Nipple Clamps

Bully Ring Barrel-style Nipple Clamps

Bully Ring Barrel-style Nipple Clamps $39.00

Does just a pinch leave you wanting more? These Bully Ring Barrel-style Nipple Clamps offer an adjustable clamp with 1” O-rings for additional attachments, tugs, and tortuous teases.

The neat, minimalist design features a slim barrel that is twisted for easy adjustments. These... More >>

Barrel Nipple Clamp w/Weight

Barrel Nipple Clamp w/Weight $34.00

Versatile and vicious, this Barrel Nipple Clamp with Weight offers an adjustable grip and a hefty removable 4 ounce weight for an even more punishing pinch.

Easily open and close the clamp with a simple twist of the barrel, attaching to your partner (or yourself) with a tightness... More >>

Entice Tiered Intimate Clamps

Entice Tiered Intimate Clamps $19.00

Add a luxurious look to your play with the Entice Tiered Intimate Clamps. While the adjustable nipple clamps pinch as tight as needed, 2 elegant gold-toned chains drape across the chest, flattering all skin tones with its gorgeous warm reflections.

Each clamp features a soft,... More >>

Magnetic Nipple Balls

Magnetic Nipple Balls $23.00 - $34.00

Perk up your nipple play with these playful and fully functional Magnetic Nipple Balls! The unique design of these nipple toys create distinct sensations that range from moderate, to painful.

The contact surface area of each ball is quite small, helping to create more intense,... More >>

KinkLab Mandible (R) Body Clamps

KinkLab Mandible (R) Body Clamps $18.50

Walk the fine line between pain and pleasure more precisely with the Mandible Body Clamp set.

Based on vintage surgical clamps from 1909, these unique clamps adjust with screws- making them more adjustable from light to tight than the traditional More >>

Japanese Clover Clamps

Japanese Clover Clamps $21.00

These luxurious and elegant clover clamps are not for the faint of heart. Linked by a chain, the clamps get slightly tighter when you pull; however they already... More >>

Color Tweezer Nipple Clamps

Color Tweezer Nipple Clamps $17.50

These colorful Tweezer Nipple Clamps offer pleasure and pain in the simplest terms, tweaking and tormenting whatever sensitive skin you apply them to.

Smooth black or rich green rubber tips ensure a sturdy grip while the sliding adjuster ring allows you to lock in exactly the right... More >>

Red-Tipped Tweezer Clamps

Red-Tipped Tweezer Clamps $24.00

These Red-Tipped Tweezer Clamps are tipped with smooth rubber to make sure you get a secure grip while you pinch to your heart's desire. The chain keeps your torso well decorated while your nipples get the firm, intense attention they deserve. After achieving your sweet spot for pain, give the... More >>

Black Spring Jaw Style Nipple Clamps

Black Spring Jaw Style Nipple Clamps $14.50

For those who prefer playing hard, rather than hard-to-get, the Black Spring Jaw Style Nipple Clamp from Spartacus is designed for serious pleasure. The clamp tips are rubber coated, spring-loaded, and adjustable, connected by an all-black chain. Use the screw to set the desired width of the clamp... More >>

Bully Nipple Clamps

Bully Nipple Clamps $17.00

The Bully Nipple Clamps are a set of fully adjustable nipple clamps with black rubber tips, black rubber grips, and silver metal rings.

The metal rings each have a diameter of 1½”. The clamps are each a total of 2½” long.

The snugness... More >>

Deluxe Adj. Nipple Clamps

Deluxe Adj. Nipple Clamps $57.00

These top shelf nipple clamps are well worth the price.

