Fist Mitts & Arm Binders

Premium Leather Knee Pads

Premium Leather Knee Pads $79.00

These top of the line, deluxe leather knee pads are the perfect functional accessory for those who want to spend a lot of time on their knees. A Stockroom original design, these kneepads protect the knees and look great too.

They are made of durable black leather. Steel... More >>

Double Fist Mitt

Double Fist Mitt $99.00

This Double Fist Mitt keeps two fists, palm-to-palm, bound and immovable in one mitt.

Made with 30-gauge black latex (that's about as thick as it gets), it has two PVC wrist belts, two chrome-plated D-rings, and two chrome-plated steel lockable buckles.

One... More >>

Arm Binder

Arm Binder $168.00 - $205.00

Give a whole new meaning to "the tie that binds"!

This sleeve is made of soft, stitched, garment leather. The adjustable buckling straps are made of strong, latigo leather, and attached to the sleeves with rivets. A D-ring is added at the end as a point of attachment for bondage... More >>

Puppy Fist Mitts

Puppy Fist Mitts $198.00

These mitts are ideal for crawling on all fours like a puppy dog. Our Puppy Fist Mitts consist of foam padded garment fist mitts with a heavy Latigo leather puppy paw shell. The very bottom of the mitts have sturdy leather traction shaped like paw prints. A wrist cuff is riveted to... More >>

Double Fist Binder

Double Fist Binder $135.00

This Double Fist Binder keeps two fists, end-to-end, knuckles-to-knuckles, secure and controlled in one binder.

Made with 30-gauge black latex (that's about as thick as it gets), each end has two PVC wrist belts, two chrome-plated D-rings, and two chrome-plated steel... More >>

Bondage Mittens

Bondage Mittens $62.50

These bondage mittens are made of soft, stitched, black garment leather. There are locking cuffs attached at the wrists.

Each mitten measures approximately 12" in length and 4½" in width. In addition to the small D-ring on each wrist, there is a heavy-gauge D-ring at the end... More >>

Deluxe Padded Fist Mitts

Deluxe Padded Fist Mitts $135.00

These high quality bondage mitts are a JT's Stockroom original design. Wonderful at containing busy hands and fingers, these mitts are made of fine garment leather embroidered over soft padding.

Each padded fist mitt has a large D-ring on a 1½" heavy leather buckle... More >>

Rubber Fist Mitts

Rubber Fist Mitts $135.00

For containing busy hands and fingers. Made with 30-gauge latex, about as thick as it gets, each mitt has a very secure D-ring, and a 1½" wide rubber wrist strap with chrome-plated steel buckle.

Important note:
This item is not... More >>

Leather CPR Cleaner & Conditioner

Leather CPR Cleaner & Conditioner $15.00

Are your leather goods just surviving? Filthy, stiff and scratched? Bring them back to life with Leather CPR Cleaner & Conditioner. This opaque miracle cream will revive even the oldest of leather goods of any color into the soft and supple texture they were meant to be. Its custom formula is... More >>

Bondage Opera Gloves

Bondage Opera Gloves $252.00

Leather bondage at its sexiest!!! These sleeves are made of the finest leather we can find, and designed by our own in-house designers.

These lace-up bondage sleeves each have three large D-rings on 1½" heavy... More >>

Leather Hobble Belt

Leather Hobble Belt $75.00

Based on a traditional cowboy horse rancher's belt, this belt/bondage device is a convenient and handsome accessory for everyday wear and bondage play. When worn around the waist, it is a... More >>

Premium Arm Splints with Locking Buckles

Premium Arm Splints with Locking Buckles $285.00

Similar to but more versatile than our armbinder, these leather arm splints are handmade in our workshop with the same craft and care with which we construct all our bondage gear. The five locking buckles and ten nickel-plated D-rings ensure that you will be able to position the bound limbs as you... More >>