Sex and Metal Dragon Tail Whip "Silicone Spire" (E845)


Sex and Metal Dragon Tail Whip "Silicone Spire"
Handle Color:

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This dragon tail whip features a classic style of Sex and Metal carved steel handle crowned with a single thick sheet of silicone rolled into lily shape for a sharp, precise sting.

The single silicone lash gives you a level of control and precision that make it ideal for those who want a strong, focused strike with a welt-raising impact that comes courtesy of the silicone tail's excellent conservation of kinetic energy. This item is currently only available with a black silicone dragon tail.

The brushed and powder-coated steel handle is adorned with two small spikes and a solid steel pommel on one end for improved balance. The length of the handle is inscribed with a series of asymmetrical carvings in the metal of the rod, revealing the hollow interior and creating an interesting dappled effect when held up to the light.

Product Details:

 • Handle length: 9 in/22.9cm

 • Handle diameter: 1 in/2.5cm

 • Handle circumference: 3.25in/8.25cm

 • Fall length: 20in/61 cm

 • Constructed of powder coated steel and silicone

 • Handle available in Steel or Red