Stockroom Originals

Locking Purple Wrist Cuffs with Black Trim

Locking Purple Wrist Cuffs with Black Trim  $65.00

The Locking Wrist cuffs in Purple and Black Trim are another handsome addition to our classic all leather bondage restraints. One of the first things we noticed about The Locking Wrist cuffs was how stream lined and un-bulky they were. These exceptional cuffs make an excellent gift for your... More >>

Purple Leather Wrist Cuffs w/ Locking Buckle

Purple Leather Wrist Cuffs w/ Locking Buckle $49.00

We are now producing our ever-popular set of buckling cuffs in purple leather. They are 2" wide. The purple leather is softer and more supple than the black leather version.

These cuffs will fit wrists measuring 5½" to 8" around. A heavy-gauge D-ring provides a point of attachment.... More >>

Leather/Steel Wrist Restraints

Leather/Steel Wrist Restraints $80.00

On the outside of each cuff is a band of polished, jewelry-grade steel. On the inside, the restraints are lined with soft black leather. Each restraint has a locking hasp. These cuffs combine the locked security and striking appearance of mirror-finish steel with the sensual comfort... More >>

Premium Garment Leather Wrist Cuffs

Premium Garment Leather Wrist Cuffs $59.00

These Premium Garment Leather wrist cuffs are 1½" wide, leather lined, and made of black, red, or pink garment leather which is softer and more supple than the usual leather version of these cuffs.

These cuffs will fit... More >>

Firecracker Patent Leather Wrist Restraints (R)

Firecracker Patent Leather Wrist Restraints (R) $69.00

These wrist cuffs are gorgeous and extremely comfortable. Their striking look makes them a great pair for the grandest party, and their durable construction can stand the toughest bondage scene.

They are made of black patent leather and lined with black fleece with fine tailored, rounded... More >>

Premium Lockable Wrist Cuffs

Premium Lockable Wrist Cuffs $89.00

These top-of-the-line padded leather cuffs, made in-house by JT's Stockroom designers, provide cushioned comfort without sacrificing strength. The insides are lined with smooth, soft leather, and they are foam-padded to thoroughly conform to the wearer's wrists with a delightful... More >>

Rubber Wrist Cuffs

Rubber Wrist Cuffs $29.50

These cuffs are like our basic leather cuffs but made of rubber. They are functional, attractive, and inexpensive. Made from 2" strips of thick, strong rubber, one end has a metal plate with a semicircular ring, while the other end has a series... More >>

Wrist Cuffs w/ D-Ring

Wrist Cuffs w/ D-Ring $24.00

Our basic cuffs get consistently good reviews. They are functional, attractive, and inexpensive. They can be used on wrists, ankles, and upper arms. They are made from 2" wide pieces of heavy leather, hand-trimmed and fitted precisely with metal... More >>

Ankle Cuffs w/ D-Ring

Ankle Cuffs w/ D-Ring $24.00

Our basic cuffs get consistently good reviews. They are functional, attractive, and inexpensive. We make them from 2" strips of leather, smooth enough to be comfortable without sacrificing strength. A metal plate with a semicircular ring sits at... More >>

Leather/Steel Ankle Restraints

Leather/Steel Ankle Restraints $80.00

On the outside of each cuff is a band of polished, jewelry-grade steel. On the inside, the restraints are lined with soft black leather. Each restraint has a locking hasp. These cuffs combine the locked security and striking appearance of mirror-finish steel with the sensual comfort... More >>

Extra Wide Ankle Cuffs

Extra Wide Ankle Cuffs $42.00

These cuffs are similar in design to our basic locking cuffs only more "heavy-duty." They are wider and made of heavier leather, with a larger hasp.

Cut from extra-thick, black, latigo leather, each cuff is 3¼" wide and will fit ankles approximately... More >>

Purple Leather Ankle Cuffs w/ Locking Buckle

Purple Leather Ankle Cuffs w/ Locking Buckle $49.00

These cuffs are 2¼" wide with 2 locking buckles and a large D-ring on each cuff. Innovative, attractive, comfortable to wear, and secure. Looks great with the matching Purple Locking/Buckling Wrist Cuffs and Purple Buckling Leather Collar.

Fits ankles from 6" to 12½".

... More >>

Story of O, PVC Collar

Story of O, PVC Collar $36.00

Into PVC? Then you'll love this unique fetish collar. Made of soft PVC, this collar tapers down the neck, forming a U-shaped design, which holds a 1¼" O-Ring for leashing your favorite submissive or slave. The hardware is nickel plated and includes a ¾" rolling lock... More >>

Firecracker Patent Leather Ankle Restraints (R)

Firecracker Patent Leather Ankle Restraints (R) $72.00

These ankle cuffs are gorgeous and extremely comfortable. They are appropriate for the grandest party, and their durable construction can stand the toughest bondage scene.

