Glass, Acrylic, & Metal

Crystal Droplets

Crystal Droplets  $21.70

These crystal balls see ecstasy in your future. Originally designed for NASA, borosilicate glass is non-porous and body safe, making it the perfect material for butt plugs.

The Crystal Droplets can be brought to whatever level of heat or cool you desire, or will match your body’s... More >>

Crystal Butt Plug (Small)

Crystal Butt Plug (Small) $16.50

These Crystal plugs are sure to open up a whole new world. Made of 100% hand-blown, premium borosilicate glass, Crystal plugs are of the highest quality, and represent the most vibrant and durable glass products available today. Crystal items can be heated/cooled to your personal desire.
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Crystal Butt Plug (Medium)

Crystal Butt Plug (Medium) $18.40

Not too small, not too large but just right. The medium Crystal plug is made of 100% hand-blown, premium Borosilicate glass. Crystal plugs are of the highest quality, and represent the most vibrant and durable glass products available today. Crystal items can be heated/cooled to your personal... More >>

Crystal Butt Plug, Large

Crystal Butt Plug, Large  $20.90

All that practice has finally paid off! The large Crystal plug is made of 100% hand-blown, premium borosilicate glass.

Crystal plugs are of the highest quality, and represent the most vibrant and durable glass products available today. This big boy can be heated or cooled to your... More >>

Anal Stretcher Plug

Anal Stretcher Plug $59.00 - $79.00

Expand your anal horizons with the Anal Stretcher Butt Plug!

The design features a comfortable fit with a hollow pass through, allowing for all-day wear. Wearing the plug for extended periods of time will train your anus to open wide more easily during anal play. With three... More >>

Ballistic Tunnel Plugs

Ballistic Tunnel Plugs $69.00 - $79.00

Open up your anal play possibilities with a Ballistic Tunnel Plug. These plugs feature a super wide opening and tunnel through the plug. Opening you up wide to endless play possibilities by allowing easy access into the anal cavity, these plugs are also comfortable for long-term wear.More >>

Joyful Gemini Glass Dildo

Joyful Gemini Glass Dildo $50.00

The Gemini Glass dildo is a blue glass insertable sex toy with an S-curve and two pale pink bulbous segments in the center. It's smooth and sleek with a slightly textured finish to provide a little bit of extra sensory stimulation. The curve design makes this piece quite ideal for prostate massage... More >>

Twistful Glass Dildo

Twistful Glass Dildo $50.00

The Twistful Glass dildo is a beautiful piece of kinky artistry. It's an eight and a half inch long translucent, insertable glass dildo that is very smooth with a very slight S-curve and a series of tantalizing little nubs running down the lavender spine for enhanced erotic pleasure. There is a... More >>

Pure Joy Glass Dildo

Pure Joy Glass Dildo $50.00

The Pure Joy Glass dildo is a curved glass caterpillar design dildo with a nice flat base it can rest securely on. It is seven inches long, translucent, and an insertable glass dildo that is very smooth with a spherical shaped head and three ridged cylindrical segments for providing extra "Pure... More >>

24K Double Pleasure Glass Dildo

24K Double Pleasure Glass Dildo $50.00

The 24K Glass dildo is a double ended, curved glass insertable sex toy with a beautiful enclosed design that has 1/8 of an inch high nubs on one half of the shaft, a swirled ridge running over the other half, and bulbous heads on both ends. It's wonderful for providing different styles of extra... More >>

Majestick Glass Dildo

Majestick Glass Dildo $50.00

The Majestic Glass dildo is a black glass insertable sex toy with a slight S-curve design, a nicely shaped head, and helpful handle on the other end. The Majestic has a sleek look, smooth finish, European style design. The ring-shaped handle makes this piece perfect for use with a partner, and even... More >>

Stud Finder (TM) Prostate Milking Stick

Stud Finder (TM) Prostate Milking Stick $88.00

If you were ever curious about whether you can milk a bull, this device answers with a roaring "YES!"

The Stud Finder™ is the newest addition to our stable of prostate stimulation devices, but unlike the more conventional silicone, rubber, or plastic p-spot toys, this massive... More >>

High Tension Cock Ring w/ Anal Plug

High Tension Cock Ring w/ Anal Plug $84.00

For the men who love the feel of cold metal, but yearn for a bit of flexibility we introduce this innovative dual cock ring and anal toy.

On one end of this rig is a smooth and seamless steel cock ring to hold snug to your manhood while the other end features an egg-shaped anal plug... More >>

Trailer Hitch Power Train (TM)

Trailer Hitch Power Train (TM) $113.00

Because sometimes you need some extra torque, we're pleased to offer the Power Train, the first battery powered addition to our Trailer Hitch collection.

