CB 6000 Cage Only (D378-Z)


CB 6000 Cage Only

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Because mishaps occasionally happen we are now offering The CB-6000 and CB-6000S “Cage Only.”

Considered one of the most effective and functional male chastity devices of the modern era, The CB-6000 offers both discretion and security for your most cherished and prized possessions.

Please Note: The CB-6000 “Cage Only” will NOT work with any previously purchased CB-2000, CB-3000 or The Curve kits.

CB 6000 Cage, Standard

Length: 3¼”

Interior Diameter: appx. 1½”)

CB 6000S Cage, Short


Interior Diameter: appx.1 3/8")

Note: This option does NOT include any of the rings, locks or other accessories.