They are made mostly of solid brass, giving them an attractive gold color. The tension on these clamps is adjusted by turning the black cylinder at the base of the clamp to slowly increase or decrease the pressure. This mechanism... More >>

Adj. Nipple Clamps, Clothespin-style, Black

Adj. Nipple Clamps, Clothespin-style, Black $16.50

These black nipple clamps are similar to little metal clothespins, with vinyl coating on the ends, attached to each other by a nice black chain. They don't have teeth, and the tension is easily controlled with a turn of the... More >>

Adj. Tweezer Clamps w/ Linked Chain

Adj. Tweezer Clamps w/ Linked Chain $19.50

These nipple clamps have vinyl-coated ends and a sliding ring to adjust the tightness anywhere from just enough to hold them on all the way up to a really severe pinch. They stay on, are easy to use, look good, and are extremely adjustable.

Available in silver or... More >>

Adj. Tweezer Clamps w/ Jewelry Chain

Adj. Tweezer Clamps w/ Jewelry Chain $16.50

These are JT's favorite nipple clamps.

They are tweezer-style with vinyl-coated ends and a special curb link jewelry chain. A sliding ring adjusts the tightness anywhere from just enough to hold them on all the way up to a really severe pinch. They stay on, are easy to use, look good,... More >>

Triple Clamps, Tweezer-style

Triple Clamps, Tweezer-style $29.50

JT's favorite clamps, times 3. The third clamp, which is detachable, is handy for genital use, or for any other part of the body that might need a pinch.

These clamps stay on, are easy to use, look good, and can be heavy, light or anywhere in between.
More >>

Adj. Alligator Nipple Clips

Adj. Alligator Nipple Clips $16.50

This is the most popular style of clamps on the American market.

They are similar to small metal clothespins with vinyl coated tips and are attached by a nice silver-colored chain. Unlike their namesakes, these Alligator clips don't have teeth. Tension is easily controlled with a turn of... More >>

Adjustable C-Clamps

Adjustable C-Clamps $15.00

This pair of nipple clamps is connected by 12" of chain. The 1" long thumbscrews are fine-threaded for precise adjustment of pressure, and will not fall out even when the clamps are fully loosened. The "grabbing" surface is approx ¾" long by ¼" wide.

This is good-ol' kinky... More >>

Big Nipple Clamps, Adj.

Big Nipple Clamps, Adj. $21.00

This extra large design is reminiscent of a pair of jumper cable ends.

These spring-loaded metal clamps have vinyl coating on the ends and handles that are attached by a nice silver-colored chain. They don't have teeth, but they still have the potential to pack plenty of... More >>

Mini Nipple Clamps, Pair

Mini Nipple Clamps, Pair $14.50

This set of extra small nipple clamps is spring loaded with vinyl-coated tips and connected by a 12" chain. The tension level is medium-heavy and not adjustable.

This item is a nice choice for men's... More >>

Turning Point Nipple Clamps

Turning Point Nipple Clamps $28.00 - $30.00

These simple, stylish clamps are adjustable, fitting virtually any nipple size or shape. The opposing screws tighten, allowing the steel rods to solidly grip the desired appendage. These classic, functional clamps aren't like any of the other tit torture devices we carry, and offer a new twist on... More >>

Why Me Nipple Press and Cock Ring Set

Why Me Nipple Press and Cock Ring Set $28.00

Make sure he really is up for anything with this nipple clamp and cock ring one-piece set!

The clamps are designed in the popular one inch C-clamp style to ensure precision attachment and intensity, and joined by a 7.5 inch chain from each that connects to an additional 8 inches of... More >>

Vibrating Adj. Nipple Clamps

Vibrating Adj. Nipple Clamps $22.00

These clamps are similar to our Adjustable Alligator Nipple Clips, but the chain has been replaced by dual vibrators with a wired-remote-controller unit.

