Ball Stretchers

Bull Bag Ball Stretcher

Bull Bag Ball Stretcher $29.95

The Bull Bag is an ingenious toy for scrotum play, especially for those who love to feel some tension and weight. Simply stretch the bag over the entire scrotum, and it gives an extra .75" of stretching that will be sure to make the wearer sigh with pleasure. In addition to the stretching, the Bull... More >>

Ball Bender Package Enhancer by Oxballs

Ball Bender Package Enhancer by Oxballs $23.00

Scrotum fans rejoice, the Ball Bender Package Enhancer from Oxballs is here to make even the smallest balls bulge like boulders. This modest piece packs a big punch while being exceptionally discreet, appearing as a thin ball stretcher from the front and slightly cupped in the back to push and lift... More >>

Muscle Cock Sheath by Atomic Jock

Muscle Cock Sheath by Atomic Jock $64.00

Ok, we’re going to get real here. There are toys that are made for partner use but are typically designed to be more fun for one person than the other. Enter the blessed sex saviors at Atomic Jock by Oxballs, who are constantly tweaking and improving their already innovative and successful sex... More >>

Unit-X Stretch by Atomic Jock

Unit-X Stretch by Atomic Jock $25.00

Sleek, strong, soft, and stretchy, the Unit-X Stretch Sports Sling from Atomic Jock will wrap around you with just the right amount of squeeze, with an extra emphasis on your balls. If you tried the original Unit-X and wished it had more tension on your testicles, the Stretch Sports Sling version... More >>

Z-Balls by Atomic Jock

Z-Balls by Atomic Jock $24.00

The Z-Balls ball stretcher and cock ring from Atomic Jock is a multi-purpose must-have for every mantle of manhood. Its unique, patent-pending design makes this 3 toys in 1: ball stretcher, cock ring, and dual-purpose harness for the ultimate tight embrace for your bulging display.
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Neo Stretch by Oxballs

Neo Stretch by Oxballs $23.00 - $25.00

These Neo Stretch rubbery ball stretchers from Oxballs balance fit and sensation with a new level of comfort thanks to stretchy silicone.

This toy comes in 3 different sizes for various needs: Angle pushes your balls either forward or back (or can be used as a pusher cockring),... More >>

Bent Curved Silicone Ball Stretcher by Oxballs

Bent Curved Silicone Ball Stretcher by Oxballs $25.00 - $28.00

Made from a hefty yet comfortable super soft silicone, Bent forms to your body and stretches your most sacred of sacred for as long as you like without irritating your skin.

This ball stretcher tilts your sack down so you can feel your balls smacking against your body while you're in... More >>

Grinder Ball Stretcher by Oxballs

Grinder Ball Stretcher by Oxballs $24.00 - $28.00

Made from thick, body safe silicone, this ball stretcher comes in two sizes to accommodate your undercarriage while keeping you comfortable.

The silicone is irresistibly soft while the thickness puts extra pressure exactly where you want it without digging into your skin.
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Unit-X by Atomic Jock

Unit-X by Atomic Jock  $21.00

The Unit-X by Atomic Jock is a sporty new line of the best-selling Cocksling from the guys at Oxballs. This new re-design features a sleeker, more compact and less bulky look and feel than the original.

The key differences between the Unit-X and the original More >>

Oxballs Cocksling 2

Oxballs Cocksling 2 $22.00

With the wild popularity of the original Cocksling, Oxballs decided to further perfect the design. The improved flex-TPR forumla is stronger and more durable, more like a silicone. The areas that get more stretch have thicker material, and another noticeable difference is in the opening, which now... More >>

Oxballs Sacksling

Oxballs Sacksling $48.00

The Sacksling is an ultra-soft and stretchy sex toy from Oxballs that combines ball encasement with their popular Cocksling design, giving the wearer a sensual feel during intercourse, or solo masturbation play. The Sacksling allows both the penis and testicles to be easily slipped through, while... More >>

Oxballs Stacker Ball Stretcher

Oxballs Stacker Ball Stretcher $22.00

The Stacker Ball stretcher by Oxballs is a cogwheel-shaped stretcher made from top quality thermo-plastic rubber. The Stacker is one inch tall and the interior hole has a diameter of one inch, but enough elasticity to allow any size testicles through, hugging and gripping them tightly but... More >>

Nutt Ball Stretcher by Oxballs

Nutt Ball Stretcher by Oxballs $23.00

The Nutt Ballstretcher is a pure silicone six-sided ball stretcher shaped like a large hex nut. The Nutt is two inches across, with an interior hole diameter of one inch and has enough elasticity for even the largest of men, gripping the testicles tightly but comfortably.

