Pulsed Signal Generator - Basic

Pulsed Signal Generator - Basic $265.00

Made by Folsom Electric Company, this unit generates a stimulating electrical current which is pretty much the same in intensity and flavor as the signal put out by the TENS unit. This Folsom box has two channels instead of one, so you can use two pairs of electrodes (a total of 4) at once. The... More >>

Pulsed Signal Generator - MAX

Pulsed Signal Generator - MAX $374.00

Made by Folsom Electric Company, this unit generates stimulating electrical currents which are similar in intensity and flavor to the signals put out by TENS units. These Folsom boxes have two channels instead of one, so you can use two pairs of electrodes (a total of 4) at once. The... More >>

Folsom Bi-Polar Pinwheel Electrode

Folsom Bi-Polar Pinwheel Electrode $90.00

Sensation play to the max! That’s what you get when you cross a double pinwheel and electricity. Pinpoint specific spots with the Bi-Polar Pinwheel Electrode by Folsom Electric Company who are the specialists in safe electrical devices that are designed for safe application when used with Folsom... More >>

A/C Adapter for Folsom PSG

A/C Adapter for Folsom PSG $21.50

This A/C adapter allows you to run the PSG from a power outlet instead of with batteries. (Please note: the PSG-MAX will not work with an adapter.)

Folsom Electric Company offers a lifetime warranty on all their power boxes and accessories.

... More >>

Catheter Electrode

Catheter Electrode $72.00

Also known as "sparklers," these are not for the faint of heart. The silver- filled shaft is made of a conductive silicone, which is smooth and flexible. These are single-electrode devices, so you'll have to complete the circuit with another electrode, which could be a pad,... More >>

Electric Bondage Board

Electric Bondage Board $215.00

Just looking at this toy might intimidate some of the most seasoned electrical players, but in a good way. This is an Electric Bondage Board, intended for penile torment, made of hard plastic and metal, by those... More >>

Urethral Insert

Urethral Insert $82.00

Handcrafted by the Folsom Electric Company, this Urethral Insert electrode is designed for use just inside the shaft of the penis. This chrome plated brass electrode is 1/4" in diameter and 3" long. It weights approximately 1oz. There is a wire lead from one of the rounded ends which is about 4"... More >>

Electric Probe Plug

Electric Probe Plug $187.00

A bipolar electrode in the form of a cylindrical probe, 5.25" long and 1" in diameter. Appropriate for anal use. The bipolar electrode is designed for use with the Eros Tek or Folsom Electric Pulsed Signal Generators, as long as you have the proper wire leads (which terminate with... More >>


Electro-Prod $29.50

Great for pinpointing a specific spot. The prod is a single-electrode attachment, with a reversible metal tip, so you can choose either a rounded or sharp point. The sensation when using the sharp point can feel a bit like a tattoo needle. The sensation when using the blunt end is,... More >>

Electric Anal Plug

Electric Anal Plug $189.50

This plug is made from black plastic, with copper conductive strips embedded on each side.

The electrical connection jacks are on the base. The circuit is completed between the two sides, and the plug produces electrical sensations wherever it is inserted.

This... More >>

Electric Cock Rings

Electric Cock Rings $69.00

Each of these Cock Ring electrodes is made of clear acrylic with two metallic nickel conducting strips, covering almost half of the inside surface. They are designed to go around the cock and balls, and deliver intense sensations to that particularly sensitive area.... More >>

Folsom Book: A Guide to Electric Sex

Folsom Book: A Guide to Electric Sex $9.50

Written by the folks at Folsom Electric Company, this is a basic manual on using signal generator boxes (low-frequency) with electrode attachments for erotic play. This book is great for beginners looking for clear and basic instructions for e-stim play.

It covers... More >>

Electrode Conductive Gel

Electrode Conductive Gel $9.50

This is a tube of electrolytic (electrically conductive) gel for use with electrical toys.

This gel is non-allergenic, odorless, water soluble, non-staining, salt free and chloride free. It spreads evenly, and wipes off easily with little or no residue. It also retains its... More >>

Y Adapter for PSG

Y Adapter for PSG $19.00

This adapter wire will enable you to split one side of your electrical circuit into two, so you can use more than two points of contact on a single channel. The main purpose for the Y-adapter is to permit you to use the dual-electrode attachments (plugs, cock rings, etc.) as single... More >>

Bipolar Clip Electrodes

Bipolar Clip Electrodes $96.00

A pair of clips which plug directly into the Folsom and ErosTek power units.

Each clip is a complete 2-electrode circuit, with one electrode on each side of the clip. Both clips can be used with the Folsom or ErosTek boxes, using both of the two channels.

The jaws... More >>

Snapper Adapter

Snapper Adapter $19.99

The snapper adapter converts any device having a standard 4mm banana jack into a low-profile snap connection.

It can be used to adapt Folsom Electric buttplugs, cockrings, catheters, etc. to snap leadwires offered by other manufacturers.

Sold in... More >>