Rubber Apron (R070)

$184.00 - $209.00

Rubber Apron

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JT’s Stockroom’s Rubber Aprons are just what you need for serving up or dishing out one hot meal.

Each of these black latex aprons has proven itself to be a successful attention getter everywhere we wore it. They are designed and hand-tailored of 14-gauge latex by JT's Stockroom’s own expert latex department.

There is an adjustable belt around the neck with a buckle placed symmetrically on each side of the front, and one at the waist just above the glutes. Each belt is secured by four nickel-plated rivets and reinforced with canvas for extra durability.

One size.

Rubber Apron with Cockhole and Pocket

This apron is by far our favorite and the most popular. There is a hole cut in the front of the latex apron to place the cock and balls through. The genitals can then be covered or exposed by folding down the large front pocket which is held in place by 7 snaps.

Classic Rubber Apron
Same as above, except with a smooth single layered front from top to bottom, no cockhole or pocket..

Made In the USA