There are... More >>

Perfect Fit SilaSkin Ball Stretcher

Perfect Fit SilaSkin Ball Stretcher $24.95

Mind-blowing sex and incomparable comfort are just a click away! This 2-inch ball stretcher is not too heavy and not too light, and super easy to put on; just stretch the ring apart to slip over your balls, settle it at the base of your cock, and get ready to go all night with heightened pleasure... More >>

Arena Cock Ring/Ball Stretcher

Arena Cock Ring/Ball Stretcher $69.00

Arena Cock Ring/Ball Stretcher is a 2 piece, cylindrical, stainless steel cock ring that stretches the testicles while gripping and surrounding the penis. This device separates in the middle simply by using a hex wrench for easy wearing and removal. Once fastened and worn around the penis and ball... More >>

Well Of Misery Ball Stretcher

Well Of Misery Ball Stretcher $136.00

Give a whole new meaning to the phrase "You're screwed" with the Well of Misery Ball Stretcher. The two steel rings attached to the stretching rods are moved with an adjustable nut to move the ring down the shaft of the screw.

Each ring has 4 allen screws protruding from the center to... More >>

The Nut Crusher

The Nut Crusher $118.00

This supremely sturdy steel CBT device is designed to hold the balls in place while you turn the screw to apply pressure. Even the threat of such a squeezing is likely to cause a wince in the hardest of subs, and this heavy duty apparatus is more than capable of backing up any threats you care to... More >>

Weighted Ball Stretcher

Weighted Ball Stretcher $25.95

The Weighted Ball Stretcher is crafted from high quality garment leather, containing tiny sand granules that make this CBT toy firm yet flexible. The dual snaps allow for custom adjustment to ensure a snug and secure fit, ideal for even the most extreme CBT scenarios. This ball stretcher weighs... More >>

Deluxe Erection Maker

Deluxe Erection Maker $28.95

For those who want to push the boundaries of CBT, The Stockroom brings you this exceptional black leather cock and ball torture device. Squeeze the balls and put pressure on the testicles with the 2-part Deluxe Erection Maker, made of our original 3-speed cock ring combined with our small Leather... More >>

Ballz Gag (TM) Patent Pending

Ballz Gag (TM) Patent Pending $46.00

Put your submissive in their place – and KEEP THEM THERE!

That’s the idea behind the Ballz Gag™, the new and original ball gag brought to you exclusively by The Stockroom, where we aim to take your bondage and cbt experiences to new heights. As unique as it is versatile, this... More >>

Spiked Ball Stretcher

Spiked Ball Stretcher $109.00

This Spiked Ball Stretcher can be used for light to heavy ball torture with its adjustable spikes. Weighing a hefty 10oz. with a diameter of 1 3/8", six pointed removable spikes can be screwed in according to depth of pain desired. The spikes can lightly touch the ball sack or drive... More >>

Spiked Parachute Ball Stretcher

Spiked Parachute Ball Stretcher $28.00

The Spiked Parachute Ball Stretcher is made of black leather, with a snap closure,... More >>

Parachute Ball Stretcher

Parachute Ball Stretcher $18.00

This is our classic, handmade Parachute Ball Stretcher, made of black leather with a snap closure. The parachute snaps around the balls, and a metal O-ring hangs below, connected by three chains.

The Parachute is adjustable.

You can pull gently on the ring, or attach a leash,... More >>

KinkLab Parachute Ball Stretcher, Leather

KinkLab Parachute Ball Stretcher, Leather $34.95

•  adjustable with snaps is thrilled to introduce the KinkLab line, a place where you can test the limits of pleasure with aid from high-quality, appealing, and functional products. KinkLab products are designed to help you realize... More >>

KinkLab Neoprene Ball Stretcher

KinkLab Neoprene Ball Stretcher $14.95

•  choose between 2 lengths
•  short 2-snap (1.5", 3.8cm) Fits 3.5"-4.5" circumference with extra 1/2" stretch.
•  long 3-snap (2", 5.08cm) Fits 3.5"-4.5" circumference with extra 1/2" stretch. More >>

The Acrylic Cock and Ball Crusher

The Acrylic Cock and Ball Crusher $52.00

The Acrylic Cock and Ball Crusher is a very effective device designed for CBT. Hot cock and ball crushing fantasies are easily fulfilled with the Acrylic Cock and Ball Crusher.

