Specialty Butt Plugs

Armour Tug Lock

Armour Tug Lock $44.95

The Armour Tug Lock is a beautifully-constructed toy for those who are looking for that extra bit of stimulation. Made of a proprietary blend of silicone and TPR, the toy shapes itself to the curves of your body so that it almost feels like a part of you. The strap on the ring gives the penis an... More >>

Ass Bomb By Oxballs

Ass Bomb By Oxballs $44.00 - $74.00

Win the war on anal action with the Ass Bomb, a hollow silicone butt plug from Oxballs. Available in 3 sizes, Are you a tight ass? Prepare yourself for the size small, with a diameter just under 2 and a half inches. Loose lips sink ships? Hopefully the size large’s 3 and a half inch diameter should... More >>

Bung2 Butt Plug by Oxballs

Bung2 Butt Plug by Oxballs $49.00

The Bung2 from Oxballs offers choice in the same toy - the bulbous tip and shaft construction is easily inserted up to the first of 2 hilts on this 7”-long butt plug.

If you choose to go further, a more intense ridge on the shaft reaches 8 inches in circumference for the more... More >>

Meathead Ass Lock by Oxballs

Meathead Ass Lock by Oxballs $87.00

Looking for a hypoallergenic silicone cock ring and butt plug combo that will satisfy the most experienced anal plug enthusiast?

The Meathead butt plug by Oxballs features a tapered base that is contoured to slide in and in place, while the flared head stimulates with the most casual... More >>

Silicone Puppy Tail

Silicone Puppy Tail $99.00 - $109.00

The butt plug that your loyal pal has been begging for is finally here!

Combining the fantasy of puppy play with the anal stimulation of a butt plug, anybody who wears this supple tail is bound to end up wagging it in delight while forming a deep connection with their owner. The... More >>

Bad Puppy Butt Plug

Bad Puppy Butt Plug $65.00 - $75.00

Anal play is exciting by itself, and with the Bad Puppy Plug you can keep your partner leashed up and ready for the pound. To start things off, this butt plug is plenty thick for an intense filling feeling. It's made of silicone, so it's flexible yet firm, and easy to clean after messing... More >>

Fire Hose Penis Plug with Butt Plug

Fire Hose Penis Plug with Butt Plug $124.00

Fill 'er up!

This hollow penis plug is attached to three feet of rubber hose to direct the flow wherever you like. Slide it in with some help from your favorite lube, and insert the attached through hole butt plug into your lover's ass for genuine pee play or just brandish it to get your... More >>

Butt Bong

Butt Bong $98.00 - $118.00

Be prepared to chug with an innovative twist on enema play! The Butt Bong will redefine your idea of party time.

This product features a design reminiscent of a beer bong from your college days. The Butt Bong starts with an aluminum funnel connected to a 14 inch tube.... More >>

Inflatable Double Butt Plug w/ Handle

Inflatable Double Butt Plug w/ Handle  $49.00

More than just a plug, this new addition is a DOUBLE plug that inflates and comes attached to a sturdy handle!

If you've been curious about larger plugs but aren't quite ready to commit, the option to control the size with the help of a medical-grade pump might be just what you... More >>

Ballistic Tunnel Plugs

Ballistic Tunnel Plugs $69.00 - $79.00

Open up your anal play possibilities with a Ballistic Tunnel Plug. These plugs feature a super wide opening and tunnel through the plug. Opening you up wide to endless play possibilities by allowing easy access into the anal cavity, these plugs are also comfortable for long-term wear.More >>

Anal Stretcher Plug

Anal Stretcher Plug $59.00 - $79.00

Expand your anal horizons with the Anal Stretcher Butt Plug!

The design features a comfortable fit with a hollow pass through, allowing for all-day wear. Wearing the plug for extended periods of time will train your anus to open wide more easily during anal play. With three... More >>

Oxballs Stretch-Hole Butt Plug

Oxballs Stretch-Hole Butt Plug $59.00 - $79.00

Among the many things we love about Oxballs is their straightforward approach to addressing basic needs. This plug does exactly what its name implies - stretches your hole. But it doesn't fill your hole the way a traditional plug would. It simply opens you up to new possibilities, especially... More >>

Oxballs Spark Plug

Oxballs Spark Plug  $59.00

The Sparkplug by Oxballs is their ever popular Cocksling design, attached to a flexible stem with a four inch long segmented insertable anal plug. This ingeniously designed sex toy combines all of the pleasure and stimulation of a Cocksling with erotic anal play.