Made of black patent leather and lined with black fleece with fine tailored rounded corners. These restraints have... More >>

Firecracker Patent Leather Posture Collar (R)

Firecracker Patent Leather Posture Collar (R) $52.00

Stand with proper posture and look fantastic in this Firecracker® Patent Leather Posture Collar.

This beautiful durable collar is made of shiny black patent leather with black leather-covered edges. There is an accent strip of bright red leather that secures a D-ring in front,... More >>

Deluxe Padded Fist Mitts

Deluxe Padded Fist Mitts $135.00

These high quality bondage mitts are a JT's Stockroom original design. Wonderful at containing busy hands and fingers, these mitts are made of fine garment leather embroidered over soft padding.

Each padded fist mitt has a large D-ring on a 1½" heavy leather buckle... More >>

Adjustable Stocks

Adjustable Stocks $104.90

These adjustable stocks are made of four leather cuffs, fleece-lined for comfort, permanently attached to a metal bar, which is adjustable from 18 to 26 inches.

The outside cuffs are swivel-mounted, permitting slight... More >>

Leather Neck-Wrist Restraint

Leather Neck-Wrist Restraint $65.00 - $69.50

These fun bondage devices connect a collar to a set of cuffs using a leather strap. Wrists can be cuffed in the front or in back of the body. Cuffs, collar, and connector strap are all adjustable for a perfect fit... More >>

Bondage Opera Gloves

Bondage Opera Gloves $252.00

Leather bondage at its sexiest!!! These sleeves are made of the finest leather we can find, and designed by our own in-house designers.

These lace-up bondage sleeves each have three large D-rings on 1½" heavy... More >>

Arm Binder

Arm Binder $168.00 - $205.00

Give a whole new meaning to "the tie that binds"!

This sleeve is made of soft, stitched, garment leather. The adjustable buckling straps are made of strong, latigo leather, and attached to the sleeves with rivets. A D-ring is added at the end as a point of attachment for bondage... More >>

Adjustable Yoke

Adjustable Yoke $169.00

This yoke is made up of a metal bar, two leather fleece-lined wrist cuffs, which keep the arms raised away from the body, and a fleece-lined leather collar. Each side of the yoke is adjustable in length.

Disassembles for easy transport and... More >>

General Purpose Spreader

General Purpose Spreader $12.50 - $39.00

If you are looking to get your lover into a tight spot, consider our General Purpose Spreaders. Ranging in length from 4 inches to 30 inches, these versatile tools are available in either chrome or black steel. Mix and match to create the perfect quiver.

Cuffs sold separately.... More >>

Purple Leather Hog Tie

Purple Leather Hog Tie $29.00

Truss up your partner quickly and with style using our Purple Leather Hog Tie.

Made with sturdy, thick latigo leather and 4 rotatable crab-claw hooks, it is 11" from tip to tip.

Our purple leather gear is made of particularly fine leather, and manufactured right here in Los... More >>

Leather Hog Tie

Leather Hog Tie $29.00

The Leather Hog Tie provides a quick and easy way to hog-tie your submissive. No complicated bondage involved!

Made with sturdy, thick leather, with four rotatable crab-claw hooks, it's 11" from tip to tip.

Also available in pink... More >>

Bondage Mittens

Bondage Mittens $62.50

These bondage mittens are made of soft, stitched, black garment leather. There are locking cuffs attached at the wrists.

Each mitten measures approximately 12" in length and 4½" in width. In addition to the small D-ring on each wrist, there is a heavy-gauge D-ring at the end... More >>

Leather Sling, Web Style

Leather Sling, Web Style $498.00

As seen in American Horror Story on the FX Network!

This style of sling is made from 3"-wide strips of black leather, woven together like a big leather hammock and riveted together with nickel-plated rivets.

This sling is trapezoidal in shape: about 37" long, 22½"... More >>

Pig Sling with Stirrups (R)

Pig Sling with Stirrups (R) $365.00

The Stockroom-designed Pig Sling® with stirrups is the ideal choice for experimentalists. Perfect for testing out unique sex positions, this unique sling offers an ergonomic, vegan alternative to the classic sex swing.

Our heavy-duty sling is designed to look great with three... More >>

Latex Vac-Bed

Latex Vac-Bed $495.00 - $648.00

Our Latex Vac-Bed is designed especially for those in search of the most intense bondage adventure possible! By vacuuming the air from between two layers of 14 gauge latex rubber, the vac-bed immobilizes the person inside and produces an extremely restrictive and sensual experience.

