Enemas & Douches

Universal Douche System

Universal Douche System $37.50

Nothing makes anal play a breeze like a good cleanse, and the Universal Douche System will get your bottom in top shape easily, quickly, and best of all, pleasurably.

Made for use with either the included natural rubber bulb, or the separate Universal Water Works System, this system... More >>

Colt Anal Douche

Colt Anal Douche $23.50

Good clean fun, from top to bottom! Having a cleanse can take the anxiety out of bottoming, especially if you enjoy a hands (or tongues) on approach, and whether you're douching for preparation or pleasure, the Colt Anal Douche makes it quick, easy, and enjoyable.

Just insert the... More >>

Aluminum Douche Head

Aluminum Douche Head $40.00

Bath time is a time to get clean, but it can also be a time to get dirty. Connect this classy douche head to your shower hose attachment and get ready to play! Afterwards, there’s no need for a post-playtime rinse! Talk about multi-tasking!

Product Details:

  •... More >>

Classic Clyster Enema Syringe

Classic Clyster Enema Syringe $34.00 - $44.00

Looking for just the right tool to compliment your 19th century apothecary table, or a candy striper role play scene? Look no further than this classic clyster chrome plated brass enema syringe, available in three sizes to fill your needs as well as your body cavity. Each syringe comes with 2... More >>

Deluxe Shower Bidet

Deluxe Shower Bidet $50.00

Many people have asked us for a douche/enema nozzle that is outfitted for use as a shower attachment. This product is the best value for quality and price we can find.

The nozzle is 6" (15cm) long, attached to a metal hose 1.7 meters (almost 6 feet) long. On the other end is a valve... More >>

Thru Hole Butt Plug

Thru Hole Butt Plug $99.00 - $119.00

These gorgeous metal buttplugs have a hole through the middle, allowing the fluid of your choice to freely flow in and out.

Made of high-polish aluminum, this plug has a heavy, commanding presence and won’t chip like chrome-plated items do. Perfect for enema play.

... More >>

Threaded Nozzle Plug

Threaded Nozzle Plug $52.00

This is a nozzle attachment designed for use with a shower bidet system. It features water holes at the tip and is similar to the standard nozzle end, except that it is in the shape of an anal plug rather than the standard slimmer cylindrical shape.

This item is not currently compatible... More >>

Universal Water Works System

Universal Water Works System $69.99

Ready to go whenever you are, the Universal Water Works system takes the idea of a shower enema to the next level. The best part about this convenient enema set is that it comes with a valve adapter, so all it takes is the flick of a switch to channel the water from your shower head to the toy and... More >>

Smooth Glass Enema Nozzle

Smooth Glass Enema Nozzle $98.00

This glass enema nozzle is made of heavy wall borosilicate glass. Its ultra-smooth surface is great for smooth entry for enema play. It is approximately 8½" long and has a ¾" diameter and tapered tip. The sturdy glass is as structurally sound as a solid glass toy, and can last a... More >>

Inflatable Intestinal Explorer

Inflatable Intestinal Explorer $168.00

This device increases the depth of the nozzle when administering an enema. It is insertable up to 11 inches.

It has a black valved hand-pump which inflates a yellow rubber balloon which houses an orange tube and nozzle. After insertion, with pumping, the balloon widens to... More >>

Travel Shower Bidet

Travel Shower Bidet $32.00

Keep your inner canals freshly cleansed and ready for action even when you are away from home. This travel bidet set attaches to most bathroom faucets, either sink or bathtub.

Just slide the rubber connector over the faucet spout and it's ready to use. With a longer hose... More >>

Disposable Enema Kit

Disposable Enema Kit $7.50

This kit includes an enema bag, a pre-lubricated nozzle, a soap packet, and a disposable towel. While this product is designed to be disposable, it could potentially be washed and re-used more than once by the same... More >>

Ready-to-Use Enema Kit

Ready-to-Use Enema Kit $4.00

The Fleet Enema is a saline laxative that comes pre-packaged, pre-lubricated, and ready to use.

Latex free. Weight: 4½... More >>

Inflatable Enema Plug

Inflatable Enema Plug $29.99

Hours of fun are in your hands with this uniquely redesigned inflatable enema plug!

The most outstanding feature of this toy is an extra-long separate hose running the length of the inflation tube. When it's time to administer the enema, just connect your preferred means of water... More >>

Butt Bong

Butt Bong $98.00 - $118.00

Be prepared to chug with an innovative twist on enema play! The Butt Bong will redefine your idea of party time.

This product features a design reminiscent of a beer bong from your college days. The Butt Bong starts with an aluminum funnel connected to a 14 inch tube.... More >>

Anal/Vaginal Irrigator

Anal/Vaginal Irrigator $42.00

This irrigator provides a hygienic method of administering an enema or douche. It is lightweight with a sturdy base and a strong handle. Its design allows for hanging.

This kit comes with two nozzles - one anal and one vaginal - and four feet of tubing. Make sure to soak the... More >>