Plastic Disposable Pinwheel- Large (D405)


Plastic Disposable Pinwheel- Large

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The classic Wartenberg Pinwheel is now available in disposable plastic, ideal for sensation play enthusiasts with metal and latex allergies. Originally designed for nerve diagnostics, this lightweight Pinwheel has exceptionally fine edges which are spaced ¼ in/.65cm apart, slightly sharper to the touch than the Small Plastic Disposable Pinwheel. Roll the pinwheel over the body gently and tingle the skin while heightening the senses. The Plastic Disposable Pinwheel comes individually packaged and features an easy-to-grip, ribbed handle.

• Measures 7in/17.78 from base to tip
• Handle measures 5in/12.7cm
• Pinwheel measures about 1in/2.54cm in diameter

Also available in Small.