Loop-End Riding Crop

Loop-End Riding Crop $19.95

This basic but effective, all black riding crop has a narrow looped end and a rubber handle. Overall length is 28", with a 3" by ¾" keeper and a wrist strap.

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Feathered Crop

Feathered Crop $39.50

This is a basic 26" riding crop with a leather end (keeper), a rubber handle, and leather "feathering" along the portion of the handle leading up to the keeper.

The keeper is looped, stitched, and 3" long by 1.25" wide.

The feathered fringe is visually... More >>

Riding Crop

Riding Crop $29.50

A must-have for any kinky bedroom arsenal! A little swing of the arm and it will provide a pleasurable, but not very painful sting.

This basic black riding crop is 26" long with a leather end (keeper) and a rubber handle. The keeper is looped, stitched, and 3" long by... More >>

Riding Crop, Wide End

Riding Crop, Wide End $29.00

This black riding crop is 26 inches long with a reinforced graphite shaft and a leather handle. This crop is guaranteed quality for top performance. Great for those unruly submissives. Give 'em a crack and a whack and they won't talk... More >>

Short Riding Crop, Wide End

Short Riding Crop, Wide End $24.00

This item is made to travel!
Easier to store in toybags, this all black crop is an 18" version of our Wide End Riding Crop. Compact yet effective, this crop will keep you in charge, even when you're away from home.

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Helping Hand Riding Crop

Helping Hand Riding Crop $26.00

Get the best of both worlds: a cute and playful item which is also very well made and functional.

This riding crop features a little black leather hand at the end. It is 26" long overall, with a handle made of sturdy rubber. The shaft is made from a durable fiberglass rod wrapped with... More >>

The Slapper Crop

The Slapper Crop $32.00

This all-black crop is 20" long with a rubber handle. The business end incorporates two 1½" wide strips of thick black leather which produce a nice slapping sound when they contact.                        ... More >>

Braided Short Red Crop

Braided Short Red Crop $42.00

This snappy little crop is made of a strong braided leather, richly dyed a deep red, with a 2.5in/6.4cm wide head. A striking crop that is built to last.

Approximate length: 21in/53.3cm

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Flicker Whip

Flicker Whip $28.00

One of JT's favorite implements, this 36" long crop has a thin, braided nylon tassel at the end. It produces a sharp stinging sensation, or it can tickle if desired.

This sleek, elegant, precise, and potentially vicious whip is wielded with a thin, leather covered... More >>

Flex Flicker Whip

Flex Flicker Whip $32.00

This 36" tasseled crop has a plastic handle that gives this crop a slightly more flexible action and a very impressive whistle when swinging through the air. This whip includes a wrist strap that can be used for hanging.

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Braided Leather Cane

Braided Leather Cane $46.00

This sturdy cane has a 27" nylon rod with a handsome black leather braided covering and a black braided leather tassel at the end.

Please note that handcrafted canes may vary in length from 1" to 3" as a result of each item being individually made.

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