PA-5000 Male Chastity Device (D592)


PA-5000 Male Chastity Device

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The PA-5000 is an excellent chastity device to be used with the Prince Albert Piercing. It comes in three sizes to accommodate your needs (1 in, 1.25 in, 1.125 in). If you need to keep yourself in line or your boyfriend when you're out of town the PA-5000 is just what you need. To measure for size, while in a relaxed state pull the penis forward and measure the diameter of the shaft. Add 1/8 inches for hygiene purposes. The three hooks are for a 5 gauge piercing with a diameter of .188 inches.


  • Requires a Prince Albert Piercing

  • Ultimate Male Chastity Device

  • Three sizes (1.25in, 1.125in, 1 in)

  • Includes 1 cage with cam lock, hooks for piercing, 1 cage extension, 1 leather guide, 2 keys 1 zippered storage bag.

Safety, Care and Usage

Please adhere to hygiene instructions to prevent infection: Lather head and shaft of penis with a natural soap. Using the right thumb slide the head of the penis forward and up inserting the small finger on the left hand in order to clean around the piercing pin and inside of the cage. Repeat the steps with the left thumb and right small finger to clean the right side. Rinse both areas thoroughly with water. Hold the penis head and back of cage at the same time. Allow the water to freely run thru the cage removing all soap residue.