Gifts Over $100

Dave Navarro The Strap

Dave Navarro The Strap $179.00

The Stockroom has long been on the cutting edge of function, fashion, and fetish, and our debut team-up with iconic Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, The Dave Navarro Line is no exception.

The debut piece in the exclusive partnership between Dave Navarro and The... More >>

Hanky Spanky Gift Set

Hanky Spanky Gift Set $200.00

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we've created premium specialty kits for particular tastes. If you have a hankering for some spanking, this gift set is sure to grab your attention.

The Hanky Spanky gift set includes several serious impact and sensation toys packed into a... More >>

Your Ass Is Mine Gift Set

Your Ass Is Mine Gift Set $300.00

If you're the kind of person that doesn't fuck around when it comes to their gear, we've got just the tool kit for you:
Introducing our exclusive 25th anniversary commemorative Your Ass Is Mine gift set, a complete set for the true bondage aficionado in your life.
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Peerless Punishment Package

Peerless Punishment Package $500.00

Some seek the greatest heights, find the boundries of all maps, and still wonder, "Is there not more?" To these intrepid souls we answer: "Yes, and it is here."

In celebration of our 25th anniversary, we proudly present the Peerless Punishment Package, a superlative set of top... More >>

KinkLab Neon Wand (R) Electrosex Kit

KinkLab Neon Wand (R) Electrosex Kit $150.00

The Neon Wand is a popular device from Kinklab’s ElectroErotic® line that creates an electrical discharge across the surface of the skin. The electricity produces sensations over a broad range, from a pleasurably warm tingling, to a more intense, focused sensation that some find painful.... More >>

Sportsheets Bondage Bedsheet

Sportsheets Bondage Bedsheet $155.00 - $175.00

As the name suggests, SportSheets represent a fun and "sporty" approach to bondage in the bedroom. The SportSheets system includes this soft, velvet-like fitted bed cover made with two adjustable, heavy-duty nylon straps and a drawstring to secure your SportSheets to your King or... More >>

Deluxe Padded Fist Mitts

Deluxe Padded Fist Mitts $135.00

These high quality bondage mitts are a JT's Stockroom original design. Wonderful at containing busy hands and fingers, these mitts are made of fine garment leather embroidered over soft padding.

Each padded fist mitt has a large D-ring on a 1½" heavy leather buckle... More >>

Arm Binder

Arm Binder $168.00 - $205.00

Give a whole new meaning to "the tie that binds"!

This sleeve is made of soft, stitched, garment leather. The adjustable buckling straps are made of strong, latigo leather, and attached to the sleeves with rivets. A D-ring is added at the end as a point of attachment for bondage... More >>

Adjustable Yoke

Adjustable Yoke $169.00

This yoke is made up of a metal bar, two leather fleece-lined wrist cuffs, which keep the arms raised away from the body, and a fleece-lined leather collar. Each side of the yoke is adjustable in length.

Disassembles for easy transport and... More >>

Jimmyjane Little Chroma Vibe

Jimmyjane Little Chroma Vibe  $125.00

The Jimmyjane Little Chroma is a sleek and handsome vibrator made of smooth, anodized aluminum. Its quiet motor delivers a nice, deep vibration that is most intense at the tip. Completely waterproof, this toy is very versatile: use it in the bath, pop it in the freezer or warm in a bowl of hot... More >>

Rimba Electro Powerbox Stimulator Set

Rimba Electro Powerbox Stimulator Set $120.00

This RIMBA TENS UNIT is a certified copy of a standard TENS unit (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator). It generates a wide range of interesting sensations by sending electrical impulses through the skin. This battery-operated pulse generator has two channels, so it can... More >>


Fling $140.00

The Nobessence Fling is a raindrop shaped wooden sex toy that features an extremely easy-to-grip handle. With a smooth, perfectly curved silhouette and unparalleled firmness, the Fling provides unique indulgence that other sex toys cannot offer. Its ergonomic handle and angled head offers... More >>


Intrigue $170.00

The Intrigue is part of the dynamic, nature-inspired line of erotic sculptures by Nobessence. When you see and feel this astounding sex toy, you will immediately understand why it is referred to as a work of art – it's beautiful, earth-friendly design will allow you to surrender to pleasure like no... More >>

Rubber Muir Cap

Rubber Muir Cap $149.00

An homage to the classic leatherman Muir cap, this item is made from 30-gauge, black latex accented with a handsome, durable PVC band. This cap completes the perfect Tom of Finland look, freshly interpreted in latex for our Syren line. Canvas reinforcing provides rigidity, so even in latex this cap... More >>

Polo Shirt w/ Trim

Polo Shirt w/ Trim $175.00

For a look that's more sporty and refined, we offer you the Polo Shirt in sturdy 14 gauge latex with a 25 gauge collar featuring nickel plated snap closures and 14 gauge contrasting trim stripes along the sleeves... More >>

