Silicone Vibrators

Echo Vibrating Dildo

Echo Vibrating Dildo $69.99

If you like the feeling of the head of the penis inside you, this is the toy for you. Beautifully designed, the deep ridges provide a unique sensation. The Echo has a straight shaft, a lovely bulging head, and a series of smoothly ribbed ridges along the length. Includes a micro vibe, which can... More >>

Tantus Goliath

Tantus Goliath $84.00

This vibe has a big name, not because of its girth but what it can do for you. Made of high quality platinum silicone, the Goliath is soft, firm and flexible to give you maximum performance. It has a relatively consistent girth but the texture is something else. Designed to look like a stylized... More >>

ProTouch Vibrating Silicone Plug

ProTouch Vibrating Silicone Plug $49.00

The curved shaft of the Protouch is shaped for effective stimulation of the male anal prostate gland. As with all silicone toys, the Protouch holds heat well, and can be warmed or cooled for a variety of sensations. In addition, the Protouch is harness compatible, and comes complete with a mini... More >>

Feeldoe with Vibrator

Feeldoe with Vibrator $92.00 - $114.00

The Feeldoe is a great for dildo sex because the second end makes a great handle. Grab the smaller end like the handle of a gun and easily control insertion and speed of this high quality silicone toy. The removable Micro Mini-Massager Vibe is situated in the middle. Silicone is a great... More >>


Batteries $5.00

For any and all of your needs to keep your vibrator humming and your butt plug buzzing.

• AA - 4 pack
• AAA - 4 pack
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Replacement Batteries

Replacement Batteries $2.75

Playfully packaged by the "Dead Batteries" company, these replacement 1.5V batteries are ready to go when you run out of power. Each pack contains three batteries, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the packaging.... More >>

Cyberskin Vibrating Cock

Cyberskin Vibrating Cock $64.00

The Cyberskin line of products represents a significant advance in dildos that feel like the real thing. The latex on the surface of this Cyberskin Vibrating Cock dildo feels hauntingly like human skin. However, if the whole dildo were made out of that same soft material, it wouldn't be firm... More >>