E-Stim Accessories

Zap Electro Ball Stretcher by Oxballs

Zap Electro Ball Stretcher by Oxballs $69.00 - $110.00

Zap is a special stretcher from Oxballs that firmly presses an electro contact pad against your sack while letting you choose where the current travels.

For those into extreme ball-stim play, additional contacts are offered for Zap. The ball stretcher is platinum cure silicone in a... More >>

Oxballs Volt Cock Ring Electrifier

Oxballs Volt Cock Ring Electrifier  $56.00

The Volt electro contact point from Oxballs allows you to pinpoint the position of the the electrical current flowing through your body.

Whether you attach it to your favorite cock ring, ball stretcher, or head ring. You can easily maneuver the contact point anywhere on your toy for... More >>

Oxballs Volt W/ Sprocket Cock Ring

Oxballs Volt W/ Sprocket Cock Ring $76.00

This conductive e-stim accessory and soft, yet firm cock ring are a perfect pairing.

The Volt is made by Oxballs from machined aluminum and attaches to the cock ring to give you a variety of sensations. The Volt is available with 4mm sockets and are compatible with standard US banana... More >>

Shockballs Electro Ball Crusher by Oxballs

Shockballs Electro Ball Crusher by Oxballs $184.00

The Shockballs Electro Ball Crusher is the ultimate piece of CBT sex technology when it comes to crushing and electrifying the testicles. The Electro Ball Crusher operates by sandwiching the testicles in between two sheets of plexi-glass and squeezing, crushing, and tightening the balls. The... More >>

Oxballs Sacksling Electro

Oxballs Sacksling Electro  $118.00

The Sacksling Electro from Oxballs is an ultra soft ball encasement sex toy with two electro contacts, making this toy perfect for e-stim play combined with the cock & ball stimulation of the original Sacksling. The electrical contacts are made from high... More >>

Electro Rolling Drum

Electro Rolling Drum $48.00 - $69.00

These tantalizing metal rollers are just the thing for making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up in the most wonderful way possible!

These simple sensation toys come in two sizes: Small (E226S) for focused, precision pleasure, and Large (E226) for a more expansive, spread out... More >>

KinkLab Neon Wand (R) Roller Electrode

KinkLab Neon Wand (R) Roller Electrode $29.00

The Roller Electrode, designed for the Kinklab Neon Wand® has an attractive colored glow and a solid plastic base that holds the glass roller in place. Glide it sensually across your skin and let the sparks fly as the arc of light excites your skin.... More >>

KinkLab Neon Wand (R) Curved Y Electrode

KinkLab Neon Wand (R) Curved Y Electrode $25.00

The Curved Y Electrode, designed especially for the Kinklab Neon Wand®, features a long shaft crowned by two soft arches and lights up with a beautiful colored glow. This electrode is perfect for use on arms or legs and creates two simultaneous points of... More >>

KinkLab Neon Wand (R) Coiled Probe Electrode

KinkLab Neon Wand (R) Coiled Probe Electrode $28.00

The Coiled Probe Electrode is an attachment with an attractive purple glow designed especially for the Kinklab Neon Wand™. The metal wire coiled throughout the length of the glass rod causes the electricity to dance beautifully as you drag the rod... More >>

KinkLab Neon Wand (R) Probe Electrode

KinkLab Neon Wand (R) Probe Electrode $20.00

The Probe Electrode is an attachment with an attractive colored glow designed especially for the Kinklab Neon Wand®. Simply drag this glass rod gently across your or your lover’s skin and enjoy a sensation that ranges from soft to intense, depending on... More >>

Linemaster Foot Switch

Linemaster Foot Switch $45.00

The Linemaster Treadlite II is America's Footswitch leader. The Treadlite II is reliable and made of high quality parts ensuring long lasting performance. The Treadlite is light, corrosion resistant and made with a low profile housing to reduce operation fatigue. It's easy to operate with an... More >>

Black Electrode Pads, Set of 4

Black Electrode Pads, Set of 4 $17.50

For serious electro play, we recommend the “Doctor’s Choice” electrodes, designed for use with Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve and Muscle Stimulators and made from a durable rubber. To use, insert the wire pins from a TENS device or muscle stimulator into the electrode connector,... More >>

Folsom Book: A Guide to Electric Sex

Folsom Book: A Guide to Electric Sex $9.50

Written by the folks at Folsom Electric Company, this is a basic manual on using signal generator boxes (low-frequency) with electrode attachments for erotic play. This book is great for beginners looking for clear and basic instructions for e-stim play.

