Spiked Ball Stretcher (C449)


Spiked Ball Stretcher
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This Spiked Ball Stretcher can be used for light to heavy ball torture with its adjustable spikes. Weighing a hefty 10oz. with a diameter of 1 3/8", six pointed removable spikes can be screwed in according to depth of pain desired. The spikes can lightly touch the ball sack or drive the spikes in. The central spike on each side has a small hole for attachment options. The Spiked Ball Stretcher only opens and closes with an allen wrench.

The Spiked Ball Stretcher can be used with electrical devices. It is unipolar, so you need another single pole to complete the circuit. Try using the Rimba Electro Powerbox Stimulator Set. That makes it great for traveling adventures!

This item is UNI-POLAR. Click here for more information.