Gifts $25 to $99

Extra Wide Ankle Cuffs

Extra Wide Ankle Cuffs $42.00

These cuffs are similar in design to our basic locking cuffs only more "heavy-duty." They are wider and made of heavier leather, with a larger hasp.

Cut from extra-thick, black, latigo leather, each cuff is 3¼" wide and will fit ankles approximately... More >>

Purple Leather Ankle Cuffs w/ Locking Buckle

Purple Leather Ankle Cuffs w/ Locking Buckle $49.00

These cuffs are 2¼" wide with 2 locking buckles and a large D-ring on each cuff. Innovative, attractive, comfortable to wear, and secure. Looks great with the matching Purple Locking/Buckling Wrist Cuffs and Purple Buckling Leather Collar.

Fits ankles from 6" to 12½".

... More >>

Kinklab Power Tripper (TM)

Kinklab Power Tripper (TM) $45.00

Share the Spark® with the ElectroErotic® Power Tripper™ from KinkLab®- the electro sex toy that actually makes sparks fly from your fingertips!

What if you could make your partner literally tingle every time you touched them? Part of KinkLab’s® ElectroErotic® line of... More >>

Feeldoe with Vibrator

Feeldoe with Vibrator $92.00 - $114.00

The Feeldoe is a great for dildo sex because the second end makes a great handle. Grab the smaller end like the handle of a gun and easily control insertion and speed of this high quality silicone toy. The removable Micro Mini-Massager Vibe is situated in the middle. Silicone is a great... More >>

Taylor's Deluxe Wrist/Ankle Cuffs w/ Blindfold

Taylor‘s Deluxe Wrist/Ankle Cuffs w/ Blindfold $40.00

Taylor’s Deluxe Wrist and Ankle Cuffs with Blindfold Kit is a set of four cuffs with nylon leads and a plush blindfold. Each of these cuffs is about 12" long and 1½" wide. They are made of a black velour-like material, with Velcro on the end of each cuff.

You loop the... More >>

Locking Purple Wrist Cuffs with Black Trim

Locking Purple Wrist Cuffs with Black Trim  $65.00

The Locking Wrist cuffs in Purple and Black Trim are another handsome addition to our classic all leather bondage restraints. One of the first things we noticed about The Locking Wrist cuffs was how stream lined and un-bulky they were. These exceptional cuffs make an excellent gift for your... More >>

Purple Leather Wrist Cuffs w/ Locking Buckle

Purple Leather Wrist Cuffs w/ Locking Buckle $49.00

We are now producing our ever-popular set of buckling cuffs in purple leather. They are 2" wide. The purple leather is softer and more supple than the black leather version.

These cuffs will fit wrists measuring 5½" to 8" around. A heavy-gauge D-ring provides a point of attachment.... More >>

Leather/Steel Wrist Restraints

Leather/Steel Wrist Restraints $80.00

On the outside of each cuff is a band of polished, jewelry-grade steel. On the inside, the restraints are lined with soft black leather. Each restraint has a locking hasp. These cuffs combine the locked security and striking appearance of mirror-finish steel with the sensual comfort... More >>

Premium Garment Leather Wrist Cuffs

Premium Garment Leather Wrist Cuffs $59.00

These Premium Garment Leather wrist cuffs are 1½" wide, leather lined, and made of black, red, or pink garment leather which is softer and more supple than the usual leather version of these cuffs.

These cuffs will fit... More >>

Firecracker Patent Leather Wrist Restraints (R)

Firecracker Patent Leather Wrist Restraints (R) $69.00

These wrist cuffs are gorgeous and extremely comfortable. Their striking look makes them a great pair for the grandest party, and their durable construction can stand the toughest bondage scene.

They are made of black patent leather and lined with black fleece with fine tailored, rounded... More >>

Premium Lockable Wrist Cuffs

Premium Lockable Wrist Cuffs $89.00

These top-of-the-line padded leather cuffs, made in-house by JT's Stockroom designers, provide cushioned comfort without sacrificing strength. The insides are lined with smooth, soft leather, and they are foam-padded to thoroughly conform to the wearer's wrists with a delightful... More >>

Rubber Wrist Cuffs

Rubber Wrist Cuffs $29.50

These cuffs are like our basic leather cuffs but made of rubber. They are functional, attractive, and inexpensive. Made from 2" strips of thick, strong rubber, one end has a metal plate with a semicircular ring, while the other end has a series... More >>

Leather/Steel Ankle Restraints

Leather/Steel Ankle Restraints $80.00

On the outside of each cuff is a band of polished, jewelry-grade steel. On the inside, the restraints are lined with soft black leather. Each restraint has a locking hasp. These cuffs combine the locked security and striking appearance of mirror-finish steel with the sensual comfort... More >>

Firecracker Patent Leather Ankle Restraints (R)

Firecracker Patent Leather Ankle Restraints (R) $72.00

These ankle cuffs are gorgeous and extremely comfortable. They are appropriate for the grandest party, and their durable construction can stand the toughest bondage scene.

