CB3000 Complete Package (D595)


CB3000 Complete Package

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The CB3000 Complete Package is a male chastity device designed specifically for men looking for a fit somewhere between the CB2000 and the Curve. Looking to control yourself or give that power to someone else? The CB3000 is top of the line in male chastity. The careful design makes it almost undetectable under clothing. With several rings to choose from for a more personal fit, the CB3000 is light weight and comfortable. The vented slots allow for excellent hygiene, and easy bathing and drying. Use a silicone based lubricant to ensure movement and comfort. If properly lubricated and cleaned you should be able to wear the CB3000 night and day indefinitely or until you're allowed to be set free! The CB3000 comes in a zippered pouch with the cage, rings, locking pins, spacers, serialized plastic locks, padlock and keys.


  • Cage Inside Length is 3in(7.6cm)

  • Cage Inside Diameter is 1.38in(3.50cm)

  • Weight .268lbs(4.25oz)

  • Made of Polycarbonate

  • Available in Clear

Safety, Care and Usage

For best results clean your CB3000 with warm water and soap. While wearing clean yourself and CB3000 with soap and water. Lubricate to allow penis to move comfortably while wearing the CB3000.