It covers... More >>

PES Electrolube

PES Electrolube $13.00

Increase the effectiveness of your electrical stimulation toys with the PES Electrolube. This lube is specially designed to help increase the electrical conductivity. It is water based, so it is easy to clean up and condom safe.

PES Electrolube has been proven to increase conductivity of... More >>


SurgiLube $8.50

This lubricant is a favorite for hospitals, and is perfect for electrical play, urethral play and medical scenes. It is used to facilitate the easy insertion of catheters, surgical instruments, gynecological instruments and gloves.

It is also used as a condom-safe sexual lubricant.... More >>

Electrode Conductive Gel

Electrode Conductive Gel $9.50

This is a tube of electrolytic (electrically conductive) gel for use with electrical toys.

This gel is non-allergenic, odorless, water soluble, non-staining, salt free and chloride free. It spreads evenly, and wipes off easily with little or no residue. It also retains its... More >>

Clipper Case for Power Box

Clipper Case for Power Box $24.95

This convenient clipper case is designed to attach easily to clothing or a belt to operate the P.E.S. Power Box without having to hold it. The case is made of a sturdy textured black molded plastic. The case snugly cradles the power box and has a slim clip on the black that easily slides onto a... More >>

Spiked Ball Stretcher

Spiked Ball Stretcher $109.00

This Spiked Ball Stretcher can be used for light to heavy ball torture with its adjustable spikes. Weighing a hefty 10oz. with a diameter of 1 3/8", six pointed removable spikes can be screwed in according to depth of pain desired. The spikes can lightly touch the ball sack or drive... More >>

Electrode Pads, Set of 4

Electrode Pads, Set of 4 $12.50

This is a standard set of soft, adhesive, electrically conductive electrode pads similar to those often used by doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists. The set consists of two pairs of pads, each measuring 2" X 2".

Ready to use with the More >>

Electric Bondage Board

Electric Bondage Board $215.00

Just looking at this toy might intimidate some of the most seasoned electrical players, but in a good way. This is an Electric Bondage Board, intended for penile torment, made of hard plastic and metal, by those... More >>

Premium Humbler

Premium Humbler  $162.00 - $188.00

Keep him on his knees where he belongs with a Hanson Humbler made with a clear gloss finish. Exclusive hinged design makes application a dream. The custom made snap lock provides a secure restraint, even when his hands are free. Electrical contacts accept standard banana plugs. Two keys are... More >>

Electro Bands( Pair)

Electro Bands( Pair) $39.99

This flexible, highly-conductive fabric loop band works well as a unipolar (single-ended) electrode around the cock, balls, or cock/balls together. It provides a unique sensation when used in conjunction with another electrode in or along the ass, cock, or waist.

Its... More >>

Large Chrome Electro-Plug

Large Chrome Electro-Plug $195.00

This chrome plug is designed for use with the Folsom Electric Pulsed Signal Generators (A504, A505), or with any proper wire leads (which terminate with banana plugs). Made of solid stainless steel, it weighs about 2 lbs. and is approximately 5.75" tall, including the base, and about... More >>

Electric Probe Plug

Electric Probe Plug $187.00

A bipolar electrode in the form of a cylindrical probe, 5.25" long and 1" in diameter. Appropriate for anal use. The bipolar electrode is designed for use with the Eros Tek or Folsom Electric Pulsed Signal Generators, as long as you have the proper wire leads (which terminate with... More >>


Electro-Prod $29.50

Great for pinpointing a specific spot. The prod is a single-electrode attachment, with a reversible metal tip, so you can choose either a rounded or sharp point. The sensation when using the sharp point can feel a bit like a tattoo needle. The sensation when using the blunt end is,... More >>

PES Stanley

PES Stanley $204.00

For those who love to play with larger anal toys, this Huge electrical anal plug is a treat. The diameter is 2½" at the thickest point. It is 6" long and 1" at his narrowest point. It weighs a little over a pound.

