Slappers & Straps

Rattan Rug Beater

Rattan Rug Beater $45.00

Sometimes unruly subs need to be spanked with something specially designed to expunge every last speck of disobedience out of them - the Rattan Rug Beater is designed to do exactly that. Modeled after a traditional teardrop-shaped carpet beater used to literally beat dirt and dust out from rugs,... More >>

Black Braid Handle Double Slapper Quirt

Black Braid Handle Double Slapper Quirt $88.00

Looking for a quirt that’s not too mean, but definitely not too nice? The Black Braid Handle Double Slapper Quirt has a menacing look with a moderate punch, making it ideal for threats with more bark than bite. This unique, double lashed quirt features a beautiful, 12 plait hand-braided handle with... More >>

Viper Slapper

Viper Slapper $69.00

Ensure proper correction with the nasty sting from a strike of the Viper Slapper. It’s tapered, split tongue delivers a doubly devious lick, made especially unforgiving in rubber (compared to leather). Unlike a solid piece of rubber, the tawes-style split length allows for an extra biting kiss of... More >>

Ballistic Heavy Duty Rug Beater

Ballistic Heavy Duty Rug Beater $65.00

Lay down the law with the intimidating Ballistic Heavy Duty Rug Beater - expertly crafted to deliver the ultimate in discipline.

A steel cable runs through a clear plastic loop, optimizing each stroke with maximum sting - and your deserving sub or slave will be able to see exactly... More >>

Tire Tread Slapper

Tire Tread Slapper $79.00

Finally, a fun way to help the environment! Made of high-grade recycled tire rubber, the Tire Tread Slapper is a great way to go green as you make their bottom go red. A 15" long tire tread is bolted into a solid, yet fairly lightweight piece of stainless steel.
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Daddy's Belt

Daddy‘s Belt $42.00

Show them Who's the Daddy with this JT's Stockroom original design.

A clever twist on the classic punishment belt, this slapper has a traditional belt buckle and loop, and 14 steel rivets holding a looped strap together as a handle. The strap makes a fear-inducing... More >>


12" Slapper with Holes $32.00

This leather slapper is 12" in length (not including the leather loop at the end of the handle). It has spring steel in the handle for added rigidity, plus five holes in the front side of the slapper, causing a louder and more stinging swat. This is a nice, petite toy to have handy... More >>

3-Ply Leather Slapper

3-Ply Leather Slapper $36.95

Crafted by our own in-house design department, the 3-Ply Leather Slapper triples the slap of other paddles/slappers.

The alternating lengths of leather (9½", 11½", and 12½") allow for three separate contact points, each with varying... More >>

The Strap

The Strap $65.00

This firm, tan leather slapper is a great upgrade for those seeking a new thrill in their spanking and punishment play.

Halfway between a paddle and a thick leather belt, the intimidation factor alone is worth having The Strap close at hand when discipline is needed. Should slapping it... More >>

English Tawse

English Tawse $85.00

This implement is a must for English schoolroom discipline scenes. This very fine, hand-crafted slapper has a rich, rusted-brown and black finish with an attractive tooled pattern on the handle.

The English Tawse has an 18" total length, 6" of which is the handle, and is... More >>

The Rug Beater

The Rug Beater $72.00

Want to add some kink to your Quaker lifestyle? Looking to spruce up those old-world domestic scenes? Do it the new old-fashioned way with a black leather rug beater.

The solid 13" handle is covered in soft, braided leather, topped with a beautiful... More >>

The Double Strap, Black

The Double Strap, Black $84.00

This paddle has two thick leather straps, which gives it more mass than the single-strap paddle. The leather is entirely black and has slightly beveled edges with rounded corners.

The two straps are attached so that both surfaces of the paddle are smooth. When the... More >>

Mini-Slapper, Black

Mini-Slapper, Black $17.50

At 10" long and ¾" wide, this small slapper comes in handy when a full-size slapper might be too big or heavy. It hangs nicely on a belt... More >>

Leather Slapper

Leather Slapper $39.00

This quality toy is like the product of a torrid affair between a crop and a paddle.

It's made from two pieces of heavy leather, stitched together with a strip of steel inside for rigidity. The two leather pieces separate for about 5" at the business end, allowing the... More >>