Black Spring Jaw Style Nipple Clamps (C740)


Black Spring Jaw Style Nipple Clamps

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For those who prefer playing hard, rather than hard-to-get, the Black Spring Jaw Style Nipple Clamp from Spartacus is designed for serious pleasure. The clamp tips are rubber coated, spring-loaded, and adjustable, connected by an all-black chain. Use the screw to set the desired width of the clamp opening, and then attach to nipple by squeezing the spring-loaded base. Or, attach then tighten—it’s up to you. The convenient spring feature means these sturdy clamps are easy to get on and off, while the rubber coating provides a relentless yet comfortable vise that won’t cut into the skin.

Length, Tip to Tip: 18¼”
Length of Chain: 12”
Clamps: Adjustable width

Made in the USA