Made of black patent leather and lined with black fleece with fine tailored rounded corners. These restraints have... More >>

Firecracker Patent Leather Posture Collar (R)

Firecracker Patent Leather Posture Collar (R) $52.00

Stand with proper posture and look fantastic in this Firecracker® Patent Leather Posture Collar.

This beautiful durable collar is made of shiny black patent leather with black leather-covered edges. There is an accent strip of bright red leather that secures a D-ring in front,... More >>

Leather Neck-Wrist Restraint

Leather Neck-Wrist Restraint $65.00 - $69.50

These fun bondage devices connect a collar to a set of cuffs using a leather strap. Wrists can be cuffed in the front or in back of the body. Cuffs, collar, and connector strap are all adjustable for a perfect fit... More >>

Purple Leather Hog Tie

Purple Leather Hog Tie $29.00

Truss up your partner quickly and with style using our Purple Leather Hog Tie.

Made with sturdy, thick latigo leather and 4 rotatable crab-claw hooks, it is 11" from tip to tip.

Our purple leather gear is made of particularly fine leather, and manufactured right here in Los... More >>

Bondage Mittens

Bondage Mittens $62.50

These bondage mittens are made of soft, stitched, black garment leather. There are locking cuffs attached at the wrists.

Each mitten measures approximately 12" in length and 4½" in width. In addition to the small D-ring on each wrist, there is a heavy-gauge D-ring at the end... More >>

njoy Fun Wand

njoy Fun Wand $85.00

This is so much more than a sex toy. It has so many applications that the Swiss Army company should put it in their line of multi-use tools. Pretend you are vanilla and grab your favorite massage oil and use the Njoy Fun Wand to apply pressure to knots in back and shoulder... More >>

Fleshlight Endurance Jackass

Fleshlight Endurance Jackass $74.50

Endurance training has never been this fun. Any time spent with the Fleshlight Endurance Jack Ass will make you a better, longer lasting man in the bedroom. Shaped like a supple, bent over ass with a lifelike, silky soft texture, we challenge any man to last more than 15 minutes with this toy. ... More >>

Fat Boy Cock Sheath

Fat Boy Cock Sheath $34.95 - $49.95

The Fat Boy Cock Sheath will have you doubly pleased, because not only is it simply one of the best penis extenders we've seen, it's also an impressively stimulating stroker as well!

While it has a lot of features we're proud of (we'll get to those!) the secret of its success is the... More >>

Lelo BOB

Lelo BOB $59.00

The Lelo Bob is a fantastic way to ease into anal play. It's size and seamlessly smooth silicone design is a gentle yet powerful experience. The easy grip ring allows for confidence when inserting and using the Bob. The curved ergonomic construction will hit that prostate and send you into fits of... More >>

Mike's Spikes (R)

Mike‘s Spikes (R) $10.00 - $79.00

As seen in American Horror Story on the FX Network!

This unique piece can be used either as a CBT device – à la Kali's Teeth – or a ball stretcher.

The interior of the locking stainless steel cylinder is covered with adjustable sharp or... More >>

Latex Suspenders

Latex Suspenders $32.00

These fashionable latex braces are a perfect addition to any outfit be it a fetish ensemble or just a simple jeans and t-shirt look.

Made with sturdy 30 gauge latex with nickel-plated hardware and available in four colors.

For best results, make sure not to polish a small... More >>

White Deluxe Buckling Collar

White Deluxe Buckling Collar $32.00

This white leather collar is 1¾" wide and wraps around the neck twice. It has a buckle that accepts a padlock, but does not require a lock to stay closed.

Small fits 10" to 13½" neck.
Medium fits 12½" to 16½"... More >>

Story of O, PVC Collar

Story of O, PVC Collar $36.00

Into PVC? Then you'll love this unique fetish collar. Made of soft PVC, this collar tapers down the neck, forming a U-shaped design, which holds a 1¼" O-Ring for leashing your favorite submissive or slave. The hardware is nickel plated and includes a ¾" rolling lock... More >>

Deluxe SS/Leather Collar

Deluxe SS/Leather Collar $62.00

This deluxe steel and leather collar has a 1" wide strip of shiny steel mounted onto a 1¼" strip of leather. A heavy-duty O-ring is riveted at the center of the collar, in addition to a D-ring at one end, and a lockable hasp.

More >>

Locking Ball Gag

Locking Ball Gag $38.00 - $44.00

This deluxe locking ball gag consists of a rubber plate with a short rubber post extending from it. Mounted on the post is a ball, approximately 1½" in diameter.

The plate, post and ball are mounted onto a leather strap which buckles securely around the head and fits... More >>

Rubber Ball Gag w/ Buckling Rubber Strap

Rubber Ball Gag w/ Buckling Rubber Strap $42.00

This medium-large sized ball measures approximately 1 3/4" in diameter and is an attractive shade of red. The washable rubber strap is adjustable with a buckle in the back and will extend up to 23" around.

