Spreader Bars

Sex and Metal Secretary Yoke

Sex and Metal Secretary Yoke $275.00

Sex and Metal adds their signature style to this classic BDSM instrument, combining a unique industrial design aesthetic with artisan craftsmanship into this modern and versatile Secretary Yoke that will brighten any dungeon.

Perfect for prisoner play scenes, this shiny, cherry red... More >>

Sportsheets Bondage Bar

Sportsheets Bondage Bar  $45.50

4 comfortable neoprene and Velcro┬« cuffs attached to a rigid nylon-covered 24" spreader bar. Easily secures your partner in seconds and is perfect for multiple... More >>


X-Bars $114.00

X marks the pleasure spot with this nefarious restraint. Easy to use, the X-Bars offer an instant four-way spread complete with swivel-mounted leather cuffs. Wrists and ankles can be secured in a variety of perfectly compromising positions. Available in black steel or chrome, one of the most... More >>

Wrist Spreaders

Wrist Spreaders $79.00

Up? Down? Over? Any which way but out! This state-of-the-art steel Wrist Spreader measures 18 inches in length and come with swivel-mounted cuffs that permit some movement. The final result is a secure hold that is firm but comfortable. The built-in eyebolts allow for a variety... More >>

Adjustable Wrist/Ankle Spreaders

Adjustable Wrist/Ankle Spreaders $92.00

This spreader is made of black steel pipe and will adjust from approximately 23" to 36" - quite a span!

Cuffs fit ankles and wrists measuring 6"-10.5"

The strong leather cuffs will fit either wrists or ankles, and the cuff-mounts pivot for extra comfort. The spreader... More >>

Thigh Spreaders

Thigh Spreaders $86.00

This is an 18" thigh spreader restraint made of black or chrome metal, with swivel-mounted leather cuffs (12.5"-25") that do permit some movement. Eyebolts (about 3" from each end) are built-in for various bondage... More >>

Adjustable Stocks

Adjustable Stocks $104.90

These adjustable stocks are made of four leather cuffs, fleece-lined for comfort, permanently attached to a metal bar, which is adjustable from 18 to 26 inches.

The outside cuffs are swivel-mounted, permitting slight... More >>

Adjustable Yoke

Adjustable Yoke $169.00

This yoke is made up of a metal bar, two leather fleece-lined wrist cuffs, which keep the arms raised away from the body, and a fleece-lined leather collar. Each side of the yoke is adjustable in length.

Disassembles for easy transport and... More >>

Posture Bar

Posture Bar $105.00

This restraint device is made of a metal bar with a leather collar riveted to one end and two leather wrist cuffs attached to the other end. Wrists can be cuffed in front of the torso or behind the back. The bar also has an... More >>

Adjustable General Purpose Spreaders

Adjustable General Purpose Spreaders $59.00

This spreader bar is adjustable from 25" to 37" with heavy eyebolts on each end for attaching cuffs (or whatever you like).

Cuffs and locks sold separately. Available in chrome. ... More >>

General Purpose Spreader

General Purpose Spreader $12.50 - $39.00

If you are looking to get your lover into a tight spot, consider our General Purpose Spreaders. Ranging in length from 4 inches to 30 inches, these versatile tools are available in either chrome or black steel. Mix and match to create the perfect quiver.

Cuffs sold separately.... More >>

Steel Suspension Bar

Steel Suspension Bar $130.00

A heavy black steel bar, 36" long, with heavy eye-bolts on each end on the top and bottom of the bar. The top eyelets have 18" lengths of chain permanently welded onto them. The chains and eyelets are also black, and can be used to hang the bar from either 1 or 2 points overhead.

It... More >>

Sex and Metal Triangle Spreader Bar

Sex and Metal Triangle Spreader Bar $250.00

Take pyramid power to new heights with the Sex and Metal Triangle Spreader Bar.

This deluxe version of a classic spreader bar contains a few Sex and Metal style twists and flourishes to step up your bondage game. Made of the highest quality steel With a cherry red finish, this piece... More >>