Premium Arm Splints with Locking Buckles (J476)


Premium Arm Splints with Locking Buckles

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Similar to but more versatile than our armbinder, these leather arm splints are handmade in our workshop with the same craft and care with which we construct all our bondage gear. The five locking buckles and ten nickel-plated D-rings ensure that you will be able to position the bound limbs as you see fit. These restraints are designed to keep the arms straight and placed exactly where you want them, making them perfect for restricting arm movement while leaving the hands free to wriggle helplessly.

Designed to fit most sizes, nobody is left out of the party!


  • Wrist: 5in-10in (12.7cm-25.4cm)

  • Mid arm/Elbow: 7in-12in (17.8cm-30.5cm)

  •Bicep: 9in-14in (22.9cm-35.6cm)

  •Length from wrist to bicep: 16in (40.6cm)

Premium arm splints are sold as a pair.

Made In the USA

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