... More >>

Thigh Spreaders

Thigh Spreaders $86.00

This is an 18" thigh spreader restraint made of black or chrome metal, with swivel-mounted leather cuffs (12.5"-25") that do permit some movement. Eyebolts (about 3" from each end) are built-in for various bondage... More >>

Buckling Cock Ring/Chain Leash Set

Buckling Cock Ring/Chain Leash Set $25.00

Going for a walk just got a lot more interesting. Never mind the neck, this shiny chrome leash attaches to a black leather buckling/locking cock for maximum control of your man’s most sensitive element. The leash features a leather handle, medium weight chain with chrome snap hook, making the cock... More >>


24" Basic Leather Flogger $79.00

This is a best-selling item -- a good quality flogger-style whip at an unusually affordable price.

Made from fine black leather, moderately heavy, with about eighteen ½" tails. (We carry other floggers with twice that number of tails.) This... More >>

Sex and Metal Dragon Tail Whip

Sex and Metal Dragon Tail Whip "Spiked Serpent"  $94.00

One glance tells you this whip is the tool of an artist. This fangs of this serpent come from the extra elastic snap and the additional 'grab' in its rolled high-grade silicone whip. The heavier silicone also gives more heft and shape to this whip than its leather counterparts, giving you more... More >>


20" Thong Whip w/ Spiked Tails $45.00

This 20" whip is made from 12 strands of black leather lacing with silver metal spikes attached to the ends. It has a metal D-ring affixed to the handle, which makes it good for hanging from a belt. The sensation this whip produces when slowly dragged over the skin is... More >>

Combination Cockring/Chastity Cage

Combination Cockring/Chastity Cage $55.00

The combination cockring/ chastity cage w/ ball stretcher is a mix of a few favorite CBT toys. The 5-Gates of Hell toy is accompanied by two locking ball-stretcher straps. One of the straps wraps around the top of the cage and behind the cock and balls like a cock ring. The... More >>

Ball Buster Paddle

Ball Buster Paddle $52.00

Turn him into a doting slave with the Ball Buster Paddle. Made of beautiful, polished Birchwood, this paddle is 16" in length. Attached to one side of the paddling end is a 3" diameter, ½" thick foam pad to lessen the sting a... More >>

The Twirl Penis Plug

The Twirl Penis Plug $88.00

This super long, striking stainless steel penis plug combines the pleasure of urethral sounding with features that allow it to be worn hands-free for longer periods of time than the average sounding rod. The shaft of this penis plug is hollow, allowing the wearer to urinate or cum without removing... More >>

Thru-Hole Penis Plug

Thru-Hole Penis Plug  $47.50

This beautiful "plug" for the male's urethra has an added twist of having a steel ring to prevent over insertion as opposed to a widened "hilt" area on other models. It's great for a simulated pierced look. The CNC-machined plug shape is made of aluminum alloy and permits very gradual insertion... More >>

Premium Garment Leather Ankle Restraints

Premium Garment Leather Ankle Restraints $69.00

These Premium Garment leather ankle cuffs are 2" wide, leather lined, and made of black, red, or pink leather. It is soft, supple, and comfortable to wear, yet more than strong enough to hold up... More >>

Inflatable Penis Gag

Inflatable Penis Gag $34.00

If you've had problems finding perfectly-sized gags, inflatables can be the way to go.

This heavy-gauge rubber gag has a 2" (5.1cm) penis-shaped head which can be slowly inflated to the size and shape of a small apple, up to 3" (7.5 cm) in diameter. Air and pressure are... More >>

Impression Paddle- BITCH

Impression Paddle- BITCH $31.75

“Sticks and stones may break bones, but names will never hurt you."

That is unless BITCH is spanked into your bottom with the impression paddle. The “BITCH Paddle” is a delightful word imprint paddle that gives a great spanking. This leather paddle has a deliciously stinging bite, and... More >>

James Deen Realistic Cock

James Deen Realistic Cock $73.00

It's been a while since someone has taken the porn (and mainstream!) world by the horns quite like award-winning male superstar James Deen. You've seen his movies and heard the rumors and now you can enjoy James Deen's cock yourself!

Molded directly from his beautiful erect 9 inch... More >>

Designer Cock Rings

Designer Cock Rings $28.00 - $36.00

Made with pride, to be worn with confidence, these stainless steel Designer Cock Rings are elegant, rugged and first class all the way. Available in single, double or triple band styles, the rubber detailing looks sharp and provides a bit of grip, making these cock rings... More >>

Deluxe Shower Bidet

Deluxe Shower Bidet $50.00

Many people have asked us for a douche/enema nozzle that is outfitted for use as a shower attachment. This product is the best value for quality and price we can find.

The nozzle is 6" (15cm) long, attached to a metal hose 1.7 meters (almost 6 feet) long. On the other end is a valve... More >>

SurgiLube 3 gram Packets

SurgiLube 3 gram Packets $0.99 - $34.99

This lubricant is a favorite for hospitals, and is perfect for electrical play, urethral play and medical scenes. It is used to facilitate the easy insertion of catheters, surgical instruments, gynocological... More >>

Ballz Gag (TM) Patent Pending

Ballz Gag (TM) Patent Pending $46.00

Put your submissive in their place – and KEEP THEM THERE!

That’s the idea behind the Ballz Gag™, the new and original ball gag brought to you exclusively by The Stockroom, where we aim to take your bondage and cbt experiences to new heights. As unique as it is versatile, this... More >>