These clamps are easily adjustable via thumbscrews. They provide multi-speed vibration and requires two AA Batteries, sold... More >>

Stainless Steel Nipple Sticks

Stainless Steel Nipple Sticks $20.00

Pack a little more punch in your pinch! These stainless steel nipple sticks, fashioned much like a fancy pair of chopsticks, give you a fully adjustable level of pleasure and pain. Simply place each side of the sticks on either side of your nipple. The black rubber tips will give you the no-slip... More >>

Deluxe Stainless Steel Nipple Sticks

Deluxe Stainless Steel Nipple Sticks $22.00

These stylish, ball-ended sticks fashioned much like fancy chopsticks fit around your nipple, then grab on tight as you slide the durable black rubber rings to make you hurt so good. For an extra thrilling sensation, throw the steel sticks into the freezer for a couple minutes before play.... More >>

Double Evil Nipple Device

Double Evil Nipple Device $105.00

This Double Evil Nipple Device lives up to its name! Making great use of the already "evil" Japanese Clover Clamps, this nipple torment device and nipple stretcher uses clamping and tugging to inflict agony and ecstasy.

The Clover Clamps are designed to tighten when the chain is pulled;... More >>

Tit Tuggers

Tit Tuggers $125.00

The Tit Tuggers consist of a pair of erotic nickel plated breast and nipple torment devices specially designed to pinch and pull the tits. The Tit Tuggers are pleasurably painful and playful, and even though they pinch hard they feel good.

The Tit Tuggers work by first clamping the... More >>

Extreme Talon Nipple Clamps

Extreme Talon Nipple Clamps $32.00

Not for the faint of heart, the Extreme Talon Nipple Clamps are not just a clever name – they take tit-torment to a whole new level. These particularly fine, needle-tipped clamps take nipple stimulation to the extreme with claws that latch perfectly around the nipple once attached, and stay there.... More >>

Chrome Mini Clothespin Nipple Clamps

Chrome Mini Clothespin Nipple Clamps $19.00

Two eye-catching, miniature, chrome-plated replicas of a real clothespin attached by a 12¼" chain. These have a very strong, condensed bite.

Nice for play (on nipples or wherever your imagination takes you) or for show (worn on a jacket, collar, vest, etc.). Clothespins... More >>

Pierced Nipple Chain

Pierced Nipple Chain $14.50

We originally chose these so that they could be worn as an attractive silver chain attached to the hoops of pierced nipples. They have a comfortably heavy feel to let you know that you have them on.

After testing, we also found that they work well as nipple clamps. Because... More >>

Single Strand Beaded Tweezer Clamps

Single Strand Beaded Tweezer Clamps $19.50

The Single Strand Beaded Tweezer Clamps consist of two tweezer style nipple clamps connected to each other by a single strand beaded chain.

The snugness of the fit is adjusted by raising or lowering a small metal loop-ring that surrounds the tweezers.

These silver metal... More >>

Beaded Nipple Clamps

Beaded Nipple Clamps $22.50

Beaded Nipple Clamps are perfect for decorating the nipples in a sensual and playful way.

These tweezer-style adjustable nipple clamps are each 2¾” long. A small silver metal loop ring surrounds the tweezer clamp, allowing for adjustability. Moving it up or... More >>

Beaded Spring Jaw Nipple Clamps

Beaded Spring Jaw Nipple Clamps $21.50

These Beaded Spring Jaw Nipple Clamps will give you the most intense nipple sensation while also providing some dazzle.

Don’t let the jeweled ornaments deceive you; these broad-tip nipple clamps are designed for deep pleasure without the heaviness of other nipple toys.
More >>

Chrome Mini-Clothespin

Chrome Mini-Clothespin $4.50

This eye-catching, miniature, chrome-plated replica of a real clothespin has a strong bite. It can be used for play (on nipples or wherever your imagination takes you) or as an accessory (worn on a jacket, collar, vest, etc.).

Overall length is 1¼"

Sold... More >>

Nipple Clip w/ Magnet Weights

Nipple Clip w/ Magnet Weights $16.00

Similar in function to a clothespin, this individually sold nipple clip has vinyl coated tips and a thumbscrew for adjusting tension. Six removable 1 ounce magnetic weights can be used to vary gravity's... More >>

Adj. Nipple Clamp w/ Weight

Adj. Nipple Clamp w/ Weight $15.00 - $19.00

Each of these adjustable alligator-style (no teeth) nipple clamps comes with an added bonus: a standard metal fishing weight coated in black vinyl, attached by a small metal clip.

