Lube Applicators

The Lube Shooter (R)

The Lube Shooter (R) $9.95

The Lube Shooter® personal lube applicator keeps lubricant where it belongs – between the cheeks, and not on the sheets! Now available in five colors besides the original red, our Lube Shooter® can hold any type and texture of lube, from thin water-based liquid to thick heavy oil-based cream,... More >>

Swiss Navy Toy and Body Cleaner

Swiss Navy Toy and Body Cleaner $10.25

Swiss Navy makes it easy to clean up sanitize your playthings, both living and inanimate, with their anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal toy and body cleaner. Gentle but effective, this cleaner will help you keep your toys looking and feeling their best. Simply spray the solution onto the... More >>

Plastic Speculum

Plastic Speculum $8.00 - $14.50

Traditionally a gynecological instrument, these clear, disposable plastic speculums can be used for anal spreading and medical play. We suggest the medium size for most... More >>

Latex Exam Gloves, box of 100

Latex Exam Gloves, box of 100 $12.50

Latex exam gloves provide a simple and enjoyable opportunity to add some clean kink to your play time. These are non-sterile, disposable, ambidextrous rubber gloves. Lightly powdered.

Box contains 100... More >>

Afterglow Toy Wipes

Afterglow Toy Wipes $9.99

Afterglow Toy Wipes can be used to clean your sex toys, yourself, or someone else. They are safe to use externally and feel very cool and refreshing on the skin.

This formula is both a disinfectant, and a stimulating astringent. Afterglow Toy Wipes are convenient to use. Just run the... More >>

Analyse Me! Anal Comfort Spray

Analyse Me! Anal Comfort Spray $19.95

Sometimes a product comes along whose name truly says it all. Analyse Me! Anal Comfort Spray is exactly that. This lidocaine and benzocaine free concoction from Pjur counteracts sensitivity so you can take your anal play a little further. It’s worth... More >>