Boy Butter Lube, Squeeze Bottle, 9 Fl. Oz. (C533)


Boy Butter Lube, Squeeze Bottle, 9 Fl. Oz.

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Boy Butter "Churn Style" Lube is one condiment that no well-stocked sex picnic should be without. This vegetable-oil-based cream spreads "like buttah" and is water soluble for easy cleanup. It's great for masturbation and anal penetration but not latex compatible (use nitrile gloves or polyurethane condoms).

*Boy butter is odor-less, safe, gentle, edible, great inside and out of the body.

*Totally safe on rubber, glass and silicone-based toys.

* Great for masturbation, anal, limited vaginal sex. Excellent hard-core s/m lubricant.

*3 year shelf life / no refrigeration required.

* Not latex compatible - but polyurethane condoms recommended (favored brand avanti’s by durex)

note: The product is also preferred by many massage therapists as well because it is a great massage cream (because of the coconut oil) and it is odorless and washes off easily from clients and fabrics.