Double-sided Dildos

24K Double Pleasure Glass Dildo

24K Double Pleasure Glass Dildo $50.00

The 24K Glass dildo is a double ended, curved glass insertable sex toy with a beautiful enclosed design that has 1/8 of an inch high nubs on one half of the shaft, a swirled ridge running over the other half, and bulbous heads on both ends. It's wonderful for providing different styles of extra... More >>

Joyful Gemini Glass Dildo

Joyful Gemini Glass Dildo $50.00

The Gemini Glass dildo is a blue glass insertable sex toy with an S-curve and two pale pink bulbous segments in the center. It's smooth and sleek with a slightly textured finish to provide a little bit of extra sensory stimulation. The curve design makes this piece quite ideal for prostate massage... More >>

nJoy Pure Wand

nJoy Pure Wand $94.00

Made of top-grade stainless steel, polished to a gleaming finish and is nonporous. It has a gradual curve with rounded ends.

Product Details:

  • Overall Length: 8in (20.32cm)

  • Overall Length: 7in (17.78cm)

  • Diameter (at widest... More >>

njoy Fun Wand

njoy Fun Wand $85.00

This is so much more than a sex toy. It has so many applications that the Swiss Army company should put it in their line of multi-use tools. Pretend you are vanilla and grab your favorite massage oil and use the Njoy Fun Wand to apply pressure to knots in back and shoulder... More >>


njoy ELEVEN $299.00

The Njoy Eleven combines revolutionary manufacturing technology with Njoy's trademark style, bringing you luxuriously smooth and perfectly shaped stainless steel dildos to fulfill your wildest desires. The Njoy Eleven is by far one of the most elegant and refined sex toys you’ll ever encounter.... More >>

Anal Bead & Dildo Combo

Anal Bead & Dildo Combo $20.00

The Jelly Combo Anal and Smooth Tool is a double ended penetrator that is a smooth translucent purple latex dildo on one end, and a firm strand of jelly latex anal beads on the other.

Each end is fine for either anal penetration. The combo tool is designed for sensual stimulation to... More >>

Feeldoe with Vibrator

Feeldoe with Vibrator $92.00 - $114.00

The Feeldoe is a great for dildo sex because the second end makes a great handle. Grab the smaller end like the handle of a gun and easily control insertion and speed of this high quality silicone toy. The removable Micro Mini-Massager Vibe is situated in the middle. Silicone is a great... More >>


12" Smooth Purple Double Dong $18.00

The 12" Purple Double Dong has a natural penis head on each end. This gel-like rubber dildo is firm yet extremely forgiving and maneuverable. It's made of a very eye-catching purple material which casts a beautiful blue sheen.

Product Details:

  • Overall... More >>

Steel Pleasure Lever

Steel Pleasure Lever  $69.00

"Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough, and I will move the world," goes the famous maxim attributed to Archimedes.

We can’t avow that the Steel Pleasure Lever will alter the orbit of the planet, but it’s sure to be an earthshaker in the bedroom, or anywhere else you... More >>

Control Steel Dildo

Control Steel Dildo $98.00

The Control Steel Dildo is a heavy duty, heavy metal, dual ended dildo with a special finger shaped grip that makes it very fun to hang on to. This stainless steel dildo comes in two different sizes, medium and large. It looks super sleek and has an elegantly simple design that works very well... More >>


Bent $22.99

The Bent glass dildo has been carefully designed for a variety of sensual sensations. The curved end allows the Bent to hit the prostate spot for an explosive orgasm. The double ended dildo has 3 rounded shapes with the tapered end to stimulate and heighten pleasure. The glass is wonderful for... More >>