Menage $13.95

Menage is a gay erotic literary triptych, featuring 3 novella length erotic romances with fetish overtones written by Xavier Axelson.

Collection includes 3 short novels:

Dutch's Boy: A cowboy tale.

The Incident: A... More >>

Phone Sex

Phone Sex $15.95

Aural Thrills and Oral Skills

Miranda Austin has been using her voice and imagination to get her partners off, both professionally and personally, for nearly a decade.
Now, she shares her secrets of “aural sex,” plus plenty of juicy anecdotes culled... More >>

but I know what you want

but I know what you want $13.95

Think you know what your sexual orientation is? What you might like to do? What you’d never try? What sex you are? Prepare for an erotic journey in the unthinkable….

From the frontiers of sexual identity comes this collection of stories by a master erotic... More >>

Cowboys: Gay Erotic Tales

Cowboys: Gay Erotic Tales $14.95

Move over, Brokeback, there’s something sexier… Cowboys: Gay Erotic Tales, from the classy folks at Cleiss Press, edited by Tom Graham, delves into the randy possibilities of cattle rustlers, outlaws, and small town farm boys. With stories such as Ranch-Hand Hookup, Pole Inn,... More >>

Best Gay Romance

Best Gay Romance $14.95

Openly erotic and smart, the stories in Best Gay Romance deliver hope and happy endings. Dale Chase’s “The Early Show” describes the tantalizing flirtation of two writers who share an eccentric habit of showing up early to Sunday matinees to enjoy the promising half-dark of the theater.... More >>

Chainmale: 3SM (Don Bastian)

Chainmale: 3SM (Don Bastian) $13.95

This fast-paced account of one man's experience with his own sexuality, and eventual involvement in a loving and successful three-way kink relationship, is uninhibited and honest. Flowing craftily between coming of age memories, thoughts and philosophies, and personal scene-related... More >>

Between The Cracks

Between The Cracks $18.95

Poets have always been kinky. Who are we? How did we get here? Where are we going? If the poets do not tell us, then how will we know? S&M, piercing, drag, dildos: is any of this really new? Or are we only revisiting Pandora's bountiful box?

From the lascivious satire of Catullus to... More >>