But the size isn't the only thing that makes this plug stand out. It... More >>

Electric Anal Plug

Electric Anal Plug $189.50

This plug is made from black plastic, with copper conductive strips embedded on each side.

The electrical connection jacks are on the base. The circuit is completed between the two sides, and the plug produces electrical sensations wherever it is inserted.

This... More >>

Electric Cock Rings

Electric Cock Rings $69.00

Each of these Cock Ring electrodes is made of clear acrylic with two metallic nickel conducting strips, covering almost half of the inside surface. They are designed to go around the cock and balls, and deliver intense sensations to that particularly sensitive area.... More >>

PES Sparkler

PES Sparkler $70.00 - $79.99

The Sparkler and Big Boy Sparkler are aptly named, due to the concentrated form of Erotic Electro Stimulation they produce. The original Sparkler is available in 1/8" diameter and the Big Boy has an increased diameter of 1/4". The Sparklers conform closely to the genital target area... More >>

PES Rectal Pacifier w/Ring

PES Rectal Pacifier w/Ring $90.00

The Rectal Pacifier is another addition to the line of tubular electrodes using the revolutionary Electro-Flex™ technology. Constructed of silicone Electro-Flex™ tubing, the Rectal Pacifier is designed to specifically target the rectal sphincter muscles. This electrode is a... More >>

PES Anal Tubular Electrode

PES Anal Tubular Electrode $70.00

The Anal Tubular Electrode is of unique origin. This electrode is specifically designed to deliver the stimuli to precise areas within the anal and rectum regions. The Anal Tubular Electrode is the perfect electrode for those who are not normally anally active. It’s patented... More >>

PES Electro-Flex Anal Plugs, Double Electrodes

PES Electro-Flex Anal Plugs, Double Electrodes $198.00 - $213.00

The Electro-Flex™ Anal Plug will change the way you think about anal action. Built with comfort in mind, mildly soft Electro-Flex™ material works like no other probe you've ever used.

Our unique design incorporates a non-conductive memory wire that can be bent to any angle and still hold... More >>

PES Acrylic Anal Plugs

PES Acrylic Anal Plugs $158.00

The PES Electro Anal Plug is a smooth acrylic rod with a conductive electrode on each side to stimulate the anal sphincter muscle and the interior of the anal cavity.

Even before you connect the electrical leads to the plug, the smooth and cleverly contoured sides stretch the anal ring... More >>

PES Electro-Flex Penile Ring

PES Electro-Flex Penile Ring $65.00

The Electro Flex™ Penile Ring may be the most comfortable sexual treat in our extensive line of electrodes. These conductive rings conform to the penile shaft or scrotum with a fit so comfortable you may forget you're wearing it. Made of a specially formulated conductive silicone... More >>

PES Corona Stimulator

PES Corona Stimulator $80.00

The PES Corona Stimulator is one of three Corona devices providing focused Erotic Electro Stimulation. The adjustable Secondary body of this Corona Stimulator covers the Cockhead (Glans of the Penis) and lays over the Urethral opening for centralized coverage, or it may be... More >>

PES Corona Stimulator w/Focusing Pods

PES Corona Stimulator w/Focusing Pods $80.00

The Corona "Cockhead" Stimulator with Focusing Pods is one of three Corona devices providing focused Erotic Electro Stimulation. The adjustable Secondary body of the Corona Stimulator covers the Cockhead (Glans of the Penis) and has 24kt gold plated electro conductive sphere... More >>

PES Corona Stimulator w/Urethral Amplifier

PES Corona Stimulator w/Urethral Amplifier $80.00

The Corona "Cockhead" Stimulator with Urethral Amplifier is a new type of electrode for both urethral and Cockhead stimulation.