Men's Military Latex Tank Top

Men‘s Military Latex Tank Top $155.00

This iconic tank, evoking a military uniform shirt, features contrasting color trim and a smartly reinforced, chrome snap front opening. A working pocket complete with chrome snap closure, provides a stylish and convenient place to stash your ID and a little bit of cash. Made... More >>


X-Bars $114.00

X marks the pleasure spot with this nefarious restraint. Easy to use, the X-Bars offer an instant four-way spread complete with swivel-mounted leather cuffs. Wrists and ankles can be secured in a variety of perfectly compromising positions. Available in black steel or chrome, one of the most... More >>

Bullhide Flogger

Bullhide Flogger $185.00

The Bull Hide Flogger with its twenty two sensual and supple tails is not one your submissive is soon to forget. Each luxurious Bull Hide Flogger features a gorgeous handle that is covered in leather braided in a tight, flat, diamond pattern in a contrasting red and black.

Each... More >>

Flat Braid Flogger

Flat Braid Flogger $155.00

This flogger is a spectacular braided leather stunner that has 12 – 18in braided leather lashes and a beautifully woven 8in sturdy leather handle. The handle is gorgeous black and navy blue diamond-shaped braiding that is tight and flat. Attached lanyard helps keep your whip in-hand and also works... More >>

Deerskin Flogger

Deerskin Flogger $188.00

Deerskin's reputation for being thick, durable, supple, and "living" is fully felt in this flogger.

The 35 tails have angled tips and are expertly finished. The long lashes hang together well to deliver a deep and smooth impact. This flogger is capable of achieving gentle caresses as... More >>

CB-6000 Male Chastity Kits

CB-6000 Male Chastity Kits $149.95

Introducing the CB 6000S, a variation of the original masterpiece, designed for those who require a smaller or tighter fit. Just like its bigger brother, this chastity... More >>

Bon 4 Plus

Bon 4 Plus $189.00

The Bon 4 Plus Combo is a serious and sexy new silicone chastity device for men, and their partners, who are passionate about sexual denial. Two different sizes of flexible silicone cock cages are included in this excellent male chastity package. In this combo package you get a regular size Bon 4... More >>

Lightweight Cock Cage

Lightweight Cock Cage $109.00

A delightful addition to any dungeon, the Lightweight Cock Cage offers CBT enthusiasts the best of both worlds. Weighing in at about 7oz (without lock), this classic male chastity device provides solid stability without completely weighing him down. However, don’t be misled by the subdued design –... More >>

Rubber Hood w/ Zipper

Rubber Hood w/ Zipper $158.00

This is one of the best fitting latex hoods on the market today. The expert tailoring wraps the heavy gauge latex around your head and neck for a feeling of total encasement. It is made from the highest quality 25-gauge latex with eye and mouth openings, and a... More >>

Bondage 101 Kit

Bondage 101 Kit $125.00

Finally, a high-quality, inclusive kit for those wanting to dip a toe into the world of BDSM, or for the discerning kinkster that wants a great deal.

Our Bondage 101 kit consists of a great collection of Stockroom favorites including:

Locking Buckling Wrist and Ankle... More >>

Leather Slave Hood w/ Ball Gag and Blindfold

Leather Slave Hood w/ Ball Gag and Blindfold $155.00

This soft, black leather hood incorporates a snap-on blindfold and our Locking Ball Gag.

It is similar to our Slave Hood with Snap-on Gag and Blindfold design with a few extra refined additions. Short ¼" wide straps are riveted at the side of the mouth... More >>

Prisoner Belt

Prisoner Belt $128.00

The Prisoner Belt is a black leather prisoner-bondage belt combined with a removable butt plug harness and a locking cock-strap. This belt-harness is constructed from a combination of both heavy and light Latigo black leather, and chrome metal plate staples.

There is no... More >>

Puppy Fist Mitts

Puppy Fist Mitts $198.00

These mitts are ideal for crawling on all fours like a puppy dog. Our Puppy Fist Mitts consist of foam padded garment fist mitts with a heavy Latigo leather puppy paw shell. The very bottom of the mitts have sturdy leather traction shaped like paw prints. A wrist cuff is riveted to... More >>

Sex and Metal Hand Trap

Sex and Metal Hand Trap  $170.00

Lovers of unusual BDSM gear will find these hand and finger bondage restraints to be a little bit medieval; a little bit futuristic; and completely unique and exciting. Offering the perfect solution to the problem of what to do with roaming hands, these high-quality steel devices go a step beyond... More >>

Grip Cuffs w/ Fur Lining, Black

Grip Cuffs w/ Fur Lining, Black $135.00

This item provides a multi-sized wrist cuff and a padded grip, so the wearer is able to distribute weight stress off of the wrists. This arrangement can help avoid injury to delicate wrist anatomy.

