CB 6000 Designer Line, Chrome (AN02008)


CB 6000 Designer Line, Chrome
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The new CB 6000 Designer Line Male Chastity Kit is a superior humiliation or CBT device for those who are serious about keeping their submissive or sissy slave in line. Both sanitary and discreet, this high quality, long term male chastity belt consists of a series of interlocking pieces that will torture your lover with his inability to get at his cock. Two guide pins hold the top pieces in place, and the narrow cage is connected to the ring with a locking pin running through the recessed center hole. Comfortable enough to sleep in (but not too comfortable) and discreet enough to wear undetected under clothing, the teasing possibilities are endless.

The most effective, well designed long term chastity device to date, the CB-6000 cradles and support your lover’s cock while keeping it securely locked up, with slats for improved ease of urination, better ventilation and hygienic maintenance. Made from the same strong and lightweight medical grade polycarbonate plastic as the original CB 6000, the Designer Line features an elegant new chrome design.

  • 1 Embossed, padded carrying case

  • 1 Cage (Length: 3.75in/9.5cm, Interior Diameter: appx. 1.5in/3.8cm)

  • 1 Brass Padlock with 1 key

  • 4 spacers (Fourth attached to the cage)

  • 4 locking pins

  • 5 rings of varying size (Interior Diameters progress incrementally from 1.5in/3.8cm up to 2in/5cm)

  • 5 individually numbered plastic locks

Safety and Usage

It is recommended that you apply a silicone based lubricant to the penis after showering, so that it may move easily without chafing within the CB-6000 cage.

Remember to swap out your brass padlock for one of the 5 individually numbered plastic locks whenever you travel. While some men have made their way through sundry metal detectors wearing the brass lock without triggering any alarms, we’d advise you to take this precautionary measure.

The 5 numbered plastic locks are single use only. Once engaged, the only way to release the plastic lock is to cut it off.

The CB-6000 rings are not interchangeable with the CB-2000, CB-3000 or the Curve.