The adjustable Secondary body of the Corona "Cockhead" Stimulator with Urethral Amplifier covers the Cockhead (the Glans of the Penis)... More >>

PES Testicle Tubular Electrode

PES Testicle Tubular Electrode $60.00

The tubular electrodes are based on the same concept as Electro-Flex™. The fundamental principals behind all Erotic Electro Stimulation is a proper generating source, a proper delivery source, and proper focusing of the electro-stimuli. This Tubular Electrode incorporates these... More >>

PES Tubular Base Ring Electrode

PES Tubular Base Ring Electrode $70.00

The Tubular Base Ring is designed to stimulate the very root of the penile shaft, acting as a focus for intense stimulation in combination with other electrodes. This is a Single Electrode and the Base Ring acts as a focus for the Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES) being delivered by the... More >>

PES Tubular Mid Ring Electrode

PES Tubular Mid Ring Electrode $70.00

The Tubular Mid-Ring is designed to stimulate at various different points along the penile shaft. The Mid-Ring, when used with other electrodes, such as the Corona Stimulators, the Mid-Ring balances the Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES) being delivered along the penile shaft, delivering... More >>

PES Deep Throat

PES Deep Throat $158.00 - $174.00

This Electrode is a double pole electrode with a few twists. Deep Throat is a versatile electrode that will allow for numerous configuration possibilities. One of the unique features of Deep Throat is its ability to adjust to the male anatomy to insure a constant and proper fit... More >>

Dual Contact Electro Scrotum Parachute

Dual Contact Electro Scrotum Parachute $39.00

This is a soft, pliable rubber parachute that sends tingling sensations over the entire area of the covered skin. It does not weigh your balls down like our standard Parachute Ball Stretcher, but with... More >>

Dual Contact Electro Cock Sheath

Dual Contact Electro Cock Sheath $42.00

The dual contact electro penis sheath laces up your cock in a corset of leather. There are 14 electro-stim points along the inside of the 4" sheath. The bi-polar design makes it easy to use with or without other accessories. Includes a pin lead wire.

Ready to use with the... More >>

Dual Contact Electro Ball Stretcher

Dual Contact Electro Ball Stretcher $68.00

This popular electro CBT toy weighs down the scrotum, and provides a stimulating electro experience at the same time. The ball stretcher weighs 11 ounces and has in inner diameter of 1¼". It comes with its own lead... More >>

Dual Contact Electro Sex Egg

Dual Contact Electro Sex Egg $61.00

Dual contact Electro Sex Egg is a popular electrical accessory in a very user-friendly size. It's bi-polar properties allow it to be used alone or with other attachments. Length: 2+". Diameter: 1".

Ready to use with the Rimba Units (More >>

Dual Contact Electro Anal Dildo

Dual Contact Electro Anal Dildo $122.00

This sleek and highly stimulating bi-polar dildo is shaped specifically for anal penetration. The electricity can be turned from a very slight tickle to an intense jolt for mind blowing anal contractions. Bi-polar design makes it easy to use with or without other accessories. Use alone... More >>

Dual Contact Electro Ridged Anal Dildo

Dual Contact Electro Ridged Anal Dildo $109.00

This popular, bi-polar dildo has the added benefit of three ridges. The electricity can be turned from a very slight tickle to an intense jolt for mind blowing anal contractions.

Made from highly conductive aluminum, this electro probe can also be used for vaginal insertion.... More >>

Dual Contact Electro Penis Strap

Dual Contact Electro Penis Strap $46.00

From the makers of Rimba, this bi-polar electro penis strap snaps on just like a cock and ball strap to hold an erection. In addition, the electro penis strap has several electrical contact points located on each strap - seven on the larger strap, five on the smaller strap - for mild... More >>

Catheter Electrode

Catheter Electrode $72.00

Also known as "sparklers," these are not for the faint of heart. The silver- filled shaft is made of a conductive silicone, which is smooth and flexible. These are single-electrode devices, so you'll have to complete the circuit with another electrode, which could be a pad,... More >>

Electrode Pads for Digital Rimba, Pair

Electrode Pads for Digital Rimba, Pair $18.00

This set of 2 adhesive electrode pads is designed to be used with the Rimba Digital Power Box The pads are formed in an hourglass shape, white with smart little green stripes, and are 3¼" long and 2" wide at the widest. The More >>

Rolling Drum

Rolling Drum  $24.00

The Rolling Drum is a Violet Wand accessory, which when used with the Body Contact Violet Wand Attachment, creates an exciting and intense pricking sensations. Roll over the body and watch the sparks fly!

... More >>