The tension of the clamp is easily controlled with a turn of a screw, and the weight is fully detachable.... More >>

Tweezer Clamps/Cock Ring Set

Tweezer Clamps/Cock Ring Set $35.00

This set of adjustable, tweezer-style nipple clamps is attached by a snap-adjusted leather strip to a cock ring to form a Y shape. The cock ring can be detached, leaving just the set of nipple clamps.

Silver-colored chains. This set comes with a 1¾" ring. However,... More >>

Gripper Clothespins

Gripper Clothespins $38.00

This is a set of 25 black wooden clothespins with a special touch; the pincher ends have been coated in black rubber. The result is a smooth, stickier gripping surface. We think these are three times kinkier than plain... More >>

Buckling Collar w/Nipple Clamps

Buckling Collar w/Nipple Clamps $34.00

Nipple clamps are attached to the D-ring of this leather collar for easy accessibility and control. The buckling collar fits most sizes. The nipple clamps are attached by two 12 inch chains, are adjustable, and have plastic-tipped ends for a non-slip grip.

The nipple clamps can be... More >>

Nipple Clamps/Cock Ring Set

Nipple Clamps/Cock Ring Set $28.99

This set of adjustable nipple clamps, is attached to a metal cock ring by a chain and a leather strap, forming a Y shape.

The height of the cock ring is adjustable, or the whole lower chain can be detached, leaving just the set of nipple clamps. The chains are... More >>

Large Rubber Ball Gag w/ Nipple Clamps

Large Rubber Ball Gag w/ Nipple Clamps $52.00

This is a simple yet functional and attractive ball gag/nipple clamp combination.

The black, nontoxic, rubber ball (approximately 2" in diameter) is flanked by soft, comfortable latigo leather straps. O-rings add flexibility around the ball, and multiple sizing notches allow... More >>

Nipple Clamp with Bell, Pair

Nipple Clamp with Bell, Pair $13.50

This standard tweezer-style nipple clamp is given a new twist with the addition of a small bell. The tweezer clamp has vinyl-coated ends and a sliding ring to adjust the tightness anywhere from just enough to hold them on, all the way up to a really severe pinch. The bell is made of... More >>

Double Strand Beaded Tweezer Clamps

Double Strand Beaded Tweezer Clamps $20.00

The Double Strand Beaded Tweezer Clamps are two tweezer style nipple clamps connected to each other by two beaded chains.

The nipple clamps can be adjusted using a small metal loop-ring that surrounds the tweezers, determining the snugness of the fit.

The silver metal... More >>

The Titty Twister

The Titty Twister $24.00

The Titty Twister is an almost friendly looking device with the last laugh. If intense twisting is what you crave, this pretty stainless steel spiral does the trick.

Feed the matching barbell through a piercing and it will pull, twist and stretch the nipple inside two inches of... More >>

Scissor Nipple Clamps

Scissor Nipple Clamps $16.00

These plastic forcep-style clamps are lightweight. The clamp surface is slightly textured to prevent slipping, and the clicking clasp applies plenty of pressure to ensure that they will stay put.

The clasp provides two levels intensity - medium and high.

Available... More >>

Extra Tip for Nipple Clamps

Extra Tip for Nipple Clamps $0.34

We know that after extensive use, you may sometimes lose the tips of your nipple clamps. These are simply the rubber tip replacements.

The small size will fit almost any tweezer style, mini-nipple clamps. The medium will fit most of the adjustable nipple... More >>

Clips and Clamps Book

Clips and Clamps Book $9.95

Introducing the Toybag Guides: Workshops in a Book from the scene's top educators!

Sturdy little 4" x 6" quick reference guide you can drop in your toybag!

A workshop in a book on clips and clamps - including: - Clothespins and beyond - types of clips and... More >>