The Sparkplug operates... More >>

Oxballs Pig-Hole Fuck Plug

Oxballs Pig-Hole Fuck Plug $56.00 - $74.00

The Pig-Hole Fuck Plug from Oxballs is one of the finest hollow butt plugs on the market, making it the perfect toy for all you filthy pigs out there! Made from skin-flex pure platinum cure silicone, this plug makes anal intercourse possible while plugging the butt at the same time. The Pig Hole is... More >>

Oxballs Ball & Chain Plug

Oxballs Ball & Chain Plug $68.00

The Ball & Chain Plug from Oxballs is a combination cock ring and anal plug. Made of top quality pure platinum cure Flexi-Skin silicone, the ring is connected to a 4-inch grenade shaped butt plug by a flexible silicone chain link.

This Flexi-skin silicone sex toy uses dual action to... More >>

Perfect Fit Hump Gear

Perfect Fit Hump Gear $59.00

Leave it to Perfect Fit to perfect the art of the butt plug!

Not content with a standard anal plug, or even a thru-hole plug, the innovative kinky minds behind the Tunnel Plug and More >>

Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug

Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug $44.95 - $54.95

Want to open yourself and your lover to more intense sensation? These safe, flexible anal tunnel plugs take the conventional butt plug to an entirely new level of physical and visual pleasure. Whether you're an advanced player or just beginning to explore, our three size options ensure... More >>

Inflatable Enema Plug

Inflatable Enema Plug $29.99

Hours of fun are in your hands with this uniquely redesigned inflatable enema plug!

The most outstanding feature of this toy is an extra-long separate hose running the length of the inflation tube. When it's time to administer the enema, just connect your preferred means of water... More >>

High Tension Cock Ring w/ Anal Plug

High Tension Cock Ring w/ Anal Plug $84.00

For the men who love the feel of cold metal, but yearn for a bit of flexibility we introduce this innovative dual cock ring and anal toy.

On one end of this rig is a smooth and seamless steel cock ring to hold snug to your manhood while the other end features an egg-shaped anal plug... More >>

Trailer Hitch Convoy (TM)

Trailer Hitch Convoy (TM) $98.00

For those looking for big bold thrills, we're pleased to offer a new, more extreme style of toy, combining the classic Trailer Hitch style with a large penis plug mounted firmly to the front. Gentlemen, this is the Trailer Hitch Convoy.
More >>

Inflatable Butt Plug

Inflatable Butt Plug $38.00

With a slight squeeze of hand, you can easily pump your way to the perfect fit for your anal pleasure!

This sleek and sturdy inflatable anal plug made of high-quality natural latex features a metal twist valve to release the pressure when you've finished with your fun, as well as a... More >>

Trailer Hitch Big Rig (TM)

Trailer Hitch Big Rig (TM) $225.00

The Trailer Hitch Big Rig is an innovative and deviously satisfying combination cock ring and butt plug crafted of polished stainless steel that will really hold you tight and fill you up. Perfect for the men who like it bigger! The cock ring grips the penis and balls while the uniquely designed... More >>

Trailer Hitch Kingpin (TM)

Trailer Hitch Kingpin (TM) $88.00

The Trailer Hitch Kingpin is a deviously inventive device made of carefully crafted and polished stainless steel, consisting of a cock ring attached to an egg-shaped butt plug. This exciting and unique item will provide memorable experiences for couples or for solo play. While the cock ring grips,... More >>

Trailer Hitch Echo (TM)

Trailer Hitch Echo (TM) $96.00

The Trailer Hitch Echo is a unique stainless steel cock ring with a spherical anal plug that includes an internal ball (Ben Wa balls style) for an added sense of movement and intense stimulation. Anal sex (giving), as well as ejaculation, are completely possible while wearing this... More >>

The Tailgater

The Tailgater $85.00

The Tailgater is a stainless steel rope bondage hook with 3 different rings and a ball on a stem that is moveable and can be adjusted for either end. The ball can be inserted anally and can stimulate the prostate. The Tailgater is over a foot long, can be used with any rope and is ideal for bondage... More >>

TitanMen Rough Rider Beginner

TitanMen Rough Rider Beginner $24.95

Rock and roll your way to an exhilarating orgasm by taking the TitanMen Rough Rider Beginner for a spin. This thick black dildo mounted on an inflatable ball brings anal sex to a whole new level as it lets you control the speed and depth as you blow, bounce and ride with the Rough Rider dildo.... More >>

Lion Face Anal Plug

Lion Face Anal Plug $97.00

This beautiful bronze lions head features a free moving ring in its mouth, and is set into a comfortably sized gently tapered anal plug constructed of smooth stainless steel.