Two acrylic plates are connected at the top with a hinge and separated by two 1¾” screws at the bottom... More >>

Acrylic Ball Crusher

Acrylic Ball Crusher $52.00

The Acrylic Ball Crusher is a very effective device designed for CBT.

The Acrylic Ball Crusher is very similar to the Acrylic Cock and Ball Crusher , but with the difference being that the Ball Crusher provides an extra hole for... More >>

Rubber Ball Splitter

Rubber Ball Splitter $19.00

Our adjustable snaps allow for a perfect fit around and between the balls. The splitter strap is securely riveted to the stretcher and has an attached D-ring for weights or a leash. This Rubber Ball Splitter is made of a firmer neoprene rubber that looks and feels like natural... More >>

Premium Humbler

Premium Humbler  $162.00 - $188.00

Keep him on his knees where he belongs with a Hanson Humbler made with a clear gloss finish. Exclusive hinged design makes application a dream. The custom made snap lock provides a secure restraint, even when his hands are free. Electrical contacts accept standard banana plugs. Two keys are... More >>

The Crusher Attachment

The Crusher Attachment $55.00

OK. This is S&M. This attachment is designed for use with the Separating Ball Stretchers, and it consists of a metal bar which is raised and lowered by turning a pair of wing nuts. This optional component makes the Separating Ball... More >>

Chrome Ball Stretcher

Chrome Ball Stretcher $29.50 - $42.00

Nothing else looks or feels quite the same as one of these shiny chrome ball stretchers.

We're currently carrying two different diameters in two different lengths, for a total of four sizes. The 2 diameters are 1 5/8" and 1 7/8" and the 2 lengths are 1 1/8"... More >>

Separating Ball Stretcher

Separating Ball Stretcher $68.00 - $69.00

Our motto is to carry "all the best in sexual technology." When it comes to ball stretchers/weights, this is the top of the line. You may want to wear it for the sensual feel, the way it looks, the erotic bondage/control possibilities, or for the gradual stretching of the scrotum. Whatever your... More >>

1 1/2

1 1/2" Rubber Ball Stretcher w/ Locking Strap $22.00

This Locking Rubber Ball Stretcher stands apart from the rest because it is made of a firmer neoprene rubber that looks and feels like natural rubber, but can be used with oil based lubricants. This particular grade of rubber is more firm and shiny than our other More >>

1 1/2

1 1/2" Rubber Ball Stretcher $13.50

This Rubber Ball Stretcher is distinctive because it is made of a firmer neoprene rubber that looks and feels like natural rubber, but can be used with oil based lubricants.

This particular grade of rubber is more firm and shiny than our other More >>

Leather Lined Ball Stretcher

Leather Lined Ball Stretcher $13.50

This Leather Lined Ball Stretcher has a snug and sturdy fit. It is made of high-quality leather that is firm but soft to the touch. It is rounded and smooth on the edges.

The snap closures on the side allow for two different levels of... More >>

Neoprene Ball Stretcher

Neoprene Ball Stretcher $12.50 - $13.50

This Neoprene Ball Stretcher has a snug and sturdy fit. It is made of high-quality neoprene that is firm but soft to the touch. It has smooth rounded the edges. The snap closures on the side allow for two different levels of... More >>

Combination Cockring/Chastity Cage

Combination Cockring/Chastity Cage $55.00

The combination cockring/ chastity cage w/ ball stretcher is a mix of a few favorite CBT toys. The 5-Gates of Hell toy is accompanied by two locking ball-stretcher straps. One of the straps wraps around the top of the cage and behind the cock and balls like a cock ring. The... More >>


3" Leather Ball Stretcher w/ 2 Pulls $33.00

This leather ball stretcher has three buckles and two mini pull-straps for attaching weights or other restraint devices. This stretcher constricts the scrotum sack down to a diameter variable between 1" to 4" while forcing the testicles down.

The soft leather-lined inner... More >>