Mystim Magic Gloves (E249)


Mystim Magic Gloves

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These electro-conductive gloves are the perfect accessory for an erotic, stimulating massage or simply to stroke and provoke your own or your lover’s body. Sends a pleasurable tingle to any part of the body you choose to caress and the intensity is up to you as you turn your power unit from a soft purr to a biting pulsation. Includes 5 pairs of powder-free vinyl gloves to be worn under the gloves in order to isolate the wearer’s hands from the stimulation current, as well as 1 pair of adapters, suitable for 2mm plugs.


  • Available in silver only

  • Whisper-quiet

  • Requires an electro power-unit.
Can be used straight out of the box with Mystim Pure Vibes and Mystim Tension Lover kits

  • One size fits most. Material is stretchy, but fingers run thin. Not recommended for persons with large hands.

Safety, Care and Usage.

Must wear vinyl gloves underneath when in use. Do not use in or near water. Always use caution when using electro-stimulation, especially if you have a weak heart.