JackStrap (E316)


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The JackStrap is an elastic, black, silicone masturbation strap that wraps around the testicles to both simplify and intensify male self-stimulation. The JackStrap allows men to jack off and rub their balls at the same time, and jerk the cock more and more intensely with every masturbatory stroke. This toy is also ideal for spicing up and intensifying handjobs and mutual masturbation play.

On one end of the JackStrap there is a loop specially designed to go around the fingers used for gripping the dick, and another loop that snugly wraps around the ball-sack for a heightened sense of stimulation and allowing for rigorous self-pleasure. The Jack Strap is constructed from high quality black silicone that is highly elastic.

Product Details

  • Length: 5.5in (14cm)

Safety, Care and Usage

The JackStrap is very easy to clean using just antibacterial soap and warm water. This toy should be cleaned before and after every use. Always play safely.