Steel/Rubber Collars

Stainless Steel Right Angle Cuffs

Stainless Steel Right Angle Cuffs  $182.50

For even more restrictive wrist restraints, Rapture’s Right Angle Cuffs hold wrists together, reducing wiggles and twists from the few inches of leeway that typical cuffs allow. These extra heavy stainless steel cuffs are welded together as a single unit that secures both wrists at a comfortable 90... More >>

Five Piece Steel Band Bondage Set

Five Piece Steel Band Bondage Set $183.00

Secure your most valuable plaything using this 5-piece steel band bondage set from Rapture Novelties!

Available in Small or Large, it features several options to customize the dimensions of its collar, wrist cuffs and ankle shackles. These extremely versatile pieces of equipment,... More >>

Steel Wire Slave Collar

Steel Wire Slave Collar $35.00

Whether for fetish fantasy or just fancy embellishment, you're bound to look naughty when wearing the Steel Wire Slave Collar.

Those who punish and are in need of punishing alike will appreciate the unforgiving metal look of this edgy yet perfectly discreet collar. Made of steel... More >>

Heavy Polished Stainless Steel Collar

Heavy Polished Stainless Steel Collar $91.00

It may be tough to restrain your excitement when you realize how securely you can restrain your favorite sub in the Heavy Polished Stainless Steel Collar!

Solid stainless steel truly makes the wearer feel the weight of the world and think about all their naughty deeds as it sits... More >>

Chrome Slave Ring

Chrome Slave Ring $69.00

Simple and classic, this high-shine chrome slave ring is both hinged and lockable. Each side is slightly curved to fit the collarbone. Wear the lock in back when you need a discreet look, and wear the lock in front when you have nothing to hide!

... More >>

Locking Cleopatra Collar w/ Ring

Locking Cleopatra Collar w/ Ring $175.00

This unique slave collar can be worn as a symbol of submission, or as an eye-catching accessory to your club gear, fetish outfit, costumes, etc. It is lightweight, has smooth edges, and is lined with soft black suede for comfort.

With a classic shape that is narrow on the sides but... More >>

Cleopatra Chrome Collar

Cleopatra Chrome Collar $75.00

You're sure to stand out from the masses in the Chrome Cleopatra Collar.

With the gleam of a fine necklace or sturdy armor, smooth chrome-plated brass forms the front of this attractively shaped collar that sits comfortably and lightly on the neck despite its... More >>

Stainless Steel Collar

Stainless Steel Collar $75.00

With its simple and stunning design, this stainless steel collar assures compliance from the neck down.

When taking control of a submissive playmate, a dom needs more than just the illusion of restraint; this circular stainless steel collar assures that no premature escape is... More >>

PVC Collar w/ D-Ring

PVC Collar w/ D-Ring $24.00

This collar is appropriate for bondage scenes or just as a fashion statement. A nickel plated buckle and D-Ring are riveted to 1½" wide rubber belting for a simple and effective design. It's tough and won't tear easily if things get rough.

Extra... More >>

Story of O, PVC Collar

Story of O, PVC Collar $36.00

Into PVC? Then you'll love this unique fetish collar. Made of soft PVC, this collar tapers down the neck, forming a U-shaped design, which holds a 1¼" O-Ring for leashing your favorite submissive or slave. The hardware is nickel plated and includes a ¾" rolling lock... More >>

Locking SS/Leather Collar

Locking SS/Leather Collar $57.00

This basic stainless steel and leather collar has a 1" wide strip of shiny steel mounted on a 1¼" wide strip of leather. It has a D-ring, and a lockable hasp.

Small Master Locks sold... More >>

Deluxe SS/Leather Collar

Deluxe SS/Leather Collar $62.00

This deluxe steel and leather collar has a 1" wide strip of shiny steel mounted onto a 1¼" strip of leather. A heavy-duty O-ring is riveted at the center of the collar, in addition to a D-ring at one end, and a lockable hasp.

More >>

Sex and Metal Pendant Necklace

Sex and Metal Pendant Necklace $48.00

This simple and striking choke-chain pendant speaks volumes with vibrant iconography. The chrome-plated steel choke-chain demonstrates your commitment to discipline for a master willing to grab the reigns, while the brushed and powder coated steel corkscrew pendant challenges how far down the... More >>

Large Heart Padlock

Large Heart Padlock $7.00

This sweetheart padlock is high polished nickel plated. The width is almost 1¼". It comes with one key.

Pretty and functional.... More >>

Calix Collar

Calix Collar  $205.00

Reminiscent of a Native American choker, this stunning collar is made entirely of industrial strength materials. Nickel free, pewter "beads" rest securely on four stainless steel cables which are attached to black leather straps by pewter rivets.

The straps buckle at the back with... More >>

Steel Band Collar with Leash

Steel Band Collar with Leash $59.95

Prepare to dominate with absolute power when you lock this steel banded collar around your sub’s neck.

Exciting BDSM possibilities abound with this sleek, multi-featured collar. A shining stainless steel ring is lined with rubber on the edge and inside to prevent unnecessary... More >>