondage that uses patterns and styles.

The suspension ring is... More >>