The chains provide some "give", (or "flinching room") and can be... More >>

Boot Suspension Cuffs

Boot Suspension Cuffs $168.00

Ever owned a pair of boots that you never wanted to take off, even in the most intimate situations? With these versatile Boot Suspension Cuffs, you won’t have to.

These quality, Latigo leather cuffs secure the ankles with three adjustable straps, then flair out, leaving room... More >>


The "How May I Help You?" Gag $224.00

This innovative and well-made gag can hold a variety of attachments meant to please and serve a master. Imagine, with the use of the gag and attachments, the submissive being able to dust the furniture with the feather duster, More >>

Tit Tuggers

Tit Tuggers $125.00

The Tit Tuggers consist of a pair of erotic nickel plated breast and nipple torment devices specially designed to pinch and pull the tits. The Tit Tuggers are pleasurably painful and playful, and even though they pinch hard they feel good.

The Tit Tuggers work by first clamping the... More >>

Sex and Metal Wrist Trap

Sex and Metal Wrist Trap $119.00

The Wrist Trap is a powder coated steel set of handcrafted restraint cuffs that attach to form a set of metal stocks for the hands. The width of the cuff is adjustable and has a maximum size of 3in and a minimum width of 1.25in. Steel loops on the end of each wrist shackle are perfect for roping,... More >>

Double Evil Nipple Device

Double Evil Nipple Device $105.00

This Double Evil Nipple Device lives up to its name! Making great use of the already "evil" Japanese Clover Clamps, this nipple torment device and nipple stretcher uses clamping and tugging to inflict agony and ecstasy.

The Clover Clamps are designed to tighten when the chain is pulled;... More >>

Sex and Metal Severe Pinwheel

Sex and Metal Severe Pinwheel $119.00

For some people, sensation play isn't satisfying without an element of danger, and the Severe pinwheel is here to satisfy that appetite for punishment.

The faceted and pointed solid steel handle gives it a medieval menace that compliments and counterbalances the wickedly sharp wheel... More >>

PES Deep Throat

PES Deep Throat $158.00 - $174.00

This Electrode is a double pole electrode with a few twists. Deep Throat is a versatile electrode that will allow for numerous configuration possibilities. One of the unique features of Deep Throat is its ability to adjust to the male anatomy to insure a constant and proper fit... More >>

Leather Torso Harnesses

Leather Torso Harnesses $139.00

This highly adjustable body harness features 8 buckles, 4 O-Rings, and a built-in cock ring. It wraps your torso in 1½" wide leather straps. The bold, masculine style gives you a fit that is snug, sensual, and exciting.

The cock ring that ships with this harness is... More >>

Molded Latex Pony Boots

Molded Latex Pony Boots $199.00

Get ready for a wild ride around the corral!

These Black Molded Latex Pony Boots are crafted specifically for the most sophisticated human pony role play. The boot toes are molded pony hooves that secure your fists snugly with sturdy, thick latex that is finished at the top with a nice... More >>

Sex and Metal Dragon Tail Whip

Sex and Metal Dragon Tail Whip "The Spire" $119.00

Hand crafted from leather and steel for beauty and durability, this dragon tail whip features a classic style of Sex and Metal carved steel handle with the pleasure of rolled leather for a delicious sting.

The single piece of leather gives you the control and precision of other... More >>


njoy ELEVEN $299.00

The Njoy Eleven combines revolutionary manufacturing technology with Njoy's trademark style, bringing you luxuriously smooth and perfectly shaped stainless steel dildos to fulfill your wildest desires. The Njoy Eleven is by far one of the most elegant and refined sex toys you’ll ever encounter.... More >>

Deluxe Portable Leather Thigh Sling

Deluxe Portable Leather Thigh Sling $144.00

This Premium Leather Sling is perfect for traveling, or for places that cannot fit a full sling or suspension. To use, simply slide the padded neck brace behind the neck, then slip the thighs through the adjustable padded loops. The sling cradles the neck and keeps the legs open wide... More >>

Adjustable Stocks

Adjustable Stocks $104.90

These adjustable stocks are made of four leather cuffs, fleece-lined for comfort, permanently attached to a metal bar, which is adjustable from 18 to 26 inches.

The outside cuffs are swivel-mounted, permitting slight... More >>

Pike's Peak Butt Plug and Cock Ring Combo (TM)

Pike‘s Peak Butt Plug and Cock Ring Combo (TM) $118.00

Double your pleasure with this uniquely designed butt plug and cock ring combination! The stainless steel cock ring has a long arm that curves around across the perineum and connects the cockring to a cone-shaped buttplug at the end.

Like other trailer hitch –style cock ring and anal... More >>