The... More >>

Leather Head Harness with Muzzle

Leather Head Harness with Muzzle $89.00

This leather harness is held securely in place by 4 straps, 3 chrome buckles, and a collar. It is solidly constructed with 29 chrome rivets and reinforcements.

Also available in More >>

Pink Leather Ball Gag

Pink Leather Ball Gag $32.00

This distinctive ball gag has soft pink leather straps with elegant edging down the length of the straps. Each gag consists of a buckling half-inch wide pink leather strap and a classic red non-toxic rubber ball.

Looks great with the matching Pink Wrist Restraints, Ankle Restraints,... More >>

The Jawbreaker Gag (PVC)

The Jawbreaker Gag (PVC) $12.95

This new and improved version of our Patent Pending Jawbreaker Gag™ is simpler and more colorful than its leather predecessor. Rather than a metal bit and leather straps, this gag consists of the PVC strap threaded through a plastic tube directly through the candy.

This makes... More >>

Mike's Spikes (R)

Mike‘s Spikes (R) $10.00 - $79.00

As seen in American Horror Story on the FX Network!

This unique piece can be used either as a CBT device – à la Kali's Teeth – or a ball stretcher.

The interior of the locking stainless steel cylinder is covered with adjustable sharp or... More >>

The 7 Gates of Hell

The 7 Gates of Hell $22.00

This device, named in keeping with long standing tradition, is used for male constraint and adornment.

It consists of a series of nickel-plated steel rings connected by a leather strap. The first, largest ring... More >>

5 Snap Neoprene Cock Ring

5 Snap Neoprene Cock Ring $12.50

Simplicity can be beautiful and that's exactly what this basic neoprene cock ring is. Made especially by Stockroom, this cock ring features a comfortable fit with five nickel-plated snaps to allow adjustability.

  • Diameter: 2in... More >>

Rubber Ball Splitter

Rubber Ball Splitter $19.00

Our adjustable snaps allow for a perfect fit around and between the balls. The splitter strap is securely riveted to the stretcher and has an attached D-ring for weights or a leash. This Rubber Ball Splitter is made of a firmer neoprene rubber that looks and feels like natural... More >>

Spiked Parachute Ball Stretcher

Spiked Parachute Ball Stretcher $28.00

The Spiked Parachute Ball Stretcher is made of black leather, with a snap closure,... More >>

Penis Prison w/ Pin Prick Lining

Penis Prison w/ Pin Prick Lining $119.00

This devious chastity device imprisons the penis and torments it with pin pricks.

The Penis Prison w/ Pin Prick Lining consists of a zippered black leather pouch, held in place by a lined elastic band and a thin, leather cock strap that takes a small lock. The inside lining of the prison... More >>

Pony Head Bridle Set

Pony Head Bridle Set $275.00 - $335.00

You could search the finest stables in the world for the rest of your life and never find a bridle set as intricate and beautiful as this one. Crafted by our own in-house design team, this set consists of a harness, a blindfold, blinders, and a muzzle. The harness has four adjustable straps: three... More >>

Leather Slave Hood w/ Ball Gag and Blindfold

Leather Slave Hood w/ Ball Gag and Blindfold $155.00

This soft, black leather hood incorporates a snap-on blindfold and our Locking Ball Gag.

It is similar to our Slave Hood with Snap-on Gag and Blindfold design with a few extra refined additions. Short ¼" wide straps are riveted at the side of the mouth... More >>

Fleece-Lined Leather Blindfold

Fleece-Lined Leather Blindfold $24.95 - $25.95

This leather blindfold is lined with soft black fleece for extra comfort. The fleece blocks light more effectively than most blindfold padding.

The blindfold is held in place by an elastic band. It comes in black, red or white leather. Very... More >>

The Punisher Muzzle

The Punisher Muzzle $117.00

This menacing looking leather muzzle has a skull-like design and a snap-on blindfold. It is held securely in place by four straps, four lockable chrome buckles (*collar not... More >>

Leather Bunny Hood

Leather Bunny Hood $229.00

The Leather Bunny Hood is a top quality leather bondage hood, exclusive to It is available in deceptively innocent white, or black leather for a slightly darker look. This animal face hood is hand crafted from premium garment leather by highly skilled seamstresses. Careful attention... More >>

Insect Hood

Insect Hood $294.00

The Insect Hood is the newest otherworldly design from our in house fetish wear laboratory. The Insect Hood is lockable and fully enclosed, designed with both sensory deprivation and breath control in mind, making it an impressive and intimidating BDSM item.