Though it may at first sound daunting, the vibrator in this anal toy is more about coaxing pleasure than brute force. 3... More >>

Trailer Hitch Convoy (TM)

Trailer Hitch Convoy (TM) $98.00

For those looking for big bold thrills, we're pleased to offer a new, more extreme style of toy, combining the classic Trailer Hitch style with a large penis plug mounted firmly to the front. Gentlemen, this is the Trailer Hitch Convoy.
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Trailer Hitch Jake Brake (TM)

Trailer Hitch Jake Brake (TM) $124.00

This extra-shiny, heavy duty addition to the Trailer Hitch family is sure to help you maintain control while you navigate those dips and curves.

The thick, rounded donut cock ring can be screwed open or closed with the Allen screws that fasten the two halves of the ring to one another... More >>

Lollipop Butt Plug

Lollipop Butt Plug $44.00

The Lollipop Butt Plug is a stainless steel anal plug toy with a removable ball piece that can screw on and off and comes in 2 sizes. The ball can be inserted anally to stimulate and massage the prostate, or for simple ass play, games, and training. This solid sex device is an innovatively and... More >>

Bubble Trouble Butt Plug

Bubble Trouble Butt Plug $50.00

The Bubble Trouble Butt Plug is a sphere shaped stainless steel anal plug with a stout round stem resting on a base of equal diameter to the ball plug. This toy is beautifully crafted and looks like both like a chess pawn and a doorknob. The sturdy base allows you to have plenty of hands free fun... More >>

Stainless Steel Anchor

Stainless Steel Anchor $94.00

The Anchor is a stainless steel anal hook and plug with removable ball pieces at one end, and a removable steel ball on a stem that is moveable and can be adjusted for either end. The ball can be inserted anally to stimulate and massage the prostate. This well crafted metal anal play device has an... More >>

The Trump Butt Plug

The Trump Butt Plug $98.00

The Trump Butt Plug is an extra wide, super heavy duty, stainless steel anal plug that completely fills the ass once it’s inside. This cone shaped anal plug rests on a sturdy base that makes anal plugging easy and hands free.

The Trump is a stout, steel anal plug that is perfect for... More >>

The Tailgater

The Tailgater $85.00

The Tailgater is a stainless steel rope bondage hook with 3 different rings and a ball on a stem that is moveable and can be adjusted for either end. The ball can be inserted anally and can stimulate the prostate. The Tailgater is over a foot long, can be used with any rope and is ideal for bondage... More >>

Control Steel Dildo

Control Steel Dildo $98.00

The Control Steel Dildo is a heavy duty, heavy metal, dual ended dildo with a special finger shaped grip that makes it very fun to hang on to. This stainless steel dildo comes in two different sizes, medium and large. It looks super sleek and has an elegantly simple design that works very well... More >>

Raging Stallion Helmet Head Butt Plugs

Raging Stallion Helmet Head Butt Plugs $55.00

The Falcon Helmet Head Glass Butt Plug is a smooth glass anal plug shaped with an anatomical phallus tapered head. These premium glass butt plugs have a sturdy and secure rounded base and a sleek penis design making them cute, clever, and quite functional. The Falcon Helmet Head is also available... More >>

Sturm Steel Anal Plug

Sturm Steel Anal Plug $48.00

Experience the firmness of stainless steel with this elegant, simple butt plug.

Gorgeous to look at whether in or out of a willing bottom, the curves and dimensions of a keyhole circle grip ensure control and pressure in all the right places, even for first time players. The size, weight... More >>

Drang Steel Anal Plug

Drang Steel Anal Plug $82.00

This smooth, sleek, and stainless steel anal plug has curves in all the right places. It adds new dimensions of pleasure for all the right spots and then some.

The hardness of steel and its sizeable head make for intense pressure and stimulation with this handy plug. Add a slender... More >>

Pike's Peak Butt Plug and Cock Ring Combo (TM)

Pike‘s Peak Butt Plug and Cock Ring Combo (TM) $118.00

Double your pleasure with this uniquely designed butt plug and cock ring combination! The stainless steel cock ring has a long arm that curves around across the perineum and connects the cockring to a cone-shaped buttplug at the end.

Like other trailer hitch –style cock ring and anal... More >>

Ultimate Asslock

Ultimate Asslock $415.00

As seen in American Horror Story on the FX Network!

