Port of Entry (DVSTAL108)


Port of Entry
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Synopsis: Inspired by Werner Fassbinder’s, Querelle, Raging Stallion's Port of Entry looks back to the time of Longshoremen, Sailors and Leather Bikers. On his first shore leave in months, David V walks the docks, past a shadowed street vagrant who turns out to be Logan McCree. David allows Logan to taste his sea-salty skin, and fucking and cock slamming follow until both men are spent in ecstasy. Next, longshoreman Tristan is out for some fresh air when the glow of a cigarette match reveals the presence of the rough trade biker Zack Jamison. The fucking and sucking culminates in both men exploding all over themselves and each other. Dockworker Pistol Pete and Tristan Jaxx put in a long hard day at the docks, ending in both of them collapsing in exhaustion. And rugged wharf boss Bruno Bond gets put in his place by disgruntled longshoreman David Taylor, who wants to stop working on the dock and start working on some cock.

Cast: David Taylor, Bruno Bond, Logan McCree, Pistol Pete, Tristan Jaxx, Tristan Phoenix, David V, Ethan Roberts, Zack Jamison

Director: Toni DiMarco

Running Time: Approx. 2 hours

NTSC Coding