Stainless steel is the hardest and firmest sex toy material on the market. It retains heat and cold, and can be... More >>

Rosebud Anal Plug

Rosebud Anal Plug $125.00

Make your lover's body or your own a work of art with this decorative butt plug. This plug is made from solid stainless steel with a bronze rosebud on the base. A bit heavier than most plugs but can be worn comfortably for long periods of time.
Tip: Try warming or cooling slightly for... More >>

Flower Shaped Anal Plug

Flower Shaped Anal Plug $97.00

Make your lover's body or your own a work of art with this decorative butt plug. This plug is made from solid stainless steel and has a beautifully-crafted bronze flower with petals on the base. A bit heavier than most plugs but can be worn comfortably for long periods of time.
More >>

Fox Tail Anal Plug, Black and White

Fox Tail Anal Plug, Black and White $55.00

This 16" black and white fox tail (length may vary- mother nature is not restricted by specifications.) is attached by hand to a black rubber anal plug.

Take your foxy slave out for some exercise and a hunt.

Product Details:

  • Overall Length: 16in... More >>

Bunny Tail Anal Plug

Bunny Tail Anal Plug $55.00

Channel your inner Hugh Hefner and make this Bunny Tail Anal Plug a must for your bunny lover. Crafted from white fox fur, this puff is securely attached by hand to a black rubber anal plug.

Soft and enticing, erotic and playful, this bunny tail anal plug will surely... More >>

Ponytail Anal Plug, Blonde

Ponytail Anal Plug, Blonde $58.00

This black latex anal plug has a long blonde pony tail flowing from the base. The plug is contoured in an hourglass shape to conform to anal anatomy. The tail consists of hundreds of strands of authentic horsehair measuring approximiately 21" in length. Using the plugs as handles, you can also use... More >>

Ponytail Anal Plug, Red

Ponytail Anal Plug, Red $55.00

This black latex anal plug has a long red pony tail flowing from the base. The plug is contoured in an hourglass shape to conform to anal anatomy. The tail consists of hundreds of strands of authentic horsehair measuring approximiately 21" in length. Using the plugs as handles, you can also... More >>

Stainless Steel Horse Hair Anal Plug

Stainless Steel Horse Hair Anal Plug $99.00

Leave it to the French to design a butt plug that combines pony play with anal pleasure. From swishing to sucking to tugging, this seriously elegant Stainless Steel Horse Hair Anal Plug will heighten your adventuring. This well crafted, perfectly weighted plug has a pleasing tear drop shape for... More >>

PES Electro-Flex Anal Plugs, Double Electrodes

PES Electro-Flex Anal Plugs, Double Electrodes $198.00 - $213.00

The Electro-Flex™ Anal Plug will change the way you think about anal action. Built with comfort in mind, mildly soft Electro-Flex™ material works like no other probe you've ever used.

Our unique design incorporates a non-conductive memory wire that can be bent to any angle and still hold... More >>

PES Acrylic Anal Plugs

PES Acrylic Anal Plugs $158.00

The PES Electro Anal Plug is a smooth acrylic rod with a conductive electrode on each side to stimulate the anal sphincter muscle and the interior of the anal cavity.

Even before you connect the electrical leads to the plug, the smooth and cleverly contoured sides stretch the anal ring... More >>

PES Anal Tubular Electrode

PES Anal Tubular Electrode $70.00

The Anal Tubular Electrode is of unique origin. This electrode is specifically designed to deliver the stimuli to precise areas within the anal and rectum regions. The Anal Tubular Electrode is the perfect electrode for those who are not normally anally active. It’s patented... More >>

Inflatable Anal Plug Harness for Men

Inflatable Anal Plug Harness for Men $98.50

Our Stockroom designers have invented yet another way for men to experience pleasure and submission with this Harness with an Inflatable Anal Plug.

This harness was specially designed to accommodate a man's anatomy. It has a built-in inflatable anal plug that can be pumped up to a... More >>

Anal Plug Harness for Men

Anal Plug Harness for Men $75.00

Here at the Stockroom, we are always looking for new ways of creating pleasure and submission. This harness was specially designed to accommodate a man's anatomy. It has a built-in "plug pouch" to fit most average sized butt plugs or dildos and a 2" nickel-plated cock-ring in the front. The More >>

Ponytail Anal Plug

Ponytail Anal Plug $58.00

Each of these rubber anal plugs has a long pony tail flowing from the base. The plug is contoured in an hourglass shape to conform to anal anatomy. The tail consists of hundreds of strands of authentic horsehair measuring approximately 21" in length.

Using the plugs as handles, you... More >>

Butthole Fuck Plug by Oxballs

Butthole Fuck Plug by Oxballs $56.00 - $84.00

You’re about to experience a whole new anal adventure: introducing the Butt-Hole Fuckplug. No strangers to anal experimentation, your deviant wishmakers at Oxballs have created this unique sex toy to stimulate so many sensations simultaneously.

Made in firm yet flexible silicone,... More >>