PES Low Profile Leads (C064)


PES Low Profile Leads

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The Low Profile technology of PES has taken Erotic Electro Stimulation to new heights of comfort and mobility. The Pinch Lead is a low profile, lightweight attachment that is compatible with all PES products, and makes hooking up to any PES electrode as simple as "Pinch and Snap," so that your hands are free to operate the PES Power Box.

The more cumbersome Banana style plugs protrude 1½ inches above the base of the electrode, so that moving around or sitting may be difficult or impossible. PES' Low Profile Technology streamlines the gear when snapped into place.

PES low profile leads rise less than ¼" above the base of the electrode, so you change positions without worry, even sitting or lying on your back. You can even wear your PES electrode underneath your clothing!

(1 pair) 3.5mm Plug with a 48-inch cable length.

Made in the USA