Color Coded Jock Straps (J309)


Color Coded Jock Straps


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It's a more baring and daring version of the handkerchief in the back pocket! Our Color Code Jock Strap takes the guesswork out of advertising your proclivities while showing off that backside you worked so hard to sculpt.

This high-quality leather jock is made from thick garment leather which is soft, yet sturdy. It has the classic styling of a traditional cotton athletic jock. A 3" wide waist band and tailored pouch are attached to two leg straps that keep the jock snug and comfortable. A band of red, yellow, blue, or gray runs down the center of the pouch in a vibrantly-hued colored leather.

Small - 28-30" Waist
Medium - 32-34" Waist
Large - 36-38" Waist
X-Large - 40-43" Waist

Small - J309SY
Medium - J309MY
Large - J309LY
X-Large - J309XLY
Small - J309SR
Medium - J309MR
Large - J309LR
X-Large - J309XLR
Small - J309SB
Medium - J309MB
Large - J309LB
X-Large - J309XLB
Small - J309SGY
Medium - J309MGY
Large - J309LGY
X-Large - J309XLGY

Also available in ALL BLACK.

Made In the USA