Sometimes, you want others to know that your ass is off-limits. One glance at the Ultimate Asslock in use will be enough to let others know move on - this ass is spoken for! Modeled on the medieval torture device known as "The... More >>

Trailer Hitch (TM)

Trailer Hitch (TM) $8.00 - $119.00

The Trailer Hitch anal plug and cock ring from The Stockroom combines two mind blowing toys in one. Keep your cock stiff and your ass stuffed at the same time with this unique “Trailer Hitch". Designed with your pleasure in mind this impressive anal/cock toy combo is the perfect device for... More >>

Anal Joystick

Anal Joystick $52.00

The Anal Joystick is made from medical grade steel with five graduating balls for heightened pleasure. The handle can be easily detached from the shaft of balls for easy cleaning. Sleek and smooth this anal toy is perfect for beginners and advanced explorers.

Product... More >>

Chrome Anal Plug

Chrome Anal Plug $72.00

Made for the connoisseur of sexual technology, this outrageous plug made of solid stainless steel gives you a girth and weight you can really feel.

This plug is definitely the Rolls Royce of anal penetration. We've always joked about what a great hood ornament one of these plugs would... More >>


njoy ELEVEN $299.00

The Njoy Eleven combines revolutionary manufacturing technology with Njoy's trademark style, bringing you luxuriously smooth and perfectly shaped stainless steel dildos to fulfill your wildest desires. The Njoy Eleven is by far one of the most elegant and refined sex toys you’ll ever encounter.... More >>

njoy Prostate Fun Plug

njoy Prostate Fun Plug $88.00

Ergonomically designed to target the prostate, the njoy Pfun Plug delivers firm, controlled massage to the male G-spot. Whether manually controlled, or activated with the user’s own muscles in ‘hands-off’ mode, the Pfun Plug prods the P-spot with precision. The njoy Pfun Plug is cast in 316 grade... More >>

Njoy Pure Plugs

Njoy Pure Plugs $57.95 - $79.95

The Njoy plug's modern design is attractive enough to display as a work of art. It is made of top-grade solid stainless steel and polished to a gleaming finish. This anal plug has hefty weight for effective, unforgettable anal play. It has a pointed bulbous shape, with a ring for easy... More >>

njoy Pure Plug 2.0

njoy Pure Plug 2.0 $108.00

The njoy Pure Plug 2.0 is (a lot) more of a good thing. Equally fun for hot bedroom play or to wear all day for some naughty secret stimulation, njoy’s Pure Plug 2.0 truly shines where the sun don’t!

The Pure Plug 2.0 combines a large head for that delicious stretch of penetration,... More >>

Stainless Steel Horse Hair Anal Plug

Stainless Steel Horse Hair Anal Plug $99.00

Leave it to the French to design a butt plug that combines pony play with anal pleasure. From swishing to sucking to tugging, this seriously elegant Stainless Steel Horse Hair Anal Plug will heighten your adventuring. This well crafted, perfectly weighted plug has a pleasing tear drop shape for... More >>

Rosebud Anal Plug

Rosebud Anal Plug $125.00

Make your lover's body or your own a work of art with this decorative butt plug. This plug is made from solid stainless steel with a bronze rosebud on the base. A bit heavier than most plugs but can be worn comfortably for long periods of time.
Tip: Try warming or cooling slightly for... More >>

Flower Shaped Anal Plug

Flower Shaped Anal Plug $97.00

Make your lover's body or your own a work of art with this decorative butt plug. This plug is made from solid stainless steel and has a beautifully-crafted bronze flower with petals on the base. A bit heavier than most plugs but can be worn comfortably for long periods of time.
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Swarovski Crystal Jeweled Butt Plugs

Swarovski Crystal Jeweled Butt Plugs $79.00 - $139.00

A jeweled anal plug with Swarovski crystal makes anal play even more fun by adding glamour and bling. Each of these anal plugs is exquisitely designed and constructed from smooth and shiny stainless steel.

Stainless steel is the hardest and firmest sex toy material on the... More >>

Lion Face Anal Plug

Lion Face Anal Plug $97.00

This beautiful bronze lions head features a free moving ring in its mouth, and is set into a comfortably sized gently tapered anal plug constructed of smooth stainless steel.

Stainless steel is the hardest and firmest sex toy material on the market. It retains heat and cold, and can be... More >>

Thru Hole Butt Plug

Thru Hole Butt Plug $99.00 - $119.00

These gorgeous metal buttplugs have a hole through the middle, allowing the fluid of your choice to freely flow in and out.

Made of high-polish aluminum, this plug has a heavy, commanding presence and won’t chip like chrome-plated items do. Perfect for enema play.