The... More >>

 The Pig Face Hood

The Pig Face Hood $299.00

For those of you into piggy play...finally a leather hood that actually looks like a real pig face. With its snap-on dildo gag, and our tight but comfortable fit, it is a hood that leaves a lasting impression.

The pig face hood includes a hard leather snout front with nostril slits,... More >>

Two-Toned Dog Hood

Two-Toned Dog Hood $299.00

This striking Two-Toned Dog Face Hood is made of black leather with soft tan suede for the muzzle and ears. It looks like a Doberman with a zippered mouth. Very pettable!

Unzip the muzzle for full access to the mouth. It has a... More >>

Rubber Executioner's Hood

Rubber Executioner‘s Hood $85.00

Inspired by the hoods which public executioners once wore, this 24 gauge rubber hood will partially obscure your face and inspire fear. This hood's one-piece design allows it to be pulled on and off without a need for... More >>


24" Basic Leather Flogger $79.00

This is a best-selling item -- a good quality flogger-style whip at an unusually affordable price.

Made from fine black leather, moderately heavy, with about eighteen ½" tails. (We carry other floggers with twice that number of tails.) This... More >>


24" Basic Suede Flogger $84.00

This is a soft, black suede version of J021.

This is a best-selling item -- a good quality flogger-style whip at an unusually affordable price.

Made from fine black suede, moderately heavy, with about 24 pointed tails, (that's 6... More >>

English Tawse

English Tawse $85.00

This implement is a must for English schoolroom discipline scenes. This very fine, hand-crafted slapper has a rich, rusted-brown and black finish with an attractive tooled pattern on the handle.

The English Tawse has an 18" total length, 6" of which is the handle, and is... More >>

Rattan Cane with Suede Handle

Rattan Cane with Suede Handle $22.00 - $25.00

Rattan is similar to bamboo, only stronger and More flexible. This cane is expertly straightened, and sanded. The handle is covered in an appealing suede.

This cane is similar to our Crook-Handle Rattan Cane. The 30" cane is slightly thicker than our crook-handle... More >>

Latex Chaps w/ Side Stripes

Latex Chaps w/ Side Stripes $265.00

These classic motorcycle-style chaps are made from the finest quality 40 gauge black rubber with 30 gauge latex colored trim. The snap front waistband and lace-up back allow for a custom... More >>

Latex Catsuit w/ Thru Zipper

Latex Catsuit w/ Thru Zipper $324.00

This skin tight, form-fitting Latex Catsuit is tailored to provide the sexiest, most dynamic fit. This rubberman's dream of a suit is tapered to fit snugly from neck to ankle.

A zipper with four pulls provides easy access to the nipples, crotch... More >>

Color Coded Jock Straps

Color Coded Jock Straps $59.00

It's a more baring and daring version of the handkerchief in the back pocket! Our Color Code Jock Strap takes the guesswork out of... More >>

Rubber Apron

Rubber Apron $184.00 - $209.00

JT’s Stockroom’s Rubber Aprons are just what you need for serving up or dishing out one hot meal.

Each of these black latex aprons has proven itself to be a successful attention getter everywhere we wore it. They are designed and hand-tailored of... More >>

Leather Apron

Leather Apron $149.00

This black leather apron is perfect for serving up or dishing out one hot meal. There is an adjustable belt around the neck with a buckle placed symmetrically on each side of the front, and one at the waist just above the glutes. Each belt is secured by four nickel-plated rivets.

It... More >>

Leather Y-Harness

Leather Y-Harness $89.00

Our Y-Harness has 1½" leather straps that are adjustable in both front and back and connect to chrome O-Rings and two shoulder straps. The built-in chrome cock ring anchors the Y-Harness securely to your body for an arousing fit. One size fits all.

The cock ring that... More >>

Lace-Up Leather Gauntlet

Lace-Up Leather Gauntlet $42.00

This gauntlet is made of lightweight Latigo leather and lined with thin garment leather. It has 18 eyelets, secured with leather laces. 8½" long.

Priced individually. If you want to purchase a pair, you may enter the quantity, 2, in... More >>

Ballz Gag (TM) Patent Pending

Ballz Gag (TM) Patent Pending $46.00

Put your submissive in their place – and KEEP THEM THERE!

That’s the idea behind the Ballz Gag™, the new and original ball gag brought to you exclusively by The Stockroom, where we aim to take your bondage and cbt experiences to new heights. As unique as it is versatile, this... More >>

Your Ass Is Mine Gift Set

Your Ass Is Mine Gift Set $300.00

If you're the kind of person that doesn't fuck around when it comes to their gear, we've got just the tool kit for you:
Introducing our exclusive 25th anniversary commemorative Your Ass Is Mine gift set, a complete set for the true bondage aficionado in your life.
More >>