... More >>

Steel Anal Hook

Steel Anal Hook $60.00


Extreme players who love to utilize rope bondage can make good use of the Steel Anal Hook. It is approximately a half-inch thick and has a ring on the straight end for rope attachment.

The curved end is inserted into the anus. There is about 5"... More >>

The Rope Master

The Rope Master  $49.00 - $69.00

The Rope Master is a steel hook that is the ultimate tool when it comes to combining anal-play with hardcore rope-bondage.

The Rope Master has a steel ball on the end of the hook that inserts into the anus.

The other end has a ring that the rope goes through. Once the... More >>

Moon Plug

Moon Plug  $25.00

The Moon Plug is a teardrop shaped anal plug made from nonporous glass. The beautifully crafted plug is spun with colors of amber and indigo. It's truly a work of art! The Moon Plug comes with an attractive padded black pouch and the sleek design of the glass is perfect for frictionless anal play.... More >>

Sun Plug

Sun Plug  $25.00

The Sun Plug is a teardrop shaped anal plug made from nonporous glass. It's beautifully crafted and spun with colors of amber and maroon. A true work of art! The Sun Plug comes with an attractive padded black pouch for safe storage. The sleek design of the glass is perfect for frictionless anal... More >>

Double Beaded Anal Stimulator

Double Beaded Anal Stimulator $28.00

On your way to becoming an anal expert? Show the Double Beaded Anal Stimulator that you and your butt mean business. Weighing in at over 11 ounces, this piece is tapered at the top for easy insertion. Once you start down the smooth, seamless borosilicate glass you'll pass one, then two smooth... More >>

Crystal Clear Anal Plug

Crystal Clear Anal Plug $25.00

The Crystal Clear Anal Plug is made from nonporous glass and comes with an attractive padded black pouch. The sleek design of the glass is perfect for frictionless anal play. Submerge your Crystal Clear Anal Plug in hot or ice cold water to adjust the temperature of the plug for added sensation.... More >>

Blue Ribbon Glass Dildo

Blue Ribbon Glass Dildo $49.00

The Blue Ribbon has a life size head, a sturdy and secure base, and a gorgeous blue and white spiraled design. This toy is as beautiful as it is pleasurable!

This glass sex toy comes complete with a discreet black padded bag with a drawstring, for safe and secure storage and... More >>

Mr Blue Pyrex Glass Dildo

Mr Blue Pyrex Glass Dildo $185.00

Mr. Blue is a healthy piece of solid Pyrex shaft with rich and detailed navy blue veins. The rounded bulbous head is clear and excels at working any and all areas. The gorgeous veins branch off and wrap all the way up the shaft adding seductive, velvety ripples. The shaft has a flared base designed... More >>

Goody Pyrex Dildo

Goody Pyrex Dildo $89.00

The Goody Glass Dildo is a charming solid curved double-dong style piece with a shimmery multi-textured 24-karat gold fumed Pyrex shaft. The charming curved shaft has both ribs and spiral wrapping, which add a bit to the shaft and are colored by a real 24-karat gold “fuming” process. The gold is... More >>

Candy Cane

Candy Cane $34.99

This sweet glass Candy Cane is the ultimate erotic stocking stuffer, whether your partner has been naughty or nice. The slippery smooth, long end of the shaft provides 6.5 inches of delicious Pyrex pleasure, while the curved end can be used to target more hard-to-reach places. Made of waterproof,... More >>

The Blue Bubbler

The Blue Bubbler $30.00

The Blue Bubbler, which comes in a beautiful shade of cobalt blue, has four equal sized beads that provide a consistent and rippling pleasure from top to bottom. Made of borosilicate glass that resists thermal shock, this would be an ideal entry item for temperature play with its convenient,... More >>

Double Ball Steel Anal Hook

Double Ball Steel Anal Hook $122.00

The Double Ball Steel Anal Hook is an exciting submission toy that has a double-balled, insertable end for doubling your anal play and rope bondage fun. This is a very innovative anal hook that adds the extra effect of going both deeper and wider into the anus by having two anal balls stacked one... More >>

Kelly Anal Scope

Kelly Anal Scope $54.00

The Kelly Anal Scope is an excellent stainless steel exploratory instrument, and seriously sexy toy that is perfectly suited for anyone who is an anal, medical, probing or interrogation enthusiast or fetishist. After you have inserted the entire device, you can remove the inner metal shaft and... More >>

Threaded Nozzle Plug

Threaded Nozzle Plug $52.00

This is a nozzle attachment designed for use with a shower bidet system. It features water holes at the tip and is similar to the standard nozzle end, except that it is in the shape of an anal plug rather than the standard slimmer cylindrical shape.

This item is not currently compatible... More >>